MOON of QUALITY – New Moon Oct 2009

by Kelley Hunter

The NEW MOON of October 17-18 (1:33am EDT) takes place IN LIBRA. This sign of The Scales seeks to balance and harmonize. Though Libra may be argumentative, it is usually motivated by a sense of fair play, to have all sides aired, mediating a win-win scenario.

The quality of this Moon is enhanced by the presence of Mercury and, most significantly, Venus in Libra. Venus as ruler of Libra wins the day with beauty and harmony. Yet one of the most dynamic planetary interplays of this New Moon pattern is the challenge made between Venus and Pluto, inscrutable and mysterious dwarf planet that necessitates letting go of the old to allow a renaissance. A Hindu version of Venus is Lakshmi, a gorgeous goddess dressed in a gold-trimmed red sari sitting on a full blooming lotus, showers petals and gold coins raining down around her. This is an enriching image of the cosmic feminine to invoke in times of financial stress, even as we head further into national and global discussions about our mutual situation.

Pluto is about the power-players that run the world systems. Venus has a power of her own, woman power. With Pluto and Venus deep in negotiations, we can expect other such negotiations are going on about the economy. The power players are changing. For instance, in late September seven South American presidents signed into being the Bank of the South to finance development projects in agriculture, energy and health care for member nations and to promote trade in their southern hemisphere. This is a radical move to shift power away from organizations that have been strong-arming the political agendas in that part of the world through economic debt. Michael Moore’s new movie is likely to open eyes, ire and conversations about the necessary death of capitalism.

No matter what is going on in the power echelons, we each participate in the larger dialogue in the choices we make about how we spend money, placing our dollars where our true values lay. Venus rules the power of attraction, the emotional intelligence that resonates from the inside out and invites into our lives just what mirrors our emotional state of being. How awful does it have to get before we can’t stand it any more and make some changes? This is the time. With Saturn going into Libra at the end of this month, dialogue is required and choices are going to be made. Let’s take charge of our personal choices.

Meanwhile this New Moon is in excellent alignment with the ongoing, rare triple conjunction of planets in Aquarius. Jupiter offers expansion and wisdom, meta-physical Neptune refines the energy that can be experienced as anxiety and/or sensitivity, and Chiron raises the bar of paradigm shift. Soon after their peak conjunction in May, all three planets turned to retrograde motion, giving us a period of time to integrate the implications of the global realignment in progress. Now all three are moving forward again. One result has been the meaningful award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. However much criticism he has been facing in the U.S., a country in continuing distress from polarization and resistance, Obama is still seen as a beacon of hope on the international stage. The implications of his Presidency will go to the next level when Saturn moves into Libra, indicating that the tone of the dialogue changes—and heightens. New alliances being formed on the world stage and the heightened awareness of environmental, economic and business issues continue to unfold at a rapid pace.

The Black Moon Lilith has joined the Aquarian grouping, heightening our subtle energetic awareness of cosmic input. Are we going to feel the Moon dust resulting from the “attack” on our lone satellite? Exactly why was that Moon blast necessary to our Earthly well-being? Mythically and symbolically it just doesn’t feel right to bomb the Moon, whether we see it as Mother Moon or the Man-in-the-Moon. Whatever is going on with the Moon, we are soon expecting increased activity of the Sun. Solar flares create an electrical impact in the atmospheres of not just our planet, but throughout the our planetary neighborhood. Changes are in progress on all planets, with more to come, no doubt, as the next sun spot cycle gears up. The Black Moon in Aquarius tunes into the electrical fields. Give yourself plenty of time to experience the subtle energy coursing through your body and through any social group or community dynamic. Our chakras are likely to light up with the aurora borealis. That’s quality input. It won’t be long now. Are you plugged in?

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  1. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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