by Kelley Hunter

This VIRGO-PISCES FULL MOON on February 28 (11:38am EST, 4:38am GMT) is full of subtle, elusive energies. Feel the electrical fluids open your experience to evocative nuances and psychic intimations. The two fish of Pisces are reflected by the great winged earth goddess Virgo offering her sheaf of grain. We are guided by common sense rather than rationality.

The SUN in PISCES is fused with the generosity of JUPITER, expansive ruling planet of that sign. Jupiter amplifies the oceanic waters of Pisces, offering its wisdom and compassion. Yet the sense of too much, of an overwhelming surge can be hard to handle for those who try to block it off or detach. We are surfing big waves and new wavelengths. Such powerful waters need to be channeled into outlets that are worthy of this cosmic invitation. Pisces and Virgo are both signs of service. Find your most appropriate response by serving others and yourself with kindness. Also in Pisces LOVE GODDESS VENUS pairs off with the AWAKENER, URANUS, adding a quality of care and universal love. Again, shower yourself and those you love with this current. Magic and miracles may be the order of the day, quiet secret magics of the heart of the best quality.

The Sun and three planets in Pisces are backed up by an equally cryptic combination of factors in Aquarius. The ongoing quirky Alice-through-the-Looking-Glass conjunction of NEPTUNE, the DREAMER, and CHIRON, the SHAMAN, is brought into heightened awareness by MERCURY, MESSENGER of the GODS. It’s as if we are all channeling some remote wavelength. We need to give ourselves plenty of time to tune into the clearest signal our receptors can receive. The new Alice movie is coming along just on time, as we join her in altered dimensions fusing time and space in our electrical universe.

Limit TV and computer time, especially news channels, as misinformation is rampant. It can be almost impossible to interpret what is going on by rational means. Surely what is going on “out there” appears incredibly irrational. Alternative news, such as angelic channelings may be more “reliable.” I’ve been listening to the uplifting messages of Margaret Doner, the Lightweavers, Tom Kenyon and the Hathors (these are NOT new rock groups). With her ineffable esoteric influence, Black Moon joins this unusual and very close alchemical mix of factors. The dark goddess murmurs her messages by mysterious means. Such global events as the uplifting Olympic games are worthy of our attention. Expect some powerful flares to blow our way on hurricane level solar winds with another surge of cosmic upgrades to our systems.
The MOON in VIRGO suggests taking proper care of our bodies.

In sum, as we head into March the month is full of fresh energy and unexpected developments. Jupiter has bowed down below the horizon to make way for Venus to take her place one night soon as Evening Star for the first time since last spring. MARS, bright as it can be, finally turns to forward motion on March 10, freeing a surge of creative energy. We are in a series of new and full moons with highly unusual patterns that can be disconcerting if you are not ready to open your mind to new dimensions. Are you?

Your birth chart helps illumine awareness of how and when the divine planetary choreography is catching up into its dance. I offer hour sessions for $125, recorded for further listening, via phone, SKYPE.

PISCES—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you mermaids and mermen, dwellers in the cosmic sea. You are plugged in to rare wavelengths this year. As you go with the flow, you’ll find high tides and rapid currents. Beware the undertow. Opportunities abound, some in unexpected places.

ARIES—Until mid-month, you may feel a tug on your energy, pulling you more inward than you might like. But then, the fire flashes and you are sparked with new ideas and daring impulses well into the summer.

TAURUS—You have been asked to dig deep into your creative pockets. As long as you have not squandered your energies on fits of frustration or too much partying,
results start to show as March unfolds.

GEMINI—Who needs caffeine? You are wired! One of the few signs that can keep up with all the excitement and change this month, you may still feel a bit breathless. Brief breaks help you recharge. Sleep may be in short supply. Take care of your nervous system.

CANCER—You feel a smoother flow this month, as long as you continue to let go into it. Yet some situations stretch your comfort level. Take charge of your life and heed the call to fulfillment.

LEO—Mars has been moving backwards in your sign. Whether you’ve been frustrated, taking it easy, recharging, or all the above, the task has been to consider what it is you really want to be doing. By mid-month, you are ready for action.

VIRGO—A huge wave of energy is surging toward you, largely from other people, many offering help and support. Personal and work relationships are a primary focus. Be aware of your extra-sensory sensitivity and treat your body like the temple it is.

LIBRA—Significant conversations are required, especially early this month. Don’t take things for granted. If other people appear to be selfish, it may be that you need to clearly state and stand up for your point of view.

SCORPIO—Inscrutable as you can be, you may not show it, but your passions are stirred by the rush of the waters and the intensity of the change in process. You are creating a shrewd, subterranean strategy and can bide your time.

SAGITTARIUS—So much to do, so little time to do it! What to do first? Pulled in a variety of directions, part of you may feel a bit more stymied than usual. Use your trusty intuition and follow the flow.

CAPRICORN—Steady the pace as you deal with the exigencies of the moment. More than most, you learn from experience and are capable of taking charge. If you are in the special mini-generation born 1988-1994, this is a powerful coming of age. Ask advice from wise elders when needed.

AQUARIUS— Last year’s sensation of overwhelming has translated into a rapid river of new perspective and opportunity. The ineffable universe is speaking to you. Remember that life doesn’t make rational sense all the time.

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