11:11, Chiron, Time out of Time, and the Aquarian Age

11:11, Chiron, and ‘Time out of Time’

(Article first post in 2007)

The 11:11 phenomena (where every time you look at the clock it seems to be 11:11, 22:22 etc.) may simply be a reminder that Time as we know it, is not.

I’ve been pondering *Chiron, the asteroid discovered in 1977, named after the wise Centaur – which goes direct at 10′28 on Oct 19, 2007, in Aquarius, a mental air sign which deals with unconventional ideas and the collective consiousness.

***(For 2009 Chiron goes direct on October 31, 2009. Chiron has been retrograde Since May 30, 2009, in the sign of Aquarius)

This position is read as 11 degrees Aquarius when reading the Sabian Symbol.

**The Sabian Symbol for 11 degrees Aquarius (eleven degrees of the eleventh house = 11:11) is:
During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.

Further imagery:-

The experience of knowing solutions to complex issues in the world, and deciding to put one’s life in gear to bring these solutions into being.

A note of caution: such Aquarian insights risk being way too far ahead of their time to have any immediate impact on the current collective.

For me, Chiron has come to mean ‘time out of time’ – which is everything but those moments spent conforming to artificial, man-made time constraints. (*Chiron’s father is said to be the Titan Cronos – chronos, khronos, meaning Time)

Some keywords for Chiron are: Healing/Wholemaking; Maverick; Guide; Quest; Key; Doorway; Loophole; Qualifier; and Chiros.

Chiros (Kairos) is what Einstein referred to in his theory of relativity: “When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute – and it’s longer than any hour. That’s relativity.”

Chiros has been called ‘timeless time’; it is entered into during meditation. This is time not ruled by the clock or calendar. When the Australian Aborigine sits in the Dreamtime, all time is now. That is, the present moment, the past and future, eternity, are all one.

The Mayans had a different system of measuring time. They had 13 months in their calendar, because there are 13 moons in the Wheel of the Year. This all makes a lot of sense to me. Perhaps 11:11 is helping us to rethink Time. What is Time anyway? Why do we measure it the way we do? Is this working?

Sometime in the 1980s there was a documentary that talked about the world being in the 11th hour -’seconds till midnight’ or something. This had to do with the anti-nuclear movement, but was also related to a growing awareness of the environment and a clicking tock for a number of species. For the biblically inclined, 11:11 may indicate Final Times. For others it could be a message to slow down. I prefer to think about 11:11 as the end of the tyranny of Time.

When I first encountered the 11:11 phenomenon in the 1980s, around the time of the Harmonic Convergence, I’d just started wearing a digital watch. Apart from the constant annoying 11:11 ‘wake up calls’ this timepiece was ugly and useless. It was always about 11 minutes fast, no matter how many times I adjusted it, and I was invariably late anyway.

Finally, I gave up on digital time and to this day have worn the same antique ‘analogue’ chronometer. (when I do wear a watch) There is something magical about observing the rhythm of time, moving round in a steady circle, ’sun wise’ or ‘moon wise’. The circular sweep of the second hand, powered by a crystal, even mimics the progression of stars across the nighttime sky. I enjoy winding it manually, or not (in other words, choosing to agree with Time or not.) And an old fashioned timepiece can be useful as a crude navigation device for fixing compass points (by getting bearings from the sun or stars).

The world is now full of digital timing devices, so 11:11 moments can occur anywhere, anytime. When I see these numbers now, I am reminded by Chiron/Chiros, to ‘take time out of time’ to focus on the inner life, and the living world around me.

*In some accounts Chiron is said to be the half-brother of Zeus, fathered by the Titan Cronos, whose parents were Uranus (sky/heaven) and Gaia (earth).

**A note about Sabian Symbols: The ancients divided up the sky, just like any other circle, into 360 degrees. They assigned each of the 12 constellations (star signs or zodiac signs) 30 degrees each: 12 times 30 = 360. The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that correspond with each of the 360 degrees of the wheel of the zodiac. These symbols and images attempt to tell a story about the potential – the unique energy field – held within each degree, and are widely quoted by Astrologers.

This discussion of astrological correspondences, Time etc. is yet another attempt to solve the 11:11 puzzle. After all, Time is certainly not digital, and probably not circular (as it appears) but more likely spiral.

11:11 is reminiscent of the spiral double helix of the DNA, kundalini rising, and so forth.

I do love mysteries, and the one thing I know for certain is that this one will not be solved though conventional thought or language alone. I suspect that both sides of the human brain, and a synthesis of all aspects of consciousness now available to us, plus love, would need to be engaged at full potential before we even get close.

The thing about all mysteries is that there is no ‘one precise answer’, or, that we really only need to know the answer that’s right for us at any given moment.

11:11, Uranus, Chiron, and the Aquarian Age

The Piscean Age (ruled by Neptune, an epoch lasting from approximately circa 500 BCE through 2060 CE) will be followed by the Aquarian Age (now ruled by Uranus, formerly Saturn/Cronos).

Aquarius rules the 11th house of the zodiac. The 11th house ruler, Uranus, governs electricity, especially digital machines like computers, but more poetically, lightning – the thunderbolt of awakening.

In its current position, Chiron in Aquarius from 2005 – 2011 is assisting us to transcend the boundaries of time. Aquarius rules the far off future as well as the ancient past. Time allows us the luxury of pondering a puzzle. But once the pieces are in place, Chiron can be anywhere, anytime – like lightning. This also suggests the concept of out of body or inner travel…

(all of the above applies to Chiron in the 11th house as well)
Blessings to all Time Travelers!


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