The Lion’s Heart – New Moon August 2009










by M. Kelley Hunter



[Image: Journey to the Heart
web collage by Dana Hunt]

The Lion’s Heart – New Moon August 2009

The New Moon on August 20 is aligned with the star Regulus. This royal star marks the Heart of the Lion. Traditionally this is a star of leadership, of royalty, and calls for courage of heart from each of us.

This New Moon engages the quantum shift in motion from the unusual triple conjunction of planets across the sky in Aquarius—expansive Jupiter, ineffable Neptune and quirky Chiron. With the recent eclipses still ringing in our ears, we may find ourselves rather astonished at some emerging themes in our personal lives and the larger social situation. Often and more often these days, thanks especially to Neptune, the Dreamer, we may have a sense that “life is but a dream.”

Leo is the sign that best knows “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” as Shakespeare wrote. Leo likes to walk out on the stage of life knowing its role, even some of its lines. But there is no rehearsal to living life. We’re on live!

In the thicket of planetary changes, this New Moon may reveal that our roles are changing. This can be a cause of anxiety or excitement, as our awareness of the global drama is expanding. During such a paradigm shift, our basic assumptions of reality are in question—they no longer apply to our experience. In the new science of chaos theory, there comes a moment in any system when it has reached its potential and starts to fall apart in the cyclic nature of life. We can see this happening around us now, partly a function of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto breaks down systems and structures that have served their purpose and are no longer tenable.

There are two ways a system can fall apart. The first is a passive chaos which may attempt to maintain the status quo, but there is no energy, no ideas, just an ineffective muddle. The system breaks down in dull disorder. The second type of chaos is a turbulent chaos— active, hot, energetic—in which strange things occur. Synchronicities, serendipities and surprises abound at the heart of this chaos, which is vital and creative. It reorders the chaos so that the system doesn’t just break down, a new system emerges.

The first chaos is that of indifference; the second has a juicy dynamic. We want that kind, don’t we?! Then we’ve got to engage the heart of creativity, from the heart of Leo. The process of creativity is complex, for it necessitates an invitation to the unknown. We tend to automatically re-create old, familiar patterns out of a need for comfort and security, and from a fear to encounter the unknown. That leads to the passive chaos, feeing a victim of fate. Creative, turbulent chaos gives rise to new awareness, new life impulses and new patterns that are truly original, coming from expanded, heart-centered engagement with life around us, co-creating our destiny with the cosmos.

Another pattern to this New Moon suggests that we need to give the creative impulses some serious practical application. Mercury, the Thinker, is in excellent position in Virgo, the sign that it rules. Mercury confers with Saturn, a no-nonsense planet, also in Virgo, a practical common-sense sign. Saturn asks, “What’s the plan? How are we going to proceed?”

Even when we have a plan, it may change moment to moment. Uranus is involved in this New Moon pattern as well, challenging Saturn to find a plan that is different, that will ripple through the system and change it. Uranus is in Pisces, a water sign. Imagine the expanding circles radiating out from a stone tossed in a lake. Another concept of chaos theory is that of the “strange attractor,” unforeseen factors, even just tiny ones like a small stone, can make a huge difference. It just takes one. Is that you? Uranus is a planet of the higher mind. In Pisces it is turning on the psychic internet. There are waves rippling through the metaphysical systems as well. You are feeling these new currents, or you would not be exploring this Infinite Quest site!

Mars, the planet of action, is in on the game. In Gemini, Mars is the quintessential multi-tasker. Many of us have too many balls that we are juggling, an overload of information coming our way. It’s hard to keep track of everything going on, but we keep moving and doing.

Thankfully, Mercury is in a strong position in Virgo, and will be going retrograde the second week in September—right on cosmic time. Retrograde motion occurs when a planet looks like it is going backwards in the sky from our Earth-based point of view. Astrologically Mercury retrograde indicates a review, a rethinking. We get a chance to sit down, catch our breath and take stock, yet again, of our priorities. Stay cosmically tuned for more about that around the time of the next Full Moon, on September 4.

Now we enter the New Moon time, in the fire sign, Leo. Enjoying life is high on Leo’s list of priorities. We are encouraged this month to play, have fun, be with those we love. All sorts of magic can happen. Follow the path of most heart, follow your bliss. That’s Leo’s secret to life.

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