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Photo of Candle by Kelley Hunter

On September 29, we have a NEW MOON. The Sun and Moon join at 7 Libra, with a Sabian symbol image of:

Witches mean magic. This Moon’s magic is in finding right relationship, in responding rather than reacting (like frightened chickens) to the current moment. Libra seeks to place things in relationship to each other—people, ideas, experiences—comparing and contrasting in order to understand what all the combinations are about, how everything connects. Peruvian shamans talk of ayni, which means to be in right relationship with ourselves and others, with Earth and community, in every interaction in our lives. Then we are in balance with Heaven and Earth. Everything is a combination of energies.

MARS and MERCURY are in LIBRA to open this Moon cycle, bringing dialogue, debate, some arguments and movement. Choices and decisions are not to be made hastily. All parties must weigh in and be considered. Old ways won’t work. New options become available. Are you feeling it? Certainly the economic and political theater demonstrates this.

Mercury is staying Libra for an extended period, retrograde now until just after the next Full Moon on October 14-15. When Mercury is internalized, we connect on a deeper level. We can reconsider and get a new perspective on things. We can also -Take 2- on our thought process, responding with awareness rather than reacting. Mercury retrograde is a good breather while in a reality shift such as we are experiencing.

The Moon, Sun and then Mercury as it retrogrades will come into activation with Jupiter in Capricorn. So we see the structures wobbling, needing to be expanded to make room for the new wave of energy. With Mercury retrograde, options and deals are still on the table, or will come back around to be reviewed. We each get time to figure out where we are with the changes in progress. Which door are you looking through as you look ahead: the increasing flow of life force or lack/ fear? We can choose the thought that feels better, the one that brings a sense of peace and harmony. If that seems in short supply, that is just an old idea rearing its head. Wave it away like a buzzing mosquito. It takes concerted attention by a lot of us to allow current reality to open to the next level of possibility.

I’ve been rereading Turbulent Mirror by Briggs and Peat for a relevant review of chaos theory, the alternate, non-linear, side of what we typically expect in mundane experience. Non-linear is a chaotic-seeming situation that results in spontaneously self-organizing forms. I’ll be sharing information from this book as we go on.

A soliton is a non-linear phenomenon that occurs in water, most obviously, but also in air, in metals, in energy fields, all the elements. Therefore probably in our brains as well. In water, a soliton can occur as a wave that picks up a current of speed, depth and volume. Rather than dispersing as normal, as waves bump into each other, a soliton becomes a force of its own when conditions are aligned. A tsunami is one type. The Red Spot on Jupiter is a huge gaseous soliton. The soliton has three basic identifying factors:

They have a permanent form, at least until they end.
They are localized within a region.
They can interact with other solitons and emerge unchanged except for a phase shift, a shift in its timing.

I’m thinking that the extraordinary Aquarian alignment in play — now Chiron, North Node and Neptune, next spring becoming Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune — may be a kind of social soliton. Are you in the game? It’s about being in the new wave! The conditions are certainly aligned. There is chaos on the ground, we are all losing our memories and living more in the moment — perfect conditions for a soliton of consciousness shift to move through the system, altering the field of reality. It’s already happening, but invites more energy, more of us.

The non-linear world of dark energy is holistic and interconnected. It can seem disordered on the surface, completely out of whack, but an undercurrent of subtle order is present and can be tapped and pulled up to the surface to reshape the system. With all these storm systems coming through, the electromagnetic charge is strong and lighting up these undercurrents. Our own star bodies are necessarily responding and lighting up. Some people are having short circuits of stress. We really have to relax into our truest deepest spiritual trust that the Universe is full of infinite creative imagination, well-being and abundance.

One point of the current transition of Pluto into Capricorn is that we can’t depend on government systems. I think we are really getting that now. Our Aquarian soliton is creating a huge wave of revolutionary consciousness through the system that can change it overnight.

-I can’t believe THAT!- said Alice.
-Can’t you?- the Queen said in a pitying tone. -Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.-
Alice laughed. -There’s no use trying.- she said. -One CAN’T believe impossible things.-
-I daresay you haven’t had much practice,- said the Queen.

Believe it! This is it! With Mercury retrograde the normal mindset is turned around. We can look into the heart of the chaos and pick up the most beautiful, delightful threads of connection and ride the wave. The Earth Goddess is ready to rock and roll. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, the sign of the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, is looking you right in the Eye. OK. What Truth are you choosing? Perhaps there is no ultimate Truth, but only that which is the lightest in this moment.

This soliton has further implications: a soliton wave of coordinated vibrations can move through the atomic lattice of a solid, leading to dynamic stability, changing matter itself. This is demonstrated by a candle flame burning steadily through a continual intense combustion of wax. Let’s be the candle. The Witch who tamed the hawk is she who calms the chickens. She probably lit the candle, too.

Mercury turns direct on October 15 at 8 degrees Libra, the degree that follows this New Moon Witch. What happens in this next degree?

There we are. Bigger than a candle, we are creating quite a soliton of light together!


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LIBRA — It’s your HAPPY BIRTHDAY month! Remember that choice is yours. You choose to feel good or out of sorts. Relationship-oriented as you are, this month you need to have a talk with yourself about what you want.

SCORPIO — Venus is in your sign, sparkling like a diamond in the early evening sky. Your magnetic attraction is on high, even while needing private time to sort out the inner flux from current social crisis and cosmic currents.

SAGITTARIUS — Your social
scene may be full of people coming and going, while your engagement in the current cultural shift is increasingly personal and redirected. Keep your inner eye on the highest vision.

CAPRICORN — Career and personal connections can work to your benefit. Give things their due time and keep in dialogue with key persons while the process unfolds. You like to be in charge, which requires cooperation.

AQUARIUS — Your antennae are reaching way out and in. Especially aware of lightning and thunder, your brain waves are establishing new pathways. Rest and dream well and often to allow the re-patterning.

PISCES — The waters can feel choppy with strong tidal changes. A soliton is a wave that gains depth, volume and speed and moves in a clear direction. Who in your life is contributing to the power of your perfect wave?

ARIES — Relationships are central. Each person is a mirror to your own essence, reflecting how you are being and changing. Give others the benefit of the doubt as you open your ears to listen to their views.

TAURUS — Maintain your steady pace and attend to the moment by moment flow. Take your time to determine options and priorities, even as other people claim your attention. You have a special contribution to make.

GEMINI — Are you having fun? Your playful attitude can make such a difference, in re-creating your life and to inspire others. While considering your best options, plot out the practical long-term potentials.

CANCER — Family relationships and home issues are your focus, as you seek opportunities to stabilize in times of flux. Welcome and offer support, but you don’t need to overdose on advice to or from others.

LEO — Information is useful, but to be taken as optional. Tap into the depths of your creative potential. Let your heart lead the way as you offer your Self and your ideas to others and the world.

VIRGO — Honor yourself and your skills, recognizing abilities you are ready to use. Make connections now and get your mind on a positive track, then take the next step.

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