Full Moon May 8-9, 2009

by Kelly Hunter

The FULL MOON of MAY 8-9 IN SCORPIO/TAURUS is called the Buddha Full Moon — the full Moon under which Buddha was born, enlightened and died. Prepare for rare illuminations this year, as the revelation of this Full Moon is filled with the extraordinary triple planet conjunction peaking later this month.

IMAGE: Tanzanian baobab tree by Cristina Kessler, an award-winning author of numerous books for children and young adults set in Africa. Her most recent is Trouble in Timbuktu. See more African photos on her website: www.cristinakessler.com.

Why another baobab? Sun’s still in Taurus, I’m still hugging trees, and it’s Cristina’s birthday on this Full Moon! A hole in a tree: there’s a paradigm shifting image! Can we pull the Full Moon through that hole, or shall we climb through it, like Alice Through the Looking Glass?

The slow dawning of the Age of Aquarius brightens perceptibly in June as we experience a cosmically rare joining of three astrological factors in the sign of the Water Carrier that up the ante in the current paradigm shift. Energy is swirling in the aethers, electrifying our higher atmospheres and our perceptions. The Full Moon quickly moves into alignment with these planets just six hours after peak fullness (full at 12:03am EDT,5:03 am GMD). The Sun moves into alignment with the triple conjunction on May 15-17. Keep your antennae out for SEOs — Subtle Energy Observations.

So much can be said about this alignment.* Here are some thoughts. The players:
JUPITER, the Big Kahuna, stands for wisdom, opportunity, expansion or over-doing.
NEPTUNE, the Dream-Time planet, reminds us of our hopes and dreams. The down side is illusion, confusion and the glitter of glamour. The high side is compassion, spirituality and elevated perspectives.
CHIRON is an odd little body in our solar system that acts as quantum-shifter, shaman-healer. Chiron takes us down Alice’s rabbit hole to question our beliefs and invite magical synchronicities by overcoming old psychological wounds. We don’t have to believe the old stories or even the flu epidemic. Let’s dream the new dream.

This triple conjunction suggests a paradigm shift with ripple effects that will escalate. We don’t absolutely have to do it through epidemic or financial collapse. What other options can we dream up together? This Full Moon gives us an opportunity to deflate our tendency toward fear mongering, possibly by blowing up the scary stuff. Like a balloon, eventually it will pop. Let’s remember how great it feels to pay attention to something fabulous and hopeful and uplifting. This alignment can go to extremes in either direction. Are you on the high road? If not, change your mental-emotional frequency now!

Oh yes, just in time for this Full Moon, It’s a good time to change our minds! It’s a good thing, and it’s good we can “plan” for it. We could say Mercury is pulling back, getting out of the way. Just on the edge of Gemini it stopped, promoting information, raising questions, spreading options and possibilities like dandelion fluff on the wind. It’s a good thing it’s going back into practical earthy Taurus for extra time — until mid-June in fact. We’ll get a lot done, slowly but surely bringing the new energy into manifestation. Take your time, no rush. We need to feel out the way forward, as the subtle fields are opening new solutions in the unfolding of new paradigms of belief and of lifestyle.

This pair of mythic lovers, together in Aries all month, is rather impatient about this slow-down, but at least they are passing beyond the peak intensity of their show-downs with Pluto. I had three angry neighboring households around me within 24 hours, not to mention a car passing me on a speed bump! When we can use this fiery initiative in productive ways, we are energized and motivated.

If we add Black Moon Lilith into the mix, which is an increasingly good strategy with the divine feminine on the rise, we find a grand trine in earth signs. BLACK MOON IN CAPRICORN, demonstrating the authority of Earth energy and the effects of Earth’s Gaia intelligence in channeling cosmic input into new shapes and structures. SATURN IN VIRGO invites organic response, in our own bodies, to be able to relax and recognition of appropriate solutions in our daily affairs. The SUN IN TAURUS, as life-giving source, is the hub to ground the energy in practical action.

The Full Moon in Scorpio moves the deep river of transformation from the inside out. Recently a huge cave was discovered in the Vietnam jungle, said to be the largest cave known, an underground cathedral. Though found in 1991, it was not entered or explored due to a frightful wind and roar from the large underground river. I think we have a clue here.**

This Full Moon falls in the Moon Mansion called Vishaka—Moon of Power, Star of Purpose—associated with the focused, intense ambition of the warrior. Remember The Gladiator movie. If we imagine that we are engaged in spiritual battle on some level, we can use the motivation of this Full Moon to add our best intention and attention to the Power of Love and its ever-fuller expression in our lives and our world.

ASTRO-SPECIAL: In honor of the gathering triple conjunction. What is its impact in your chart, your life? How can you channel its promise? One hour, $95. Until May 27.

ALSO: In honor of current global fiscal challenges, half hour readings for $60 are available through May.

In the last Cosmic News, I recommended Paula Upton as a medical intuitive and psychic reader, but I did not give her contact info which is Dakini7722@yahoo.com.

*Astrologer and theater artist Dan Furst has some good material on the triple conjunction that he has been writing for months at: www.hermes3.net/chirnepa.htm. Check out that section and root around for more of his mythic take on 2012, etc. etc.


***My books on Lilith share research to help us invite the richness of the divine feminine into our lives. LIVING LILITH: FOUR DIMENSIONS OF THE COSMIC FEMININE is available through Amazon and by request at your local bookstore. It helps me when bookstores know people are looking for it. I can send you one as well. BLACK MOON LILITH, an expanded, updated version of my small booklet, is in production and coming out in the next couple of months. I’ll let you know.

I’m going on tour “with Lilith” and my hands folded in a namaste! I’m starting to connect the dots with my travel schedule for summer-fall. So far, this is how it is sketching out. I am still open to invitations, especially in these areas:

NORTH CAROLINA —late July into August
CHICAGO— mid-August, including ISAR Conference, August 20-23, Astrology’s Value to Society, see www.isarastrology.com
COLORADO— late August into September, Denver, Boulder, Aspen
CALIFORNIA—September, San Francisco and other points
VERMONT—first half o
f October
NEW YORK—second half of October

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