The Soul Wings® Oracle

Wise being, you are a spark of the Creator. Your heart is pure, your soul limitless. You seek wisdom & understanding outside yourself, yet all the knowledge of the Universe, all the answers you ever needed are to be found within.

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Happy Earth Day! 2010

Many children are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder. A clean environment is vital for our children’s health and wellbeing. Outdoor activity reduces stress, myopia & ADD symptoms & people treat each other better when they spend more time outdoors. 🙂

Earth Day 2010, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Ausralia

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World Fairy Festival May 1st 2010, Sydney Australia

Saturday, 1st May, 2010

~ A Faery Gathering ~
for World Fairy Festival 2010
– Sydney, Australia.

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The Soul Wings® Oracle

The Universe has heard your request for a great love. Let go of the hows and whys. Whether or not you are now in a romantic relationship, trust that deep transformation is occurring; that your hearts are guiding you both in the right direction. – The Soul Wings® Oracle

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The Soul Wings® Oracle

There is no need for complex explanations today. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should, in accordance with exactly how and when it is ready to be revealed in your life. Remember, your purpose is simply to experience joy in this perfect moment. – The Soul Wings® Oracle

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The Soul Wings® Oracle says –

The energy of Love enlightens & expands us, like white light flowing through a prism to create rainbows. Allow the rainbow energy of love, joy, hope & miracles to flow through you now. Give yourself permission to experience this bliss. – The Soul Wings® Oracle

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The Soul Wings® Oracle

Allow your divine inner feminine to attract to you all that you desire. Within each man or woman dwells a nurturing, intuitive Goddess, the energetic converse to male strength. Gentle, magnetic and receptive, Her power comes from Nature. – The Soul Wings® Oracle

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“Faery Quest” – on Where Energy Flows Blog

Here’s a link to Parts 1 & II of my article Faery Quest on the “Where Energy Flows” blog –

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Ostara/Easter Blessing

On Ostara’s Feast this wish I bring,
that with love and joy your life will ring;
an egg I give to you today,
that peace and goodwill ever stay!

Hope your had a Happy Easter!

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Full Moon – March 2010 – March Hare Moon

Full Moon – March 2010 – March Hare Moon

By M. Kelley Hunter

This FULL MOON on March 29-30
(March 29 at 10:26pm EDT, March 30 at 2:26am GMT)
is the Easter Full Moon. The date of Easter has a celestial formula: the first Sunday after the first full moon after spring equinox. Easter is on the 4th this year, full of emerald green light—and rabbits.

Rabbits or hares are famously prolific and run rampant in mythology as a medicine animal of fertility, immortality, sacrifice and transformation. The rabbit/hare is often associated with the Moon. The Chinese see a Moon rabbit pounding rice in a mortar, making an immortal elixir. The Mayan Moon Goddess holds a rabbit in her arms. Buddhist and Mexican tales both tell of a rabbit who offered his body as meat for a starving sage. In the Caribbean latitudes of Mexico and the Caribbean sea, we see a rabbit hunkered in the Moon, its profile looking north, its ears pointing up. The first time I saw this image in the Moon was on the Easter Full Moon. It was a revelation: the Easter bunny in the Easter egg!

The Moon is the monthly timer in the rhythm of Nature, as mathematician/writer Lewis Carroll well knew. In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the White Rabbit and March Hare both carry lunar time pieces.

…the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on…

The March Hare took the watch and looked at it gloomily: then he dipped it into his cup of tea, and looked at it again: but he could think of nothing better to say…

In view of the newly released, high-tech version of his famous story, it is timely to check our celestial clock, the Moon, so we are not late for our date! We lost a daily mini-second in the powerful Chilean earthquake, but doesn’t it feel like a lot more?

The planetary pattern accompanying this Full Moon tells the rabbit’s tale of new beginnings, magic and transformation. As soon as the Sun crossed into Aries at Equinox, it clicked into the dynamic planetary interaction of Pluto, god of death and rebirth, and Saturn, the god of time. This Full Moon conjuncts Saturn, as if the rabbit using the crucible of the ringed planet to make the healing elixir. It is time!

The week leading up to this Full Moon has witnessed a late-breaking push-through of major new legislation in the U.S. that is a part of turning the tide on the larger reformation that is being required globally.There are equally significant news in other parts of the world as the economic and social re-patterning continues to push us into corners of necessity. We have no choice but to sacrifice some of our old ways and move forward into an unknown “new world.” When we dream the Dream, we engage the creative processes that inspire the universe, the personal becomes social. We are each responsible for our particular version of the collective vision.

