Full Moon November 2009


by M. Kelley Hunter

The Full Moon of November 2 (2:14pm EST) takes place in Taurus-Scorpio. (5:14am 3rd Nov, Sydney time)

This Full Moon light engages us in a deep scrutiny of our fiscal and political policies in regard to children and families, health care and the environment. On a personal level, we are each plunged into a deep investigation of what we want, why, and what we believe in relation to our desires. Scorpio’s great test is that of desire. A possibility of this Full Moon is to potentiate a mental transformation, which may initially be felt as a kind of melt-down. This can be positive if we heed the call of Scorpio to let go of old ideas of reality and embrace the implications of quantum physics, chaos theory and entanglement. The smallest sub-atomic particles are entangled when activity with one effects is experienced by the other, beyond time and space considerations. Scorpio knows all about such inscrutable interactions.

A Full Moon reflects the light of the Sun, so we really need to talk about the interplay of energy between the two opposing yet complementary signs. The Sun in Scorpio penetrates the undercurrents while this Full Moon in Taurus is concerned with the tangible assets and manifestations. Scorpio tunes into the subatomic energy fields and pulls them together with the power of desire, while Taurus concretizes this energy into matter. The planetary pattern of this Moon is full of dynamic energy, potential tension and requires action. We have a grand cross, which is an astrological pattern connecting planets at all four corners of the zodiac. The Full Moon is part of that cross, with Mercury and the dwarf planet Ceres standing by the Sun.

Ceres is not a full-fledged planet. Indeed, for a couple of centuries it was called an asteroid. It was the first discovered of what have become thousands of oddly-shaped, rocky bodies identified and named in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Theory goes that there was once a planet in that orbit, which then was smashed apart. Ceres remains the largest and only spherical body among the bevy of asteroids, so a few years ago its status was raised to dwarf planet. We can imagine it as the Mother of the Asteroids. Ceres is an earthy, Mother Nature type of goddess.

In the season of Scorpio, Ceres in the northern hemisphere will reap the final harvest and plow under the old growth to plant the winter wheat; in the southern hemisphere she will turn the ground for the new spring planting. The change of season is obvious. The participation of Ceres in this Full Moon energy, partnered with Mercury, is a signal of global discussions on the care of our home planet, on food production and water quality. Many of us still take these things for granted, but Ceres does not. Like a news team uncovering a scandal, she and Mercury are putting out an alert, exposing the abusive condition of farmed animals which promote disease, about the appalling numbers of chemicals found in water sources, among other such stories. Compelling issues continue to fill our social change agenda with emerging and emergency situations that are necessary to address for our survival, personally and collectively. Do you know where your food and water come from? Do your political leaders?

Mars in Leo is squarely placed between the Moon and Sun, with a call to these leaders (particularly male leaders) and ourselves for creative solutions and for courageous action. This is one of the increasingly frequent moments to listen to the women! Venus in Libra in is her glory and so in synch with the social change shift. Saturn, the planet of authority, just entered Libra the last week in October. So: authority to the women! and to fair negotiations. The entry of Saturn into Libra has a strong impact, as it enters into its own serious negotiations with Pluto and moves the agenda into a new level of dialogue. We clearly know we are moving forward, not backward! If you are a Libra, you can benefit from a look at this two-and-a-half year phase in your life. I am offering an astro-special to Librans and to those born within two days of an equinox or solstice. See below.

Especially since the triple conjunction of planets of Aquarius, I have been writing about the timely opportunity we have to penetrate the heart of the chaos around us.

This is one of the months where the inevitability becomes more clear. Jupiter in Aquarius fills in the fourth corner of the Full Moon cross, amplifying the energetic light of the Full Moon into social awareness. Watch the headlines for indications. As the Full Moon tips past full and begins to wane, the Moon connects to the other two cosmic players in Aquarius—Chiron the Shaman and Neptune, the Dreamer, drawing high-octane higher consciousness deeper into Earth’s field. Essentially it is as if we are downloading a new cosmic program. Give yourself plenty of breathing room to take it in.

The life force of the Sun choreographs significant moments toward the same end. The next New Moon, on November 16, plugs us right in to the Aquarian agenda. On http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RjswBx6ysQ, you can see astronomical video of the eruption of an extraordinary solar prominence which occurred on September 27-28. This massive energy event hovered above the Sun’s surface for 30 hours. This translates activity throughout the solar system, as our star conveys its message via interstellar space. Are you listening? Can you feel that solar fire?

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