What is The Soul Wings® Oracle?

Who is The Oracle?

This particular Oracle has been asked to speak to the specific group of people who are reading it here…

(If you’ve been reading “The Oracle Says” posts on Facebook, on this blog or elsewhere on the web, that includes you!)
This is the voice of an ancient Oracle… posted daily, except when not.

What is The Soul Wings® Oracle?

The idea of an axis mundi, the center of the world, appears in every religion of the world. It functions as the omphalos (navel), the world’s point of beginning. The axis mundi expresses a point of connection between sky and earth where the four compass directions meet. At this point, the higher and lower realms meet.

The ancients believed that the Omphalos was located at Delphi, so named by Apollo after being carried there by a dolphin. Here, Apollo, the God of poetry, music and healing, spoke through the words of a woman who retained the old name: Pythia or Pythoness. In the tradition of the Oracle of Delphi, The Oracle may speak through many sacred sites on our planet, including from the omphalos (the axis mundi) of our own hearts.

Learn The Soul Wings© Oracle Technique

This Oracle tradition will be present in the upcoming Sydney Lightworkers Spring Workshops, beginning in October. I will be teaching The Soul Wings© Oracle Technique in our Spiritual Writers Group, Intuitive Development Series and several other seminars – at the Argyle Oracle in The Rocks, and Rose Bay, Sydney – Australia.

See- Sydney Lightworkers – Upcoming Workshops for more information and to reserve your space. ( Bring a Friend for half price)
Please note: These small groups fill up fast!

Oceans of Love, Light and Joy,


Sophia Fairchild


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