Continuing discoveries put scientific theories in a chaotic quandary, as unexpected new revelations supercede theories that are not even all that old. It is our very way of thinking that is being reset. We are daily witnessing a rebirth of galactic import. More than a century ago, visionary poetess Emily Dickinson wrote:

It’s so unkind of science
To go and interfere!…
What if the poles should frisk about
And stand upon their heads!
I hope I’m ready for the worst,
Whatever prank betides!

We’ve been hearing about the poles shifting. The Chile earthquake moved mountains almost a foot. Mars is moving forward as of March 10 and picking up the pace. As the March Hare hops into April, we can hop ahead to peek around the corner at the new factors coming in to play by the end of April, May and into June. Perhaps time has shifted just enough for us to be in the zone, ready to step onto the rainbow bridge into tomorrow.

Altering time and space experience, Chiron, the Quantum Shifter, is stepping into Pisces at the end of April, a new note on the keyboard, in a minor key. By the end of May and first week in June, both Uranus, the Awakener, and Jupiter, the Opportune, move into Aries. That lets the rabbit out of the bag—lots of them. As Easter’s rainbow-colored eggs roll down the hill, as we feel a fresh start of a new season, new ideas are popping, as the rabbits are hopping. Allow my whimsy, as myth merges and emerges with fresh imagery, cosmic imagination, and a good sense of humor.

We know we are heading through an extraordinary portal. Life seems as crazy as Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass, a Fun House of Mirrors with various distorted views, depending on where you look. We choose our own path down the yellow brick road, over the river and into the woods. Science is turned on its head with holistic brain science, history is re-visioned with new archaeological discoveries, social networking re-wires our global connectivity in magical ways. It is still easy to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day. If we remember that our main task is to maintain clarity, emotional delight, and vibrate with love, we are doing the essential. Everything else follows.

ASTRO-SPECIAL: If you want to get a hopping start on what the April-June planetary shifts mean to you, this is a good time. I’m especially interested in looking into this pattern in your chart. Until I head out on travels, I offer a $100 special hour reading focusing on the changing patterns of spring into summer.

ARIES— HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you fire-eaters of the zodiac. Out of the starting gate at a full run now, you will find a turn in the road ahead that beckons. Such a fresh trail is irresistible and you are so ready for something new.

TAURUS—With your ruling planet Venus in your sign and shining bright as the evening star, your wish is her command (or is the other way around?). There is a challenge from Mars to stay motivated and not rest on your laurels. Enjoy it all.

GEMINI—Excitement is in the air. Opportunities and ideas beckon from all directions. Don’t miss out because you are of two minds, with fingers in too many pies. You don’t need to decide yet. Your two minds become one starting the end of this month.

CANCER—Destiny is at work in your life, as you are called to further accomplishment. Don’t let the needs of others hold you back. We all need to sprout new growth, like plants in the spring. That includes your loved ones.

LEO—Mars, the action hero, has been in your sign for 6 months, and through into May. Take advantage of the creative energy to redesign your life. The arts of living and loving are the finest of all the arts.

VIRGO—Energies smooth out satisfactorily as the month goes on. People around you are going through changes. You are skillful at the helm, and will find a way to help others and find the right people for your agenda, business or personal.

LIBRA—You may feel tugged from both sides. Make an extra effort to fine tune your balance. Get body work if you need it. Make any statements that are necessary to clear the air and ease stress. You don’t have to take on anything on that doesn’t resonate with you.

SCORPIO—With your radar turned on, you have an extraordinary ability to make the right moves at the right time. Other people may not be on the same page. Take their feedback into account to make strategic changes, smoothing the way, otherwise be prepared for drama. Often you like to stir it up yourself!

SAGITTARIUS—The fiery energy of spring matches your high energy and you are raring to go—almost anywhere. Before you commit, play out the day-by-day scenario in your imagination to be clear on what is possible and where you are expecting too much.

CAPRICORN—Alert to your life’s “business plan,” you have taken meaningful steps and are starting to see the results, more this month. Take advantage and see how far you get by the month’s end, when it becomes time to take stock before negotiating the next stages.

AQUARIUS—A rare surge of cosmic electricity continues to infiltrate your system. You may be loving it and everyone around you, though certain persons may try your patience. Remember to root down into your body a few times each day.

PISCES—The river rapids are exciting, amazing and surprising, with a flow that changes every few hours. Enjoy the ride and welcome change as inevitable and supportive, beyond what it may look like at any particular moment.

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