New Moon September 2009

By M. Kelley Hunter

NEW SATURNIAN MOON September 2009 (4.44 am Saturday 19th, Sydney time)

Jupiter, king of the planets, rules the evening sky, while Venus shines brilliantly as the morning star. Saturn exerts an invisible impact in the day sky, especially as it aligns with the New Moon on September 18. We don’t see new moons until the crescent appears at sunset a few days later. We won’t see Saturn even then, too close to the Sun, but the impact of this task-master of the solar system will let us know, in no uncertain terms, that it is time to take the next big step in remaking our life plan. Mercury is retrograde the last three weeks in September. This is a good thing, giving us an opportunity to weigh options and re-shuffle our priorities before making any major decisions. By the end of October Saturn moves in to Libra, with major decisions to be made.

The New Moon on September 18-19 (2:44pm EDT) is authorized by the planet Saturn to test our response to appropriate change. The last of three face-offs between Saturn and Uranus, the Change Agent, has taken place on just days ago, on the 15th. This is a shift we have been engaged in since last fall, specifically on U.S. Election Day, the first time these two planets gave a strong, clear signal of their intentions—and tested ours! This month we come to terms with further implications of social change.

In mythology, Saturn is Kronos, god of time. It is time, during this Moon cycle, to take the next steps in our personal and collective process or creating an appropriate response to the seeming chaos around us. In Virgo, Saturn suggests we apply a strong dose common sense, take change in bite-size pieces. Mercury agrees, at its analytical best in its own sign of Virgo, on the planetary council that sets the agenda for this lunar month. We can use the retrograde to rethink, go back over the data, take a close, careful and detached look at the data. What is working and what is not? Virgo is a sign of sifting and sorting, separating the wheat from the chaff. If we’re going to make an angel cake we need the finest flour.

Other planets weigh in. Venus in Leo wants to have fun and is all for spending lavishly. Many of us tend to reward ourselves by going shopping, often a waste of hard-earned money. With the ongoing, rare conjunction of three planets in Aquarius challenging Venus, the financial news may indicate an increasingly slippery slope. Yet Venus has leadership potential in Leo and may show this through women in the world, individuals and groups of women. As I travel around the U.S. for a few months, I have my ear to the ground of social change as I teach in groups and consult with individuals. Women’s circles are a potent network for mutual support, as are other social networks in communities and on the internet.

One particular invitation of Venus opposite both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius invites us to call on the angels, to listen to our dreams and to engage the emotional potency of appreciation and gratitude for the lovely people, things and special moments in our lives. This heightens our hope for co-creating the best potentials in this global quantum shift. Our belief systems are merging with our reality into paradigm shift. We may be sighting those angels any day.

is moving forward now after several months, and picks up the pace for restructuring our reality. Mercury as it moves backward and forward is communicating with Pluto several times. News can be skewed by the media and the power players. Fear-mongers are rampant, disturbing the air waves, spewing psychic pollution. Thanks to the internet, we can get a broader view. When we turn our frequency to a different channel, we can let go of thoughts that do not serve growth. This is a positive potential of the Mars power this month, more gentle and nurturing in the sign of Cancer. We may see this theme manifest through the masculine care takers of our well-being.

has been hanging out at the North Node, a powerful portent of creative potency in the Earth realms. I recently tapped into the work of goddess scholar Max Dashu, who had a webinar on Ancestor Stones, or Grandmother Stones. This is the way Lilith has been talking to us since its entrance into Capricorn—with Pluto—in January, strongly shaping the political agendas into alignment with Earth-honoring policies (or else!). The total eclipse of July gave Black Moon an incredible moment to insert her influence. We have yet to see the full impact.

If we use Saturn well this month, we can make a big difference by doing little things. Just by making a couple of adjustments in how we set up our day and our diets, by monitoring the words we use when we talk about what we are experiencing, new perspectives and solutions open up. Expect the best, and take steps to get there!



VIRGO — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you salt-of-the-earth worker-bees. Saturn in your sign for the last two years has required focus and discipline, which can sometimes feel like the weight of the world. Yet it also rewards a job well done. When you take responsibility, you develop mastery and excellence, which are very satisfying to your perfectionism.

LIBRA — You’ll soon be taking stock about where your balance is on and off kilter. Take some time now to sort out where you stand on issues that need to be discussed. Compromise may not be an option. Look for the win-win in any situation.

SCORPIO — The social texture of your life may be changing, yet you are well-supported by the power planet Pluto, which you can make your best friend. The only power is that of love, as you surely know or find out sooner or later.

SAGITTARIUS — The roller coaster you are riding is exciting yet it also takes attention to keep on track. You’re directing the show. What is your goal? The way to that goal may be changing, so hang a right or a left at that next star.

CAPRICORN — Saturn is your life guide, supporting you to make common sense decisions that may be extraordinarily life-changing. When you are dealing with situations beyond your control, you can at least take control of your reactions.

AQUARIUS — Opportunities may come your way “out of the blue.” You can capitalize on them by keeping as many ducks in a row as will stay there. Some ducks belong back in the pond anyway and others are flying overhead. You probably know what I mean.

PISCES — Personal relationships may be ready for the next step. Professional colleagues, especially those in charge, may be looking to you to step us as well. Be as clear as possible about what you can handle well without over-much stress.

ARIES — Many details call for attention even as priorities change. You’ll have plenty of time to sort and sift through the options, No need to rush. You like to get moving, but you have other people to consider. Give impulsive actions a second thought.

TAURUS — This month’s agenda satisfies your taste for getting things done and being productive. Still, continue to give yourself time to lie in the hammock and dream a sea dream. Such moments can be more useful than you might think!

GEMINI — It’s about time for you busy bees to hunker back in the hive and make some honey. You’ve been gathering all sorts of information and possibilities. Now it’s coming time to put them to use and see how sweet the honey will taste.

CANCER — The pace of change can have you feeling a bit breathless. You have time to take some deep breaths this month, before the pressure is on again. Take care of yourself and you can plunge ahead with increased ease, following the path of most potential for growth.

LEO — With the summer’s eclipses still ringing in your ears, you may be a bit astonished at your emerging role in the social drama. Ask questions, seek out information, and watch what is going on around you. People seek you out. Consider your words to express your best.

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