Please give this to any who may use it.

For the healing of the Earth. In the embracing love of the Divine Mother as she tends her beloved children in their need.

On our meditation on Haiti and that sad situation of suffering I thought some of you may want an idea to follow in service to the moment of opportunity it offers in planetary healing. So I offer the following short meditation. It is best if you can find at least one other to meditate with, on the phone is fine, and form a triangle with the Christ. Link to all other triangles of meditating healers and pull them into your service.

Awaken the soul light above the head. Invite your soul group to work with you. Visualize a group crystal and move above the Island. There I see a great angel working. Violet healing devas are among the many coming and going from her to the people. She covers a huge area and many angelic beings come and go in and around her. Streams of compassion, love energetic support and care flood in waves of color and light into the area. At the center is a blazing diamond of the heart of the Christ. Bring your jewel into this heart and magnetize to you all the workers on the inner plane. Visualize a crystal obelisk from deep in the earth up to and beyond the level of the soul.

Imagine it rising into the higher center of the Christ as the mediator between Hierarchy and Shamballa. See it rise past that in spirit form and enter Shamballa where the spirit of all earth life is embraced and known. Invoke the Avatar of Synthesis in his unifying power to bring the power of the will to good to this place.

“The highest and the lowest meet.”

Use your heart in the Christ, Your soul in the Hierarchy and your mind in the higher purpose center of love to pull the organizing energies of the entire planet into forming a working spiritual service in this place. The energies of healing and the process of restitution for those leaving earth lives are working as you call to order the purpose of this great sacrifice. Down the channel of life from high above the purifying energies of healing planetary love pour in their destroying, building cleansing healing aspects and the great dark shadow that has distorted this place and affected the lives of these good people is transmuted into the release of healing and light that raises the power of good to a height equal to the suffering and horror experienced by the millions of human beings.

All the outpouring of pain, loss, despair, and surrender rise to meet the down pouring compassion, love spirit and determination for empowered healing focused in the mind of the Christ as he seeks to bring emerging spiritual purpose from this moment.

I see the explosion and radiance of pure white light from this place penetrating deep into the surrounding area and back into the mists of time. The clearing, restoring energies of the Christ, the Buddha and the lord of the World send the power of resurrection into and throughout the entire cycle of karmic need held embraced in this world event.

Be one with the healing power.
Be one with the restoring power
BE one with the releasing energies of resurrection of that which is pure, true and whole.
Let the good the beautiful and the true restore this place

“I am a planet of love
Renewed in a body of light
With one light
With one heart
With one will
In surrender serene and transcendent.”

It is for the perfection of love that all life moves forward.
Let that power of good resonate throughout the world.
Let our hearts be one with their hearts

If you know it, sound The Great Invocation and end with an OM.

God Bless these who suffer among us in their hour of need.

© J.D. McTague

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