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Go forth, and tread unharmed the blaze
Of stars where through thou camest in old days…
– from “The Star-Treader” by Clark Ashton Smith

Image: Star-related objects of First Peoples, honoring cosmic cycles and natural rhythms, bringing Heaven to Earth, from a display the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.
Photo by Kelley Hunter

ANNOUNCEMENT, see below: Kelley’s FREE LECTURE on LILITH on Monday night, the Full Moon.

COSMIC NEWS: Full Moon for Star Treaders

The Full Moon on September 15 (5:13am EDT, 10:13am GST) engages the polarity of Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon. Virgo is Earth, Nature, tangible body-mind experience of rhythms and cycles. Pisces is Water, Dream-Time, sensitively tuned in to vibrational energies and the intangibles beyond the sensate reality. I have always loved this particular Full Moon. This one takes us way beyond the ordinary into the extra-ordinary, are you ready?

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 23 Pisces is:
That image gets plenty of support from the planetary pattern of this lunation.
On the other side, the Sun at 23 Virgo gives us this image for our storyline:
There is a lot of powerful energy at play here, on the world stage and moving in from the supernatural.

Uranus, the Change-Maker, lightning and enlightening storm-shaker, is channeled through this Full Moon. When you look at the Moon, imagine you are looking at this odd-ball planet that takes us a bit by surprise. Last month, Saturn was directing the action, now Uranus is shaking things up, probably literally. Earthquakes seem to be happening every day somewhere in the world. We are all experiencing earth-quakes in consciousness as well, breakthroughs and upgrades that defy logic. I’ve been calling it the psychic internet. Nancy Ward of Soul Transitions calls it the Inner-Net. Whatever we call it, the volume is turning up. There’s a lot of static on the airwaves, so we need to fine tune and clear the weirdness that’s out there.

Only you can do this cleaning and sweeping. This is a Virgo piece of work we are required, says Saturn, to be doing these days — on a daily basis, particularly since we are in Virgo’s month. The body is a vehicle that reflects the amount of static we are picking up, so we can work our physical system by spiffing up our diets, pouring in less caffeine and wine, taking rest times. Especially the Neptune in Virgo people (1929-1942) and the Uranus and/or Pluto people (1957-1972) need to pay attention to this. I’m offering these groups a special astro tune-up to support your greater cosmic tune-up.

Speaking of Pluto, that remote, queerly dark undercurrents and mysteries is pulling at Sun and Moon from its galactically-centered position during its last months in Sagittarius. Pluto’s status has been changed from dwarf planet to PLUTOID. This is honorable, I feel, to acknowledge the particularly powerful impact on the collective consciousness that its tiny but atomically-potent energy signals. It really is a multiple system, not just one tiny body, but a small, powerful conglomerate. Pluto is into a clean sweep, while we’ve got the Virgo broom out. Get into those dark corners, those clogging psychic dust balls. Pluto prods us, sometimes with a crack of a whip, to put the past behind us, to clear and open space for the new energy to enter. This can be as good as we let it be! Let it be, let it be.

Pluto has an ally. Black Moon Lilith is dancing closer and closer to Pluto in her dance of the veils. She just undulated past Saturn, giving her assent to manifestation and embodiment of invisible, unconscious and/or super-conscious desires. In Sagittarius, she cuts through falsehood. It may be hard to see how that is happening in our world today, but choices are becoming more clear. How open are we to seeing Truth without agendas (political or otherwise), listening to foreign viewpoints, honestly scrutinizing cherished beliefs that no longer serve? How fully do we trust our inner motivations? This is a time of eurekas! ahos! and ahas! alohas! and amens! hallelujahs! and alhamdililas! We are each on a vision quest for where we find those exclamation points in full expression. In other words, follow your bliss and don’t get caught up in too many political arguments about lipstick on pit bulls or pigs! (I beg indulgence for this reference to the U.S. election.) Lilith is female power. She can be seductive. In Sagittarius Lilith confronts us as the deceiver who cloaks the truth or the goddess of universal law. Geminis are important agents to keep the conversation going by asking all kinds of questions.

[See below for free lecture and upcoming workshop on Lilith. Are you ready for her? I have lots of mythic herstory, artistic images and famous Lilith people to share.]

With all the rather challenging dynamic of this Full Moon pattern, at the same time, we have a special Air sign alignment between Mars, Mercury, Venus in Libra (where Venus rules) and Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius with the North Node. Mercury is in the same degree as Venus, with Venus in her rulership, brings a harmonizing effect. The whole alignment offees a subtle vibrational quantum shift at the leading edge of evolution and consciousness stretch. This Libra cluster generates social dialogue and relationships, conversations and various points of view as we compare and contrast ideas, weigh them on the Scales of an deep, Lilith-driven, truer Truth. The Aquarius energy addresses spiritual awareness or anxiety-driven malaise on a global level. This dynamic supports information flow and timely meetings with others who are on our wave-length, a gathering of communities on several levels, increasing the level of global interaction. New relationships are beginning. On some level, not always obvious, we are each making a choice between stepping up into our higher mind and gaining detachment from reality as it appears or slipping back into the delusional comfort of letting others pull the strings and do our thinking for us.

Some people are calling it a dimensional shift. If you feel like your feet are not quite touching the ground sometimes, you’re not alone. But do find your ground, inside your Self center. Then you will reposition yourself accordingly in your life. The rational is a small portion of our brains, we have our hearts which tell us how we feel, and we have our intuition which combines the two for a fresh imagining of what is possible.

Increasingly we can walk in our star bodies while on Earth, as we open those tuned in channels to the aetheric fields where are souls dance and sing as we feel the inherent spiritual relationship between humankind and Cosmos.

Neptune in Virgo people (1929-1942) and
Uranus and/or Pluto people (1957-1972)
For these next TWO WEEKS, until New Moon, I am offering a reading for these folks so strongly impacted by the high tides of this Full Moon.
$95 for an hour reading. Add $5 for CD recording.

An exciting new way to learn about yourself and Astrology, these classes are live audio-visual with the opportunity for dialogue. This technology allows for powerpoint-style presentations. In addition, the classes will be recorded and sold on DVD. A great roster of teachers and topics. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you in this medium. I have a lot of useful and interesting material, great images, famous peop
le chart examples, and interest in discussion of your experiences.
For information check out the website or call Carol Lavoie at 860-232-6521.
If you have questions about the classes, email me.
Other great astrologers are teaching on the site: Lynda Hill, Kim Rogers-Gallagher, Misty Kuceris, Laura Nalbandian, Jodi Foster and others. Take advantage!

September 15, 8:00-9:30pm EDT — FREE LECTURE
There are four Lilith placements in astrology, giving us multiple ways to connect with this ancient goddess of soul-stirring depths. Lilith offers special, highly personal, insights in these times of re-empowerment of the feminine. This is an introductory overview of a fascinating topic.

Two Saturdays, September 20 and 27, 12-3:00pm EDT — Workshop, $100
The four Liliths — Asteroid, Dark Shadow Moon, Black Moon and Star — are related to various states of consciousness and soul-felt issues that are both deeply personal and healing to our world. We draw from our oldest mythologies as well as modern literature and artistic imagery to inform our astrological research. We look at charts of famous people with a strong Lilith signature. Information is given on how to locate and interpret your four Liliths. This workshop includes some material from my upcoming book, LIVING LILITH.

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com
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