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COSMIC HIGH TIDES by M. Kelley Hunter

Image: Inner 3 light years of our galaxy.
Photo from ESO, the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere located in Chile.


As we finish this year and head into next, we’ll continue to track the three major alignments in progress:

The December 12 FULL MOON (11:37am EST) is plugged right into the major change pattern that defines this next year.
The FULL MOON in GEMINI/ SUN in SAGITTARIUS are pulling at the opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. The Full Moon was particularly and pointedly aiming at Saturn. Manifestation. What’s working and what’s not? This is a pointed indication, with a particularly large Moon lighting up the indicators. Add in the red action planet Mars next to the Sun and we are moving right along toward the New Year.

All four of the signs involved are interactive signs full of movement, change and continual adjustment. If you are born in any one, you are feeling the shift loud and clear. The radical (Uranus) reality (Saturn) that we are in the midst of experience is sure to be turned up high volume the rest of this month, like we’re rising on a fast-moving cosmic wave at high tide.

Put your hands palm to palm in prayer position as we say Namaste — I see the God/dess in you — in honor of Black Moon Lilith. Next to the Sun, this dark bitter and sweet goddess is in position to draw in the deep 99.99% dark chocolate power of the Galactic Center at the heart of the milk chocolate Milky Way galaxy. Yum. Obviously the holidays are on my mind, along with a few other good things. Lilith is like a, as swift as the reindeer that pulls Santa and Siberian Shamans through the Solstice Skies.

After tracking stars at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, astrophysicists can now see 1 light-day away from the center, watching stars pulled toward the center. Is the central black hole of our galaxy a light-eating machine or a heart so filled with love that we are irresisitbly attracted? Only Lilith knows for sure.

The BLACK MOON moves into Capricorn early on in the New Year. In mathematical fact, the true Black Moon position wiggles and shimmies like a belly dancer in and out of a sign for weeks. We use the mean Black Moon movement to monitor her general progression through the zodiac, but it’s only a useful approximation.

Jeff Jawer of writes: This is not a time to shrink from power but a moment to embrace and apply it for personal growth and collective transformation.

Boston-based astrologer Dorothy Oja gives good advice in her Planet Weather forecast of the week: “Less is more” is one mantra for Pluto in Capricorn. Paring down and purging the unnecessary in your life can be greatly freeing as you focus on the essentials and the foundation of your life.

MERCURY says RIGHT ON! as it is right on Pluto at this Moon! Important information is being revealed, whether it’s local news, global headlines or your own inner intuitive sense — likely all 3.

This is not the same-old, same-old. This can be an incredibly exciting time. Let’s join in the game. To get stimulated with a really good read that is totally in synch with the current flow, I highly recommend FIRE, Katherine Neville’s new esoteric adventure novel, a sequel to THE EIGHT, which was published in the 1980s. She is a visionary of our times.

Brilliant VENUS, radiant in the sunset sky, is now in Aquarius, making her glorious way into the Aquarius mix. Remembering that the North Node of the Moon is here, we are feeling the social texture evolving. Who are the people you are communing with? We all experience various levels of community. At one level we will be increasingly seeking a special circle with whom we fell on the same rarified wavelength. When JUPITER moves into Aquarius the first week in the new year, this will become a big theme of 2009.

Venus moves closer to Chiron and Neptune around Christmas, as we feel this social harmony (or lack of it) more significantly. We may meet persons, or groups of people, who are on our path in this new major planetary cycle.
Venus also relates to the financial situation. Many people are feeling the stress of uncertainty, a Neptune word, as well the collective current of anxiety.
The New York Times on December 7 had this line that struck me as relevant: Anxiety can discourage exploratory activity and risk-taking — and prolong a financial downturn.

Let’s not go there. Let’s generate a strong creative surge and urge each other on to heighten the quality of our lives with appreciation and a re-evaluation of what is most important — each other and the currents of love that make life worth living. In this we are inspired by the very Heart of the Universe!

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