BOAT-ROCKIN’ NEW MOON – March 15, 2010


By Kelley Hunter Yet another boat-rocking

NEW MOON opens a unexpected doorway to surprising new perceptions and perspectives on the Ides of March, the high tides of March, that’s March 15 at 5:01pm EDT (10:01pm GMT). Invisible sparkling energy is vibrating in the aethers and the flow of change is reaching the river rapids. “Things” are likely to go in unexpected directions, as the turning point continues to pivot. We ourselves leaning with the movement to maintain our balance. No one is going to finish this moon cycle unchanged.

JUPITER leads the way in Pisces at 14 degrees, strong in its rulership sign. The New Moon in Pisces is at 26 degrees, with MERCURY and URANUS right next door at 27 degrees. Lots of water is surging and flowing—in tides, storms, underground streams, ice melting, ocean rising, and in our emotional bodies. Go for the ecstasy, as Uranus lights up your psychic sensitivity. Don’t look around and get caught in the chaos. Look up and in, look down and deep into your heart. Are you feeling the vulnerability, the fragility of life as you row row row your boat down the stream that has become a rushing river? Scientists say we lost a milli-second of our day in the Chilean earthquake, but doesn’t it feel like we lost more time than that?

Let’s look at the Sabian symbols for these two Pisces degrees. There is bound to be a storyline. New Moon at 26 Pisces: TWO RAPT LOVERS AND A PHILOSOPHER WATCH THE NEW MOON So appropriate! This IS a New Moon we are watching here. We’re in the dark of it until the crescent shows, probably on Wednesday, accompanied by reborn VENUS fresh from her sabbatical with the Sun. She reappeared just in the last few weeks. Have you seen her yet? This would be a good time. Venus with the New Moon crescent is such a celestial treat. Venus is the lovers. Jupiter is the philosopher, first to rise in the morning, first to set at night. We are learning so much under the waxing rays of this Moon.

Mercury and Uranus (communications from higher mind via feeling flow) at 27 Pisces: THE HARVEST MOON RISES IN TRANSLUCENT AUTUMNAL SKIES This image takes us down under, where the southern hemisphere is soon approaching autumn equinox. It also calls our attention to the blossoming Full Moon on March 29-30 that reveals the meaning of this New Moon. By Moon’s fullness the Sun will have moved across the Aries equinox threshold to initiate a new scene in the transformational drama playing on the world stage now. That Full Moon will plug directly into the Saturn-Pluto dialogue that is moving us inexorably further into Earth-changing events.

Speaking of earth, there isn’t much in this New Moon. Only PLUTO is presently in an earth sign, digging deeper and deeper into Capricorn for the next 15 years, insisting that we restructure our reality. This new monthly cycle is not about practical realities. It’s about new vision, the Big Dream. Haven’t you had one? A dream that you feel is about more than just you, it’s about our shared Story. We are all crackling with electricity with the New Dream that is opening up. Your role may change beyond your current recognition. Uranus and Jupiter move into Aries in the month of Gemini, May and June. All sorts of new options open up. This month the wagon trains prepare to head out. The scouts go beforehand to find the best route. The bold and courageous are rewarded.

AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY This New Moon in Pisces highlights the subtle realms of NEPTUNE, the Dreamer. Neptune and Jupiter both rule the sign of The Fishes. Jupiter brings out the greater meaning of the times and expands our learning curve. Neptune opens us to mystical melting, spiritual upliftment and compassionate service; yet can also bring storm clouds of confusion, illusion, delusion and anxiety. It’s up to you to fine tune your frequency to the channel you want to be listening to.

Neptune is in an extended conjunction with CHIRON, the Shaman, for this whole year, suggesting a critical moment of potential healing. In Aquarius we need to beware of our techno-addictions and dependencies. The electrical fields are charged up, affecting all systems, hard-wired and otherwise. That includes our nerve wirings and the way the winds blow through our bodies to keep us fresh and alert. Keep breathing! Let the prana, the life force, fan your vitality and creative fires. inspire and delight you.

The BLACK MOON LILITH is coming in to add her ineffable influence, like a miraculous Black Madonna. This vortex point, intimately aligned with the Earth-Moon system. Black Moon will align even more closely with Neptune as we head into June, the same time that Chiron takes a brief dive into the seas of Pisces. Ever more subtle energies in the aetheric field, charging the Aquarian air waves and the Piscean ocean waves.

The planetary pace is picking up swiftly. Await the signal for your turn to enter the game. Tune in to the flow as the context of your life shifts. The dominoes start to fall forward. People move around, coming and going in our lives. The world is changing and so are we.


Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is an internationally-known astrologer and mythologist. Her psycho-spiritual approach to astrology is supported by studies in Depth Psychology and interdisciplinary doctoral studies in Philosophy, Cosmology and Myth. She appears on John Edward’s new web channel and is a columnist for The International Astrologer. Kelley is astrologer for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, Virgin Islands. Living in the Caribbean, she tells star stories under the tropical night sky. Her free Cosmic News e-letter goes around the world on new and full Moons. She is the author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and the upcoming expanded version of Black Moon Lilith. Visit her website at

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