TIGER NEW MOON on February 13-14

TIGER NEW MOON on February 13-14

By M. Kelley Hunter

(9:52pm EST, 2:52am GMT) opens the Chinese New Year of the Tiger with a very unusual planetary quality. The Sun-Moon at 25 Aquarius is colored by an ineffable and almost precise conjunction of Chiron- Neptune at 26 Aquarius. Black Moon Lilith stands by with her evocation of subtle consciousness. WOOW and a WHOOO and a WHAAAA, I hear exclamations of all kinds, accompanied by chants, mantras, angelic choirs in the aethers and a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. Last week we had solar flares from what one scientist called an “awesome sunspot.” The Sun is sending significant cosmic energy our way and throughout our local solar system.

This ongoing alliance of the NEPTUNE, the DREAMER and CHIRON, the SHAMAN opens subtle wavelengths of consciousness and uplifts the spirit of the collective consciousness. It also expands the circle of facebook friendships (with people you never knew before!), the twitters and the blogs. How fashionable it is to create global networks and weave our global community. Yet it can also reflect a level of anxiety and angst that drives people to pill popping. In each moment there is a potential to heal deep problems through forgiveness and compassion. Take every opportunity to spread love and good will, pay-it-forward. Every small gesture from the heart changes the tone in the world. “The world is as we dream it,” say the South American shamans. A change in the collective dream ripples into our reality.

This New Moon features a gorgeous combination of VENUS and JUPITER in Pisces. The Kosmos can’t get too much more romantic than this. Hear those violins, roses and another little love song to celebrate Valentine’s Day while an exquisite chocolate truffle (or something similar) melts in your mouth. A huge surge of love and compassion can flow from this combination of the two brightest diamonds in the sky. Let them lift you to the starry heavens, planetary lovers merged in the light, tucked too close to the Sun to see.

Enjoy the web collage by Dana Hunt. For more about her work, email her at danaheart@gmail.com

Both placed strongly in Pisces, Jupiter and Venus are at the apex of what is called a finger of god pattern, with quincunxes on both sides. Astrology is filled with fun words.

Quincunxes connect planets that are five signs apart, without a lot in common, but a lot of energy moving through. MARS in LEO and SATURN in LIBRA, both retrograde, are imposing on Jupiter-Venus to account for heart-felt dialogue to ease tensions and increase understanding. There can be a tendency to take things for granted that can create problems. That finger of God is pointing at you! What is your heart’s desire? Do you believe in the magic of love? Or the power of chocolate and roses? Of the potential of the current chaos to reform itself into an aesthetic, harmonic and life-honoring experience? Take time off if you can during this New Moon weekend to reflect and creatively empower your answers, with or without beloved others.

Though retrograde, MARS is busy. Across the sky from Mercury, it adds to the tendency for argumentative misunderstandings, indicating a need to be clear and carefully assertive rather than aggressive in communications. Be aware of any undercurrents of egotism that are getting in the way of listening. The fiery energy of Mars in Leo is best applied to creative endeavors and strength-building exercise, while we figure out what we really want to focus on when Mars swings into forward motion in March.

The YEAR of the TIGER
is one of daring, wild creativity, explosive and exciting change, at once creative and destructive. Later in the year we will experience a first taste of Uranus moving into Aries, opening a gutsy, tiger-like vortex of initiative. Just a little dash will do for unexpected potentials and revolution to pop into view. A Tiger is bold, alert, fierce and fearless, quick to pounce on opportunity.

Are you a Tiger, born in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 (generally from early January into early February)? If so, this is your year. Show the world what you are capable of. 1962 Tigers (February 5—January 24, 1963) and 1974 Tigers (January 23—February 10, 1975), in particular, are being called upon for their unique contributions in the thick of the transformation. When your Chinese animal comes back around, it also means you are having a Jupiter return, another 12-year cycle that opens the cosmic gates to expanding vistas of experience and learning.

For all of us, this New Moon inaugurates an extraordinary flow of energy of boundless love. All we need to do is feel it and share it.

May the longtime Sun shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure Light within you,
Guide your way on…
—Incredible String Band

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com

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