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Image: Virgo Stained Glass Window from Chartres Cathedral

This issue includes:
— ASTRO-SPECIALS — New Moon special special for everyone on my list.
— Kelley’s FREE LECTURE and ON-LINE CLASSES through the Alphee Astrology School

COSMC NEWS: Rings-and-Wings New Moon

The NEW MOON of August 30-31 is in Earth sign Virgo, a no non-sense, pragmatic sign, an Earth angel often pictured with wings. Saturn, the ringed-planet sits just ahead of this New Moon, influencing the month. Saturn is a rigorous task-master, like the science teacher that was really hard on you. If you pass Saturn’s test, you graduate. Saturn is about concentration and focus. What are the most important things going on for you? asks Saturn. Give them your best attention and you will be rewarded.

Like Saturn with its glorious rings-wings, draw a circle to define the territory of what you are accomplishing this month. This is not a hard line, rather more organic, open to influence and response, but focused, like a membrane that lets in the good energies and sends the negative ones back for recycling. Virgo is a sign of psych-somatic wisdom and natural rhythms, so listen to your body!

The New Moon takes place at 4pm EDT, (1pm PDT, 9pm BST, 8am AEST on Sunday). Within 8 hours the Moon conjuncts Saturn; within four days the Sun does. Saturn is entering its second round in Virgo, which takes us the next step, a piece of work that lasts into next August. After this past month of dramatic eclipses, things are moving on this fall and at an increasingly rapid pace. Jupiter and Pluto have been retrograde for some months. They both turn forward September 8-9, so things are really move on this month.
Saturn is not so fast; it likes to take one well-considered step at a time. But the next Full Moon on September 15 is filled with Uranus, the Cosmic Change Agent. Then Saturn comes into opposition with Uranus in Pisces. Fireworks ignite. When is it exact for the first time? US election day.

StarIQ Astrologer [and friend] Jeff Jawer points out the extremes between the Saturn New Moon and the Uranian Full Moon [Read more current Astrology news items at www.stariq.com]:

— The former is starched by Saturn and the latter
blasted by Uranus. Rigid systems of control are ripe for revolution;
excessive order gives way to utter chaos. Yet, the perfect choreography is
to build a firm base with training and discipline that supplies a safe
place to land for our spontaneous leaps of discovery. —

Whatever the result of this historic election, there is a bigger picture as well as each our own personal picture to consider. This is global and galactic, bringing it close and personal. This opposition echoes to precision the one in 1966, with these two planets in reversed position. If it feels like the 1960s are coming back around, this is why — but with a lot more experience behind us and a difference situation to address. This opposition is exact again in February and September 2009 and moves across the Aries and Libra borders to power play with Pluto in Capricorn. 2010 is a major year. But right now we don’t need to look further than the moment and this month’s Moon cycle.

Can we allow ourselves to step up to the next level? Re-create afresh and anew? Can we at least let go of old conditioning influences and free ourselves up to a new societal arrangement? This is intimate personal work on one hand, and a social revolution on the other. It’s all about consciousness awakening. We’re all going through it — people, flora, fauna, Earth and its planetary neighbors. The whole Milky Way galaxy is charged up and our Sun is plugged in. As enter a new solar flare season with an increased charge in electro-magnetic field dynamics, the Weather Channel headlines Intense Weather. The subtle astral fields are discharging old patterns. Let’s not waste time getting caught up in them. We can let go and move on into open spaces never before experienced. Switched off sections of our brain can be rewired and reconnected. In the metaphoric jargon of our time, we are being upgraded or rendered obsolete.

The eclipses in August opened the door to the alignment of Neptune, and Chiron closing in, joined and expanded by Jupiter next year.

Chiron alters any situation, adding a quantum element to the mix. In the US, Obama is that element. Like he said in his acceptance speech, it’s not about him, it’s about all of us. He may have been speaking to Americans, but he is a global citizen, as we are all necessarily becoming. There are certainly elements of resistance. With Saturn’s presence at this New Moon, we will witness the old and entrenched, even as it inevitably unravels and yields to the greater organic cosmos.

Give your best to whatever you’ve got going. Build on the positive. Some things have been resolved, are no longer worth our attention. A close alignment of the personal planets, Mercury, Mars and Venus in her own sign, in Libra indicate the importance of relationships this month, of personal and social dialogue, of listening to ideas of others, of connecting. New relationships are initiated any time Pluto goes into a new sign. It will re-enter Capricorn in late November. We’ll be into the new agenda then. This month we’re meeting some of the people we’ll be involved with for that 15-year cycle. Let’s make worthy choices based on universal values, those that foster harmony and good will.

For these next TWO WEEKS, until Full Moon, I am offering a SPECIAL SPECIAL, $75 for a 45- minute reading. If you want it recorded, add $5.
It’s a great time for a Cosmic Tune-up.

