Soul Whispers – New Book!

Soul Whispers

Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches Around the World

Publisher: Soul Wings® Press
ISBN: 9780615290423

What is your soul whispering to you?

In this impressive collection of beautiful writings, some of the foremost professional Soul Coaches™ from North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Asia and Australia, share classic Soul Coaching® techniques on how to live a more joyful and authentic life, by learning to listen to the whispers of your soul.

~ Learn to confront fear
~ Trust in yourself
~ Develop your intuition
~ Heal yourself and your relationships
~ Boost your business and personal success
~ Live a more adventurous and prosperous life!

Discover proven techniques in Decision Making, Clutter Clearing, Collage, Vision Quest and Past Life journeying. This book also includes powerful, little-known Soul Coaching® secrets to assist both yourself and your clients to live an authentic life, filled with joy!

Edited by Sophia Fairchild

Praise for Soul Whispers and Further Reviews…

“A joy to read . . . touches my heart more than words can express.”

Author of Soul Coaching, 28 days to Discover Your Authentic Self,
and Founder of Soul Coaching®

To PreOrder your copy of Soul Whispers
Please contact a Soul Coach in your area –


Cheryl Umberger
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Roberta H Binder
Fort Collins, Colorado

Barbara Robitaille
Portland, Oregon

Carol Daigneault
Rockport, Maine

Wendy Sheppard
Santa Clara, California

Deborah Janelle Smith
San Ramon, California

Sherrie Ataide
Chico, California

P.W. Servais
Danville, California

Helen Mumford Sole
Old Greenwich, Connecticut


Kimberly Carroll
Toronto, Ontario

Catherine Turner
Victoria, B.C.

Misasha (a.k.a. J. Gean Hemming)


Irene Speirs-Caskie
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Vicky Sweetlove
London, England


Ulrike Behre-Brandes
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Berte Winding-Sørensen
Sørum, Norway


Rebecca Nelson
Warrandyte, VIC

Sophia Fairchild
Sydney, NSW Whispers

More info at

Soul Whispers

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