The FULL MOON of JANUARY 29-30 – Man in Full Moon

The FULL MOON of JANUARY 29-30 – Man in Full Moon

By Kelley Hunter

The FULL MOON of JANUARY 29-30 —on 29th: 10:18pm PST; on 30th:1:18am EST, 6:18am GMT— takes place in the Aquarius-Leo polarity with a spicy tango between Mars and Venus. Another headliner of this Full Moon is Jupiter, which has just entered Pisces. The “king” is bowing out of the evening sky and moving into Pisces, stirring the underwater currents to a fuller flow and big waters, literally and emotionally. Do you believe in magic?

The FULL MOON in LEO emphasizes affairs of the heart, accompanied by Mars, still in retrograde. Mars is brilliant in the night sky emitting its steady red glow. The Martian hero bends his knee to the goddess, as if he is being knighted by the Aquarian queen. The Man-in-the-Full Moon is stepping back in honor of the Sun Goddess across the way, reflecting her light. That takes courage. Many cultures have myths of the life-giving radiance of the Sun Goddess. With the Leo emphasis, creative expression and physical exercise is a good way to channel some of the internalized, even frustrated, energy that the retrograde Mars can harbor.

The SUN is dawning in AQUARIUS, closely accompanied by two goddesses—Venus and Black Moon Lilith. For the last New Moon I wrote a bit about the myth of Venus as Inanna descending to the underworld to meet her dark sister. This Sumerian myth was later retold in the Babylonian version of Ishtar, and eventually morphed into the story of Aphrodite and her lover Adonis. These myths of the feminine continues to play out, invisibly, during this Full Moon, with her Martian lover across the way. The dance of Mars with Venus-Black Moon Lilith under the light of this Full Moon brings relationships into heightened awareness. Essentially it offers a polarized awareness of each our own male and female sides.

Venus seeks emotionally happiness, Black Moon seeks the freedom of the soul. Black Moon Lilith is the dark sister, like a Black Madonna, an aspect of the goddess that contains hidden mysteries and miracles of the dark mother. Black Moon is not a body, but a mathematical point that indicates the second focus of the Moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth. Think of it as a deep desire of the soul to embody on Earth. Black Moon is connected to the core of the Earth.

The life force of the Sun encompasses this encounter of the goddesses and we feel the effects. Venus reminds us of our values, joy and satisfaction in life. Arm-in-arm with Black Moon Lilith, the conversation is whispered in electrical Aquarian airwaves. Black Moon is aetherically clever, moving in energy waves, in moods and dreams. Give yourself as much space in the day as you can to tune in to the secret call of the heart. In Aquarius this cosmic feminine is like a lightning bolt of consciousness that strikes from heaven to earth and back again—a cosmic cry, of the sorrow, joy and ecstasy of life.

Further into Aquarius, Chiron and Neptune are closely aligned, as they were last year and will be through most of 2010. The healer and the dreamer are one. What is your dream? And, equally to the point, what is OUR dream? Aquarius is about WE, Leo is about ME. With Mars retrograde in Leo, the ME steps back. When we catch ourselves in any of our prickly instinctive reactions, we gain self awareness. As a result, we open our hearts, find truer love and our best creative effort to contribute to the WE. As Pluto and Saturn continue their rigorous conversation about necessary, inevitable and sometimes painful transformation of the very way in which we live, WE are cosmically challenged to find the heart of the current chaos and unfurl the new collective dream.

The universe conspires toward purity,
Pushes deep,
Deep into the darkness
Beyond fear and pain,
Tossing motes to the wind.

The fierce exultation
Droops over itself into a pool.
A willow can bend so far,
Diving into the river where it weeps
Weeps, catching those souls
Who flow past concealed, womblike,
In preparation for a new birth.
We push through,
Running a hard breath.

The birds catch sunset winds
On their wingtips. They sail
Before the enflamed clouds in apparent freedom.
We, too, soar midway between earth and sky,
Reaching toward both,
Blood and fire beating in our hearts.

“South Portland”—1985

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For those who like cripsy ASTRO FORTUNE COOKIES:
AQUARIUS—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you Water-Bearers, highly-charged carriers of life force! You’ve weathered the main quantum shift in your life, even as the ripple effects continues to uplift your spirits. Be in the best flow and the best company.

PISCES—Jupiter in Pisces this year benefits you the most. Enjoy the fullness of the swift currents and strong-flowing energy that offers opportunities galore. Take plenty of time to rest, float in the water and let the impressions of the day wash through.

ARIES—Clear the decks for action without grumbles, mumbles and mutterings. Bide your time in the best way you know how for the next few months. You will be ready to jump into action in the spring as exciting new impulses grab your interest.

TAURUS—The slow pace that begins the new year suits your style—patient and persistent. Channel your creative and emotional energies, so frustration doesn’t get the best of you at “those” moments. A strong potential for success is very motivating.

GEMINI—Some serious thinking has been in order. Things lighten up this month as uplifting inspirations buzz like bees. You are getting a lot of support for doing what you do best, yet the tendency and temptation for distraction can pull on you too.

CANCER—This year rewards not the sentimental. When the old familiar beckons, wave goodbye. A pragmatic, business-like approach may feel rather cold to you, but you’ll find it more effective in getting what you really need.

LEO—You are seeking a deeper level of motivation in fresh energy and creative collaborations. Relationship issues may need attention, as you commune within your heart about how you are showing up in life and love.

VIRGO—It may be hard to keep track of everything, with a huge wave of new opportunities and lots of people. If anyone, it will be you list keepers, most alert to tracking details, who keep an eye on the priority of the moment and respond.

LIBRA—With Saturn in your sign, you are defining your terms, negotiating issues and making or facing more decisions that usual. This is good, proper and timely. Use the moment well and you will have a new lease on life in late spring.

SCORPIO—Your strategic self sees the possibilities, but you know it’s not quite time for action. Not much longer now. Trust those deep instincts, which are keener than ever (unless you have succumbed to the dark side).

SAGITTARIUS—The push and pull of last year is well behind you, but don’t take anything for granted. The pace continues like a rushing river. Imagine the possibilities, set your goals and prepare yourself to get back in the game with renewed verve.

CAPRICORN—Remember that your totem is the sea-goat, a mythical creature of ancient magic. Draw from that energy inside you are you re-create your life, even if it means taking the structure down and rebuilding it one brick at a time.

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D. has studied astrology for decades, informed by studies in depth psychology, philosophy, cosmology, myth and art. An internationally-known astrologer, she contributed to the anthology Astrology for Women and writes regularly for The International Astrologer, the new web channel, as well as her own Cosmic News reports on new and full Moons. Her two books, Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith are out this year. Kelley lives in the Virgin Islands, where she is Astrologer for Caneel Bay Resort and Stargazer, telling stories of the night sky to star-struck visitors.

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