I come to you with strange fire.
I make an offering of love.
The incense of my soul is burned by the fire in my blood.
I come with a softer answer to the questions that lie in your path.
I want to harbor you from the anger, find a refuge from the wrath.
This is a message, message of love,
Love that moves from the inside out, love that never grows tired.
I come to you with strange fire… —Indigo Girls

The Full Moon of October 14-15 is a cat’s cradle full of patterned threads and sacred fires. The soliton candle I mentioned at the New Moon is flaring. If you’ve heard the rumor that this is the day the Mother Ships are going to appear in the skies, you may have to use your imagination. In the Caribbean we are in a thick sea of clouds, so they may be up there. Last week a triple tiered, multi-colored sunset cloud tower produced visual streaks of lightning. That was probably them.

Altered realities abound these days, with the Chiron and North Node at the same degree, an indication of destiny in play, similar the extraordinary impact of the August 16 Full Moon, a nonpareil eclipse augured by several crop circles. Whatever retro-conservative American politicians are claiming, Chiron is the true Maverick and anyone who assumes such false identity is in for mythic retribution.

The FULL MOON is in Fire sign ARIES reflecting the light of the Libra Sun. Choices will be made under this Moon, with the strange and subtle influence of a grand trine in Fire signs:

MOON in ARIES, fire of electrical photon impulses, the fresh clarity of the One flashing indication that moves us freed from any idea about what to do;

CERES and the SOUTH NODE in LEO, fire of heart throbs and blood pulses, of Sunshine’s ever life-sustaining love of Earth;

PLUTO and BLACK MOON LILITH in SAGITTARIUS, fire of cosmic compulsion, aimed straight to us from the Galactic Center through aetheric layers of consciousness and the collective dream body of inspired imagination.

Visionary and mathematical wizard of modern astronomy Johan Kepler wrote (in 1610):
When a human being’s life is first ignited, when he now has his own life,
and can no longer remain in the womb – then he receives a character and an imprint of all the celestial configurations (or the images of the rays intersecting on earth), and retains them unto his grave.

Other planets weigh in:
MERCURY is getting ready to turn DIRECT, hovering with an ear open in each direction, just for a another day or two.

MAR and VENUS are both in SCORPIO, adding emotional intensity to issues. Venus has already been challenged by purifying fires and the necessity for shifting perspectives, as indicated in economic anxieties. Venus moves more comfortably into Sagittarius on Saturday (the 18th). Mars then moves into the fray, powerful in its own sign. Keep your temper honed. I recently had a favorite pot that lost its temper when I left it on the heat too long and the water burned away. A lesson to take note of!

Common sense SATURN in VIRGO moves closer and closer to exact opposition with the wild card of Uranus in Pisces. At this Full Moon, Saturn is in a yod, a highly sensitized pattern also known as a Finger of God. That finger is pointing right at Saturn, with Virgo’s precision. Virgo is most tuned to natural cycles and rhythms. Nature is being very demonstrative in its response to galactic activity, now demonstrating the impact in ending old systems that do not serve.

JUPITER in CAPRICORN is providing fuel for the fire, as Earth energy is indicating how to accomplish our new agenda of sustained self-sufficiency within the context of mutual dependence.

This is cause to celebrate, rather than panic.
I love it that Halloween is just before the U.S. election.
Let the witches and wizard’s around the globe gather and create magic and strange fire. Let us dance with Shiva-Pluto, Lord of the Dance, ecstatic in its orgasmic fusion-in-progress of Sagittarius and Capricorn, fire and earth, spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth.
Chiron, with a foot in both worlds, spans any gap, builds a bridge to absolutely anywhere, merging the seeming tension between two opposing forces (Saturn and Uranus) into a quantum moment. Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, and dance your heart out.

We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust
The stars made a circle, and in the middle, we dance. — Rumi

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