By M. Kelley Hunter

Summary: An extra eclipse this summer changes the pace. especially that powerful solar eclipse of July 21-22. This August 5 lunar eclipse dims the celestial night light but doesn’t turn it off totally. Nevertheless, even such a lesser eclipse produces a surge like the kind that makes the electricity falter and the lights waver. An eclipse is like a wink of a cosmic eye that reminds us we can’t take things for granted. Are you ready to shift to a crisper level of attention? We’ll need to as we move toward the end of the summer. Leo is the sunshine sign, with the heart of the Lion, Let your heart throb with generosity toward your friends and neighbors.

The FULL MOOON of August 5-6 (8:55 pm EDT) is the third eclipse in a row this summer. On July 7 we experienced a subtle, penumbral eclipse of the Moon that caught just the soft outer band of Earth’s shadow. July 21-22 was the widely-viewed Asian eclipse, with an extended moment of totality. Even on the opposite side of the planet, the effects will ripple for months. Every six months we have eclipse season, but usually there are only two. This month’s lunar eclipse is an “extra” one, and another subtle one, barely perceptible, yet continuing to shift our experience.

Imagine this: you are watching a DVD when the electricity goes off. The DVD pops out. When the electricity goes back on, you push the DVD back in—but it’s a different movie! Eclipses, especially such powerful ones like the recent solar eclipse, indicate that the storylines of our lives our up for a rewrite. This Full Moon suggests further editing. Who is writing your script? Take this opportunity to freshen your perspective and improve the story. Listen to your angels, your highest self, that knows you are living the hero or heroine’s journey. And listen to how you are speaking about your life. Edit any negative thinking patterns, which are all self-defeating in the end, and rewrite with affirmative thinking that promotes your true aspirations and potential.

A Full Moon involves two signs, as it reflects the Sun. This month, the Sun is Leo is reflected by the Full Moon in Aquarius. You are the star of your show (Leo) amidst a galaxy of stars (Aquarius). With the Sun in Leo, the creative, full-hearted sunshine sign, we step out on the world stage. The Full Moon, across the sky in Aquarius, highlights our participation in a bigger drama than our own. Leo asks, “What is my role?” in any Aquarian group or larger community in our social context. The “I” becomes more aware of the “We.”

The Sabian symbols tell more of the story. The symbol for the Sun at 14 Leo is one of my personal favorites:
The subtle energies are coming more fully into manifestation, ever sooner as we invite them. What is your soul’s desire?

The degree for the Full Moon on 14 Aquarius is:
OK, so we can’t see the manifestation yet. We may feel in the dark, and that is where we do the deeper work without distractions from the outer landscape. We’ll come out the other side back into a refined light.

This Full Moon joins the party of planets in Aquarius that has been creating a critical point that can be felt as both anxious tension and extraordinary opportunity. Technology, economic challenge and climate change place us squarely in the midst of a quantum shift. The vaunted transparency of the Obama administration is at least opening global conversation to a new level. We are all creating this show together. If “life is but a dream,” as in the children’s song, and we are dreaming it together. A lot of what is going on “out there” may look more like a nightmare. Let us re-write a new, improved storyline. Find a way to “row, row, row you boat” with the flow, rather than against it!

Venus and Mars
The planetary pattern accompanying this eclipse features strong activity with Venus and Mars. Not all women are from Venus nor men from Mars, we find, as we confront our belief systems about marriage, sexuality and gay rights, a pivotal social issue that engages the Aquarian question of putting individuality before culturally-imposed gender identifications.

Venus defines our values and emotional well-being, including financial health. Venus is in the motherly sign of Cancer, where the goddess of love takes things personally, cares deeply and protects family values. Venus confronts Pluto, planet of transformation, which is opposite in the starkly responsible signs of Capricorn. Involved with financial power plays behind the scenes. Pluto represents an agenda of transformation in the collective consciousness, i.e., the masses. The public may feel manipulated by the powers that be, while urging on the necessity for change. Yet Venus stands for the needs of the people and finds a way to give more.

Mars, the action planet, is in Gemini, a talkative sign, open to options, yet easily distracted. Mars in Gemini can be a fast-talking salesman, saying just what you want to hear, or a facilitator of discussion, making sure all ideas are on the table. Mars is in a stressful hub between Uranus and Saturn, the two planets that face off opposite each other, as the radical and the conservative. Mars listens to both sides, but is not very patient and can be argumentative. Uranus looks for revolutionary ways to address the many changes needed for the many that need them. Saturn, insists on a serviceable, common sense solution for the long run.

As the Full Moon starts to wane, we reap the fruits of these eclipses, digest the new levels of awareness, and respond to the unfolding developments in our lives. Let’s take this extra opportunity to adjust the dials on our screen to get the picture in better focus, adjusting how we respond to our situation.

I’ll be sending around an update of my schedule soon, with new events in the Hudson River Valley, in Westminster, MD, and possibly Atlanta.
I’m on the road, now in North Carolina—Charlotte, Asheville and Wilmington. If you are in these areas, come around for any lecture, workshop or book signing, with a trip to the Chicago area which includes the conference of the International Society for International Research. You can see the basic schedule on my website:

Kelley is available for personal consultations where she goes and also still doing phone sessions. Call her at 340-643-2179 or 866-245-1538.

LEO — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you cats of all kinds. It is your year to prove your royal status in the zodiac by shining and sharing your light. The eclipses are on you to keep the love-light burning. Rise above any anxiety that could undermine your confidence and wholeheartedly support others in showing and glowing their full brightness.

VIRGO — Take all the time you need to center yourself as many factors, including some surprises, present themselves for your attention. Sort and sift your priorities often as you move through the roller coaster of the day.

LIBRA — This can be one of the best times of the year for you. Apply your people skills to their full value. You will have many special opportunities to contribute. Take care of yourself as well as others to maintain your natural balance.

SCORPIO — Your deepest desires are both challenged and supported. Your will is tested and best tempered by compassion and surrender to the Great Mystery. Unconscious reactions will be exposed and could lead to messy results. Rise to the moment! Seize the day!

SAGITTARIUS — Keep your eye on the target as unexpected input can either distract you or present welcome opportunities. Stay physically active, as you usually do, to tone your energy and calm any nervous tension.

CAPRICORN — This month offers smoother sailing that last month! Adjustments are necessary as you continue to pave the way forward. Relationships need attention early in the month, a good time to spend with a partner or to find one.

AQUARIUS — Your sign is fully impacted by the eclipses this month. Don’t take anything for granted, as your social scene is changing. As a team player, you can lead the way and foster communication to short circuit misunderstandings.

PISCES — If you are in the right social setting and group, you are like a fish in the sea, going with the flow, advancing and enjoying yourself. If you like the company you are keeping, keep it up, if not find another more compatible pool to swim in.

ARIES — Your fire matches the heat of summer. An uncharacteristic moment of sadness may catch up with you even as you move forward in reconstructing your life, led by your natural spirit of initiative. It’s time!

TAURUS — Eclipses interrupt the progressive flow with sometimes abrupt changes of circumstance. Step up to the plate. Contribute your common sense and resilience for productive results.

GEMINI — Your boredom threshold is very low. You’re ready to sail away as soon as the trade winds blow. Interesting ideas and information come your way, as you patch together the right combination from all the options that beckon.

CANCER — Venus is shining brilliantly in the morning sky. Drink in the light of this goddess of love, for she is in your sign. People close to you are going through changes. Your expanding “clan” can stay in touch through computer technology AND the ever-expanding psychic internet. william_bouguereau_whisperings_of_love_1889

Image: Whisperings of Love, by William Bouguereau, 1889, detail


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