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Image: Lilith Starry Waters, web collage by Dana Hunt
using John Collier’s 1892 painting of Lilith

I’m sending commentary on the whole Moon cycle in this piece, New and Full, with some suggestive Sun Sign tips to conclude.

The NEW MOON on OCTOBER 28-29 is deeply embedded in Scorpio with ruling planet Mars standing by. Intense is Scorpio’s modus operandi, with a driving passion fueled by motivations arising from inscrutable sub-surface layers. Any activity becomes an all-or-nothing endeavor with Scorpio. This New Moon falls in the Vedic Moon Mansion aligned with the bright star Arcturus, connected to Saraswati, Goddess of Wisdom, of learning and the arts. She plays celestial music, the harmony of the spheres.

A New Moon seeds a cycle that is revealed on the Full Moon. This Moon cycle witnesses the impending U.S. election, with its heightened tension and revelatory results. That pivotal date, November 4, marks the first of several exact oppositions of SATURN, the TIME MASTER, and URANUS, the CHANGE AGENT. This is a turning point opposition, a mirror reflection of the same dynamic in reverse in 1965-66. The planetary pattern of election day is complex and rather challenging.; [Melissa Stratton (among others) has written an excellent analysis of the election potentials in her most recent Heavenly Messages. Email her if you want to receive this piece:]

PLUTO, still in Sagittarius, is widely involved with the Full Moon opposition, even as it gets ready to head into Capricorn the last days of November. More directly impacting this planetary dynamic are VENUS and BLACK MOON LILITH, also in Sagittarius, suggesting key influence of the Divine Feminine. Venus indicates the crisis in values reflected in the economy and the strong role of women in the news and in politics —US VP candidate Sarah Palin, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the Somalian woman who was recently stoned to death, Jennifer Hudson’s tragedy. A Black First Lady would be a powerful and appropriate manifestation.

The Black Moon is a subtle influence working on the aetheric level, in which we are all intertwined, like a wavelength currently vibrating through dark matter. Consider that the global energy field is influencing our reality, even while the cosmic currents are turning up the volume of light. Black Moon has a hidden light, especially in Sagittarius, a sign that loves candlelight, bonfires and fireplaces, any sacred fire. In this Truth-Seeker sign, belief systems are outlined in stark contrasts, as we each confront our core connection to the meaning of life. We vote with our vibrational field every moment. Being as I am in the US Virgin Islands and not allowed to vote in presidential elections, I take this to heart.

True Wisdom shines forth as in the Biblical Wisdom of Solomon:

She is indeed more splendid that the sun,
she outshines all the constellations;
Compared with light she takes first place,
for light must yield to night;
But over Wisdom, evil can never triumph,
She deploys her strength
from one end of the earth to the other,
ordering all things for good.

This urgency of this powerful feminine, values re-orienting dynamic lingers through the Full Moon on November 12-13 and beyond, seeing out the year 2008.

The MARS of this New Moon is challenging the line of collective destiny along with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, sign of the Common Good. We have potential for a spiritual quantum shift or delusional glamour. Beware of over-exposure to random, rogue energies. Let’s look for the Uranus the Awakener to support the best choice, personally and politically!

The SCORPIO-TAURUS FULL MOON blossoms on November 12-13, fulfilling the dynamic with the Destiny cluster in Aquarius. The Scorpio Mercury-Sun-Mars in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus both square (activate in a dynamic way) the Destiny cluster in Aquarius of North Node, Chiron and Neptune. The Moon is in its glory in Taurus, also in the Moon Mansion of the Pleiades, called the Star of Fire. This mansion contains a warrior spirit, like Mars. The Red Planet continues to accompany the Sun, fueling its action, more visible now. After the election, we will know a little better how things stand, the state of the collective consciousness. This 3-cornered pattern is missing the 4th corner, the missing link, which is resolved by the South Node in Leo. This is the given, the natural outlet. Interestingly, Obama’s Sun fits into this spot.

