NEW MOON November 16/17th, 2009 – Multiple Squares

NEW MOON November 16/17th, 2009 – Multiple Squares
By M Kelley Hunter

The New Moon of November 16 (2:14 pm EST / 7:14pm GMT / 5:14am 17th Nov, Sydney, Australia) is in Scorpio, the most passionate sign. With the Sun and Moon meeting in this power-packed, super-charged sign, those still waters of Scorpio run especially deep with Niagara Falls intensity. At a recent Full Moon gathering at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Alex Grey talked of Moon fluids that bathe us. These fluids are especially potent in the water sign of Scorpio, a veritable lunar Niagara Falls has been showering down. The New Moon infuses the subtle ethers with a new quality of energy that becomes more evident as the Moon waxes.

It is not just the Scorpio planets that are creating the tension and intensity. Just about all the planets are squaring each other. In astrology, a square is made by planets at a 90-degree, right angle. This sets off a challenge and sparks activity, as if we face a brick wall and have to find a way to get past it or build with it. Much architecture is designed on right angles. What does this mean? A lot is happening! Never a dull moment. Suggested strategy: step up and use this energy! What are you building?

Venus adds to the Scorpio flavor of this New Moon, plunging us into some serious questioning. Venus squares off with Mars, now in fiery Leo. Fireworks may ignite from this spicy tango between our two neighboring planets that reference our emotional lives. Leo loves drama and bares its heart on the stage of life. Venus is remote, reserved, even reclusive, in secretive Scorpio, a sign that undergoes much internal processing. These two planets in such a dynamic dance certainly evoke smoky chemistry. But any passionate encounters begun now may burn out sooner than later and not in a pretty way, or linger unsatisfactorily for several months, or end and come back around mid-December into March, when Mars revisits the territory. Is there any good news? Of course! It can be worth the plunge to get your juices running, and such emotional intensity finds a rewarding outlet through creativity and art, a potent way to use this planetary pair for the rest of November.

Saturn and Pluto now make the first of several exact squares between them. These are two no-fooling-around, bottom-line planets. I once witnessed two fine astrologers play the roles of Saturn and Pluto during an astrodrama event (we costume up and act out the planets, such revelatory fun!). They were both in severe black. Pluto held a coiled whip, smacking it into her other hand. Saturn had his black-gloved hands folded across his chest, giving nothing away. They checked each other out, circling, for an extended moment. We watchers were holding our breath. They took a step closer, another step and then, abruptly, they shook hands, wrist grasping wrist. One or the other nodded. They had come to terms and settled their positions with mutual respect.

Let us contend with this rigorous encounter in like manner. Across national, political and ideological boundaries, we hear publicized debates on the Leo stage, yet inevitably there are Scorpionic back room negotiations and secret deals being struck. It is fitting and timely that further exposes of the history of global financial manipulation and predatory capitalism are in the media. Recently came out Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Affair; John Perkins’ Hoodwinked; and Frances Beinecke’s Clean Energy, Common Sense.

Saturn, the Time Lord, and Pluto, the Transformer, have a lot in common. They do demand respect. Neither gives an inch. They both carry profound wisdom of age and experience. They are relentless, inevitably putting on the pressure. Pluto in Capricorn necessitates letting go and attending to the new agenda: reshaping the way we live on Earth. Saturn announces that it is time for the next step in moving along on this agenda and taking responsibility for the choices we are making. One choice, largely unconscious, is to feel like a victim and blame it all on the government, the economy, etc. Another choice is to take charge and find a way to make the changes work for you, positively contributing to the collective transformation.

These two planets square off exactly again on January 31 and August 21. Jupiter and, more importantly, Uranus, join the action May-August. More on that later. We are heading into some dynamic patterns during which initiative is called for. Are you on the forward-moving band wagon?

Last but not least, the New Moon in Scorpio squares the ongoing triple conjunction in Aquarius. While Scorpio plunges deep into the undercurrent, Aquarius has the most capacity to step back and gain a broad, objective perspective. It’s like deep-sea diving with a full air tank on your back, or like a whale coming up for air. We need this air, this rational perspective, so that we are not blinded by the passions and unconscious motivations of Scorpio, yet we also need to acknowledge the wisdom of the irrational, the right-brain holism. Though not taught in public education, our emotional IQ, and spiritual IQ, is as important as our intellectual IQ. As we tune into the esoteric, subtle levels of reality, we will discover extraordinary potentials. It may be a question of belief. First, do you believe in your Self? What do you believe is possible in this era of quantum potential?

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