October Full Moon 2009

By M Kelley Hunter

Silent friend of many distances, feel
How your breath enlarges all of space….
In this immeasurable darkness, be the power… – R.M.Rilke

on October 3-4 (2:10am EDT) highlights the theme of I and Thou. The Moon in fiery, feisty Aries reflects the light of the Sun in Libra, the sign that seeks balance and relationship. Balance is often delicate, and different in each relationship. The Scales are easily tipped. The opposite sign Aries has a suggestion: be clear about where you stand, maintain integrity and “to thine own self be true,” as Shakespeare wrote, “And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man” [or woman].

This may not be as simple as it sounds with increasing pressure to compromise. By the time of the next New Moon, Saturn will be in Libra, emphasizing the need for balance, for dialogue and fairness. Let’s start now to look for the win-win in every situation possible. When that is not possible, we can at least listen carefully to the opposite point of view. If we seek to understand where the other person is coming from, the tone of the dialogue shifts. Compromise, though necessary at times, does not lead to the level of satisfaction that we really want. Let’s see how far you can get, being clear with what “I” want and then “we” can talk.

Another factor that can confuse or uplift our clarity is the strength of Neptune at this Full Moon. It is the key outer planet in the triple conjunction dancing in the higher atmospheres of Aquarius, offering a potential for a quantum shift in consciousness and the social texture of the planet. Through Neptune we engage in the “I” and “Thou” with the spirit within ourselves, the most truly significant relationship in our lives. When this relationship is strong and centered, we make clearer and more loving connections with others in our lives.

For this Full Moon, Neptune is at the hub of a special alignment called a yod, or finger of god. It is a pattern in which two planets in different signs both create a quincunx, a sexy -sounding interaction that requires adjustment (or creates stress), with a third planet. There is a lot of energy pouring through that third planet, which asks for special and continual attention to keep up with. Elusive Neptune can be a challenge to focus on any time, yet it also invites us to explore dreams, listen to our heart’s wisdom and widen our scope of compassion. Then we can adjust our larger social vision more soulfully in response to the tension factors at play in our daily lives.

The headlines may indicate the trend. Some particular group may claim attention as the stressor. Let’s not judge the situation ahead of the moment. Neptune’s low side is avoidance, paranoia and neurotic behavior, often stooping to drug use to escape the pressures of reality. Neptune’s high side is the spiritual awareness of being part of something larger than ourselves. The planet Neptune is one indicator of the sensation many of us are having of memory gaps, extra sensitivity, spaciness and a feeling of melting into the social milieu. Are you feeling the angst and anxiety of changes or the excitement of opportunities, well-being and brotherhood which abound? When stressed, remember to retreat to the clear inner calm out of the wild winds of the hurricane of change. In the eye of the hurricane the storm is quiet. It is this eye, perhaps the third eye of spiritual insight, that directs the hurricane.

In other words, breathe! Yes, it can be as simple as that. When we are stressed out or worried, we forget to breathe. Breathe deeply and fully, invite space and awareness into your body. Our breath intakes prana, the life force that stimulates ideas, inspiration and creativity. Neptune is in Aquarius, an air sign. The Sun is in Libra, an air sign. Air relates to the mental, rational realm, objectivity and dialogue, yet literally refers to the air, a basic element of life. Breathe in spirit, espiritu, the breath of life. A deep breath allows truer and calmer words to be spoken. Especially in tense situations, a good breath offers an instant to gain perspective, a very Aquarian commodity.

The two planets contending with Neptune are Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Virgo. Not always considered strong in this water sign, Mars is especially sensitive in Cancer. Here it can act defensive and be a bit of a prickly pear when feeling vulnerable. It is liable to say no before it realizes that a yes could be a better answer. Yet it is a caring placement and wants to nurture and grow. Mercury in Virgo has just turned to forward motion after being in retrograde most of September. Mercury is excellent in Virgo, applying its skills with deft responsiveness to the moment. We just can’t get too critically fussy in relation to Neptune, which seeks a flow and a broader view of any particular situation. Together these planets can foster growth where it is needed and figure out solutions that benefit the greater whole.

The belly-dance of the mathematical vortex that moves to the ever-changing gravitational rhythm between Earth and Moon is gyrating around the cusp between the Sea-Goat Capricorn and the Water-Carrier Aquarius. The Dragon Head, or North Node, is also playing at this cusp. The North and South Nodes mark powerful eclipse points. The South Node is where we have been. This is the node that was charged up by the extended solar eclipse on July 22. Mars is now on this node, showing the old way. North Node is where we are all called. Changing signs from Aquarius back to Capricorn, it suggests that a huge stream of aetheric energies has been streaming down and into our higher atmospheres and our higher minds. Now we are to take this energy and plant it into the Earth to change the world, carefully and respectfully, one step at a time, like the mountain goat. We channel the social consciousness of Aquarius now to fructify the dream, to funnel resources where they are needed for growth, to dismantle and renovate rather prop up outworn institutions.

We are moving away from old defensive attitudes and channeling our resources for the common good, by building structures and organizations that serve. The Black Moon brings the aetheric fields into form. Aether is the fifth element that gives rise to the four physical elements. We could say it is the element of consciousness, informed by love-wisdom. Remember that movie The Fifth Element, in which Bruce Willis yet again saves the world? Who is the Fifth Element in that movie? The perfect incarnation of love, in the body of a woman. That’s a Lilith kind of movie!

Let’s invited her in on this Full Moon in Aries. We can generate a lot of good ideas when talking about the possibilities together. We can do it.

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