The Sabian Symbol image which is the base line in this pattern is one of my favorites:

14 LEO: Cherub-like, a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest.
The soul-aspirations of the Aquarian cluster are supported, a moment of destiny indeed.
The opposite Sabian Symbol reflects how we reach to fulfill the destiny:
14 AQUARIUS: On a steep climb, a tunnel offers short-cut to a train.
Rudhyar’s commentary reads: The way within to outer success.

While we are on the Sabian train, let’s read the Full Moon:
22 TAURUS: A white homing pigeon flies straight over stormy waters.
A mission is indicated.

and the Sun:
22 SCORPIO: Hunters shooting wild ducks walk through a marsh.
That one surely agrees with the Martian theme, with a warning of aggression to balanced need for sustenance and ecological sensitivity. Notice the bird imagery of these Full Moon Sabians. Winged birds represent spiritual aspiration, surely a high aim of this Neptune-influenced Moon.

[For a daily dose of revelatory imagery, sign up for Blain Bovee’s Sabian Sage Daily:]

The Taurus Full Moon smoothly furthers the agenda of change required by Saturn and Uranus and also participates in a grand triangle in Earth signs, with obvious results on the physical plane. The warrior is embodied and empowered. Venus moves past the Black Moon, the Galactic Center and Pluto to lead the way into Capricorn on this Full Moon. Concerns about the economy signals transformative approach and a global shift of power. Venus moves toward a conjunction with Jupiter on December 1. We are rewarded with a glorious celestial treat of the two brightest diamonds in the sky sparkling together, the King and the Goddess united. We can start to watch their approach even now, soon after sunset.

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SCORPIO — HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Scorpions — or Phoenixes, if you qualify. Scorpio has a way of surviving and thriving, of rising gloriously from the ashes of the old. Let go of the past rather than darkly mutter about it. Think constructively and you’ll find opportunities in your path.

SAGITTARIUS —If you dig deep enough, inspirations and intuitions are bubbling under the surface just waiting to pop out. Feed your fire. Your planet Jupiter is joining Venus — very sweet and potentially lucrative.

CAPRICORN — Take advantage of golden opportunities coming your way. Heed the signals of the impending overhaul of current systems. Take charge of your affairs now and you’ll be in good position. Keep things simple.

AQUARIUS — A computer metaphor is relevant: your system is being upgraded. Don’t wait until your physical hard drive crashes or your brain waves fry. Do you need a new satellite dish for faster, clearer cosmic reception? Welcome the expansiv
e signals.

PISCES — You are in an exciting flow as circumstances are changing rather rapidly. Maintain focus on daily priorities. Some things get settled soon, then you can attend to the next wave rolling in.

ARIES — Your career situation is positively highlighted. It is essential to keep interactions, communications and financial dealings crystal clear at this time. Listen carefully to what others are saying. Consider strategies, take your time in making a move.

TAURUS —Change is not your favorite game, but when you know rewards will follow, you can embrace it. The game plan itself is changing. Stake stock of where you stand, so you can be solid-as-a-rock for your partner.

GEMINI — The airwaves are humming and you are at the hub. Making connections, contacts and calls can work in your favor as you reposition relationships and finances. Delete undesirable situations to improve emotional resonance.

CANCER — Are you feeling some extra positive planetary rays from other people in your life, new and already beloved ones? Let your creative juices flow and infuse new energy where needed in these times of change.

LEO — Do you feel like your skin is molting, that you are becoming a different person? More of who you really area is ready to shine out! Let it be, sang the Beatles. Hang with friends who love you.

VIRGO — You can’t be too fussy these days. You need a clean space. Whatever isn’t working, give it away or recycle it. You are rearranging things on micro and macro levels. It’s your life we’re talking about.

LIBRA — Family relationships and financial considerations may be particularly interconnected this month. It could be up to you to put the cards on the table and say it like it is — kindly but firmly.

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