by M. Kelley Hunter

The GEMINI FULL MOON on December 1-2 (2:30am EST, 7:30am GMT)
shines with curiosity, whimsy and spontaneity, reflecting and communicating the intuitive vision of the Sagittarius Sun. Also in Sagittarius, Venus sweetens the fire, while Mercury keeps things moving at a fast pace. Mars in fire sign Leo supports energy, courage and confidence, even as we continue to experience the rigor of the Pluto-Saturn challenge to redefine the terms of our day-to-day agenda.

Under this Full Moon, much information is aired and shared, aiding our quest for answers and a sense of direction in these changeable times. New options come into view. Let’s take advantage of this waning Moon to connect some dots, catch up with each other and our own thoughts. The next New Moon on December 16 rolls in on a huge wave of energy, with an obvious change of pace.

Sabian Symbols are images for each degree of the zodiac developed by Marc Edmund Jones, one of our finest American astrologers, and a well-respected psychic, Elsie Wheeler. These symbols illuminate the meaning of special moments, often playing out in uncanny and literal ways. On a Full Moon we connect the two symbols of the Sun and Moon for the story line.

The image for the Sun at 11 degrees Sagittarius is:
Sagittarius is a sign of philosophy and perennial wisdom. Insight into old, perhaps outworn beliefs is indicated here. The word idol is a charged one. Idolatry suggests a fundamental fixity on an outer form or one version of reality. It places our attention outside of ourselves and our inner experience. We lose touch with the freshness of the living moment, and our souls. Archaic is another nuanced word. It can mean ancient, from an older time, yet the meaning also includes a sense of being outdated. Modern minds can easily misinterpret ancient teachings, as today we think differently and experience life from a vastly different perspective.

Case in point: the 2012 Mayan calendar. The Hollywood movie which just opened to huge international audiences seems to be the ultimate disaster movie. This is not what the Mayans foresaw. With their broad, galactic vision, the Mayans marked December 21, 2012 as an astronomically pivotal moment in a very long cycle of time, an ending of one phase and the beginning of another. The Winter Solstice comes into alignment with the heart of the Milky Way galaxy for the first time in 26000 years. It has happened before and it will happen again. It may mean the end of the world as we know it, and we are already in the process. I’m for a heart-centered world, aren’t you? Then we must turn away from fear and walk in love.

This Full Moon in 11 degrees Gemini leads us there:
There are few enough frontiers left to explore on our small globe, but we have a full range of ways to live on it. December is a celebratory month for many faiths, with Hanukkah (12th), Winter Solstice (21st), Christmas (25th), Kwanzaa (26th), and New Year’s Eve—2010 already! At the heart of each the ever-burning lamp of truth shines on, despite the artificial barriers and boundaries erected by those closed to and afraid of different names for the Great Mystery. The symbol of this Full Moon invites us to continue on the journey, enthused about the new potentials opening before us as a global community. The optimism of this Full Moon is underscored by the significant and serious urgency for a willingness to build new bridges even as the old (archaic, outdated) ones burn behind us. It’s the old Star Trek mission: to go where no one has gone before. Let’s go there together.

Here are some astrology fortune cookie. If you want further, personal cosmic clues about what is going on with you, let me know! My rates are reasonable: $125 for an hour. Astrology consultations make special holiday gifts!.

SAGITTARIUS—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fun-loving and generous-spirited Philosophers of the Zodiac. Fill the holidays with adventure. Find creative ways to celebrate that don’t overly challenge your bank account or you may find yourself in trouble at the new year.

CAPRICORN—Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, suggesting careful planning. You have already started on a new plan. More information comes as you consolidate your progress and get ready to take next steps.

AQUARIUS—Your feisty side may come out in spite of your calm and cool exterior. You may need to carve out some private time in the thick of holidays to breathe deeply and find your space. And you may need a new outlet for your energy.

PISCES—In the continuing flow of change for you Fishes, a regrouping is called for in your social sector. Professionally this may mean restructuring in your organization. Personally, you may see old friends you haven’t seen for a while.

ARIES—The thrust of change in your life has entered a new phase. Take plenty of time to plan your strategy and look for the right spark to ignite. Make sure you keep others in the loop and give them time to get on board.

TAURUS—Enjoy the holidays with good times and friends. To maintain your calm amidst much surrounding angst, use your stubborn streak to resist being pulled into the drama of others. especially siblings and co-workers.

GEMINI—Creative connections, helpful information and perspectives come into view. Consider the practical merit and expectations placed on you, before signing on the dotted line or joining any lengthy project.

CANCER—Are you feeling the need for further developments in your life? Several power planets are pointing in your direction. Not one to make quick decisions, you have plenty of time to consider what other people have to offer, further new friendships, talk to your partner.

LEO—With Mars in your sign for an extended period, your creative juices are stimulated. Listen to your heart for what calls you most truly. Co-creating with others can bring most joy and fulfillment.

VIRGO—You need a break. Make sure you really take the holidays for relaxing, even getting away. Some time off can be well used to see where you are at without having to respond to everyone else and the pressures around you.

LIBRA—Expectations of others can feel particularly burdensome. It is time to please yourself. It’s not being selfish, it’s more about being clear and true to yourself. After due consideration, you will find the right way to say what needs to be said.

SCORPIO—Mars is your planet. When it turns backward, you turn inside. A deep process works its way through your system as you find a core of creative strength that will reveal its implications in the spring.

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