Archangel in Ireland © 2009 by Sophia Fairchild

Archangel RaphaelExcerpt from a true story shared with Doreen Virute and published in her book …

The Healing Miracles of
Archangel Raphael by Doreen Virtue, 2010, Hay House. Inc. CA
The full version of this story appears in the book – 
Angels: Winged Whispers  –
True Stories from Angel Experts  around the World
edited by Sophia Fairchild.
 © Soul Wings Press, 2011. 
Archangel in Ireland    © 2009 by Sophia Fairchild

 …Our small group of travelers had carefully made its way across this wide moonlike plateau to set stones on a sacred pile of rocks, leaving prayers the way travelers do in the Himalayas. The wind howled across the open plain making us shiver in the summer sun, so most of our group had already turned back for shelter. I placed my small stone on the cairn and turned to leave.

Just then, I watched with horror as a middle aged man slipped and fell awkwardly into one of the deep potholes under our feet.
He lay there unable to move, obviously in great pain. Shouts for help went unanswered as the fierce wind swept all sound away. The man groaned and began lapsing into shock. We were in the middle of nowhere with no help of any kind. As his wife ran back across the plateau to seek assistance, I found myself alone with an injured stranger, somewhere in the west country of Ireland, on the wild, windswept plains of the Burren.
I knew I must stay with him and offer some kind of assistance, but had no idea what to do. The injured man was a German doctor who spoke little English. I was someone with no medical training who’d never done any kind of healing before and spoke no German. He pointed to his hip and said “kaputt,” meaning that it was broken. Not knowing what else to do, I gently placed my hand on his leg and began praying that healing energy would flow though me to him.
As soon as I did this, I felt the presence of Archangel Raphael with us. I could feel the angel sending powerful, green healing light to the site of the injury, and was surprised to find myself as the conduit for this powerful flow of healing.
It was not so much that I saw this energy as the color green, as the green feeling surrounding the Archangel’s presence. His aura felt like the soft, refreshing atmosphere of a cool waterfall in a lush, green rainforest. It was as if a fountain of vitalizing healing force was being poured down upon us, funneling into the body of the man lying on the rocks.
At first it was my own energy that had flowed through my hand into the injured man’s leg. But with Archangel Raphael’s intervention, the healing force flowing through me now was coming directly from the angel.
I smiled at the German doctor, and he smiled back at me in silence. He too could feel the comforting presence of the angel as he drifted in and out of consciousness. After what seemed like an age, the doctor’s wife returned with a blanket, saying that a rescue team was on its way. She gave me a hug and told me it was alright to leave them now, that everything would be OK. I later heard that the injured man was flown back to Germany that same day for emergency surgery…                             

 © 2009 by Sophia Fairchild

The full version of this story appears in the book –

Angels: Winged WhispersTrue Stories from Angel Experts around the World

edited by Sophia Fairchild. © Soul Wings Press, 2011.

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