An exciting new way to learn about yourself and Astrology, these classes are live audio-visual with the opportunity for dialogue. This technology allows for powerpoint-style presentations. In addition, the classes will be recorded and sold on DVD. A great roster of teachers and topics. I’m really looking forward to sharing with you in this medium.
For information check out the website or call Carol Lavoie at 860-232-6521.
If you have questions about the classes, email me.

September 15, 8:00-9:30pm EDT — FREE LECTURE
There are four Lilith placements in astrology, giving us multiple ways to connect with this ancient goddess of soul-stirring depths. Lilith offers special, highly personal, insights in these times of re-empowerment of the feminine. This is an introductory overview of a fascinating topic.

Two Saturdays, September 20 and 27, 12-3:00pm EDT — Workshop, $100
The four Liliths — Asteroid, Dark Shadow Moon, Black Moon and Star — are related to various states of consciousness and soul-felt issues that are both deeply personal and healing to our world. We draw from our oldest mythologies as well as modern literature and artistic imagery to inform our astrological research. We look at charts of famous people with a strong Lilith signature. Information is given on how to locate and interpret your four Liliths. This workshop includes some material from my upcoming book, LIVING LILITH.

Thursday, October 30, 5-7:00pm EDT — Presentation, $30
The Sixties are “coming back”! Saturn’s current opposition with Uranus re-activates one of the major aspects of that memorable decade.
The 1960s featured a series of rare planetary alignments that made that decade historically memorable. Natives of these years have exceptional charts. Ongoing celestial choreography continues to impact these folks in extraordinary ways, challenging this generation to live up to their potential. What is that potential? Let’s explore the astrology of the 60s, what it means to the generation currently in mid-life— and to us all.

Thursday, December 4, 8-10:00 pm EST— Presentation, $30
COSMIC NEWS LIVE! Preview of 2009
This overview of the New Year features a look at the outstanding planetary dynamics of the year and the flow of New and Full Moons,
with commentary and interactive discussion on what the year holds. The focus is on the implications for our personal psychological and spiritual growth as individuals and as a planet.
Kelley sends her Cosmic News e-newsletter on New and Full Moons. Sign up on her website to be on the free list. www.heliastar.com

Saturday, December. 6, 12-3:00pm EST — Workshop $55
Venus is the goddess of love, beauty and emotional resonance. Her planetary orbit has a highly aesthetic cycle. Every eight years, it goes retrograde five times, describing a pentagonal star around the zodiac. During these repeating cycles, the goddess descends to the underworld, indicating times of emotional alchemy and personal re-evaluation. We’ll look at how this cycle works, how you are connected to it, and consider the global meaning of the current cycle.

What iare your priorities? As you sort and sift your life in these exciting of shifting energies, here are suggestions for consideration pinpointed for your sign:

VIRGO — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Earth Angels! Saturn is not an easy visitor, but worthwhile. Some situations are resolved or coming to a natural close. Focus on what is going well and make worthwhile improvements where you can. Trying to fix what is beyond repair is a waste of your valuable time. Listen to your body and follow your natural rhythms.

LIBRA — September is easier than August, brightening up your social life. A people person as you are, it is time to make some choices about relationships and who you want in your life in this next decade or two.

SCORPIO — You are doing some inner balancing, so you may want to limit your social activities. Friends may be going through hard times. Discern where and when your help is most useful.

SAGITTARIUS —Career is on the front burner, as you harvest rewards from the last twelve years, bring long-time projects to final fruition, or gather information to hone in on new goals. Foster mutually-supportive relationships with friends and colleagues.

CAPRICORN —If delays in the past few months have slowed things down, don’t let it get you down. Things start moving along at a rapid pace. Take advantage of opportunities and career contacts on a global level. This is BIG.

AQUARIUS — Sorting out everyone’s else stuff is not your job, but it might be feeling like it. Give yourself extra time to recharge your batteries and sort out old tangles that drain your energy. Clarify financial matters. You are at the hub of a cosmic energy wave.

PISCES — You are the one to say yes or no, to draw the line now with unworkable situations and relationships. Final resolutions are made, as you cut any losses, dust off your hands and step into new, exciting potentials.

ARIES — Developments in the job arena claim attention, particularly work relationships. Other people may have good ideas and vital information. Give a listen. Attend to any health matters and clean up your diet.

TAURUS — If you have children, they may be your focus this month. Otherwise, creative projects that stir up and revitalize your energy will perk you up. Inspiration comes from unexpected places and persons.

GEMINI — Are you so distracted you can’t figure out what to do next? Rather than waste time and energy, clean your rooms. Really! Put on music and put things in order so your nerves can settle down. Do it now, as it will be harder to do next month.

CANCER — Focus on each moment and encounter, so that you are thinking and communicating clearly, especially in family relationships. Pay attention to what is going on around you so you can respond most appropriately.

LEO — Consider money matters and purchasing priorities realistically, as you experience a values clarification process. Rather than reward yourself with frivolous goodies, see where your spending will yield best results and further develop your talents.

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com
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