Blue Moon Eclipse – Happy New Year!


by Kelly Hunter

……the beams of the celestial bodies being animated, living, sensual, and bringing along with them admirable gifts and a most violent power, do, even in a moment, and at the first touch, imprint wonderful power.…..
— Renaissance magician Cornelius Agrippa, 1531

It’s startling and rather special to have a Blue Moon eclipse on New Year’s Eve, like rare flower blossoming in the sky. Here in the Caribbean, we have the Night-Blooming Cereus. Its bud appears on an extended stem and opens for just one night into a multi-layered, lotus-like bloom with an incredibly sweet fragrance. This, the second Full Moon in December for most parts of the world, may feel like such a special, rare moment if we are awake to catch its scent. Like a rose, however, there are thorns to beware of during this celestial gateway into 2010.

Such an eclipse offers an especially good opportunity for new year’s resolutions or, rather, promises to ourselves. With the Full Moon in Cancer, the past has a strong and sentimental “auld lang sine” memory field with a pull to the old and familiar. A life review is not out of place on the transformation threshold we are crossing, but we don’t want to linger there. Replay that Beatles song, “There are places I remember” with its acknowledgement of times past, and its grounding in the present:

These memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

This eclipse seeks to short-circuit automatic memory trails of the past (and aren’t we all losing our memories!?) in favor of be-here-now pragmatic choices that foster growth based on the current situation, reflecting the realistic light of the Capricorn Sun. It may feel like we have to trash the past to move on, but that is too harsh for the Cancer Moon. We need a personal emotional base of operation, and we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, as the old saying goes. Some of those tried and true homilies might come in handy.

Capricorn is full of planets on this Full Moon. Venus and Pluto stand for the power of the dark goddess within the Sun’s light. Planets this close to the Sun are called “combust,” a condition which is said to weaken their power. This does not bode well for the economic situation, as Venus rules the financial world. Venus is also the goddess of love and relationship. We are hereby given the proper strategy for success—rebuild with love. Even though Venus’s power is hidden in the light of the Sun, she can work from behind the scenes. Accompanied by Pluto, Venus can bide her time, as remote Pluto, planet of let-go-and-let-goddess, continues to dismantle the old system. An overhaul is in order for another decade and a half. The necessity is to rebuild, to regenerate from the Earth upward into human civilization.

I just saw the movie Avatar with its timely message that so beautifully expresses the creative and life-affirming nature of Gaia, our home planet (the movie is set on a world named Pandora, seen as one of the moons of Jupiter). The Moon in Cancer strengthens the theme of home and family. Venus opposite the Moon places the two most feminine identifiers across the chart from each other, highlighting feminine consciousness as the goddess continues her renaissance. We need to encompass both the nurturing Great Mother and the Crone who cuts the cord from the past. The eclipse favors the Crone, supported by Black Moon Lilith, a Black Madonna face of the feminine who admonishes us to listen to the instructions coded in the interpenetrating web of earth and sky.

On the threshold of the New Year, Saturn or Kronos, the god of time, is often pictured with his sickle, cutting away the old year. Saturn plays a big role in this New Year eclipse, actively challenging the Capricorn energy, in particularly close dialogue with Pluto. Saturn is excellently placed in Libra, which helps smooth the way to some extent, as long as we address Saturn’s requirements for negotiation, balance and justice. We have great capacity to manifest meaningful and deeply transformational change, from the inside out. Libra is a relationship-oriented sign, referring to our relationship with ourselves as well as others. It is clearly time to cut some ties, whether it be through a natural parting of ways, relocation, death, divorce or some other necessity. We then forge new connections in the dynamic global networking so significant in our times. Another good song for this Full Moon is Time, by the Alan Parsons Project:

Goodbye my friends, The stars wait for me
Who knows where we shall meet again
If ever
But time
Keeps flowing like a river (on and on)
To the sea, to the sea…..
gone forever, gone forever, gone forevermore

Mercury is also in Capricorn, close to and “under the beams” of the Sun, it is said— and retrograde, altogether withdrawing in an introspective manner. The year gets a slow start and it may feel like we are going backwards for a few months. There is much old business to attend to. Mars is also retrograde, further slowing progress. But we cannot move functionally forward without due consideration, conversation and education about the most important issues.

Uranus, the Awakener and Change-Maker, adds a stroke of genius to the Sun and is the best planet going on New Year’s Eve. A revolution is in progress, certainly.

In summary, we start the New Year with an eclipsed Moon, a weakened Venus and Mercury, and Mars both retrograde. Be kind to yourself and others, take it slow. This is a time to take stock, to harbor your resources of all types, cherish your extended family, and weigh your options in the light of practical reality. The pace picks up in the spring. so bide your time and use it well for deep consideration and planning.

In light of this Blue Moon challenge as a start to the new year, we may want further insight from an alternative viewpoint. Chinese New Year begins on the Aquarius New Moon, February 14—Valentine’s Day with a mysteriously nuanced pattern of planets! This incoming Year of the Tiger is one of revolutionary strength backed by stealthy strategy and careful planning, bravery and courage. The tiger protects and roars its protest in the face of wrongdoing, ready to move forward and take on a challenge with passion. The new horizon is one of consciousness as well as mind-bending mundane manifestations. But more on that when the time comes!

Happy New Year!

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