CHironated Eclipse

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CHironated Eclipse

THE BOAT PARTY by Renoir, in the Phillips Collection, Washington, DC.
Photo by Kelley Hunter

A Post- Eclipse Note: This email late due to lack of internet service island-wide on St. John for hours into days, a possible sign of things to come as the new solar flare season gears up.


It’s Eclipse Moonth! The Full Moon on August 16 is the partially-eclipsed follow-up to the New Moon Eclipse on August 1. For that New Moon I wrote about the head-heart connection. Here is another cosmic window of opportunity.

This Full Moon at 24 degrees Aquarius-Leo embraces Neptune in its transitional lights off-lights on activity. Imagine that the Moon is dimmed enough to be able to see Neptune, what images come to you in its dreamtime mode?

The remote blue planet with its bevy of exotic moons mythically reflects the delicately shapeshifting veils of illusion. Discovered in 1846, with an orbit of 165 years, Neptune’s passage through the zodiac lasts beyond a single lifetime and creates 14-year astrological generations. Its atmospheric storms and winds are the wildest in the solar system. Four bands form a delicate ring system of ice crystals embedded in a magnetic field tilted off-center 50 degrees to the equator. The last I looked, though the count may have increased, Neptune has eight known moons: Triton, Nereid, Larissa, Proteus, Naiad, Galatea, Thalassa and Despina –such Neptunian names! Sounds like a computer game.

The question with Neptune involves our awareness that the world is as we dream it, as the shamans tell us. Shamanic wavelengths are opening, with Chiron, the Shaman, approaching Neptune and RIGHT ON the North Node of the Moon, also called the Dragon Head. The Nodes announce eclipses, defining where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun from our viewpoint. The North Node is the cosmic challenge. We don’t want to miss this door to new worlds, we catch the wave or being caught in the undertow and swept back to sea and have a tough time getting back, even if we can. The high side of Neptune is mystical. Try to clear any blatant or subtle addictive-type patterns, including technology habits, so the spiritual frequencies are clearly welcomed. This is a potential tsunami in consciousness with swells coming in through 2009. This eclipse opens a new door of perception to an exciting alignment coming our way in May of next year: Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter merge at the same degree of the zodiac, 27 degrees Aquarius, on May 27.

According to the Sabian symbols, this Full Moon offers a rare opportunity for personal questing and soul growth:
It is up to each of us to do our inner work so that we contribute the best of who we are to the global consciousness shift, leading with our right brain, that perceives the interweavings of all that is.

Because the Chiron/ North Node is so meaningfully clicked in, we’re getting Chironated! Llet’s look at the nodal images of this eclipse as well. After all, it is the nodes that define the eclipses, indicating when the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun from our point of view. Here is what Chiron on the North Node is picking up for this eclipse at 19 degrees Aquarius:

This is related to what is coming in from the South Node at 19 Leo:
This is the degree of the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, a related moment that I recalled in the last Cosmic News. This degree is the image that is shared above, via Renoir’s The Boat Party, which I recently saw at the Georgetown, DC townhouse of the Phillips Collection. A special featured show was the work of Jacob Lawrence, a pioneering artist of the early 20th century. This was his 60-image series of the migration of Black Americans out of the poverty-stricken South to the industrializing North, a period of history often ignored. Do other necessary migrations seem imminent?

Multi-level traveler Chiron has a foot in two or more worlds. Now doors are opening more widely into our shared future. With what lens are we viewing the landscapes, personal, political, potential and powerful?

There is a big boat party in another week, that of the Democratic Convention. picking right up on this eclipse, like the Ark coming to the mile high capital city in the Rocky Mountains. The ground of the Denver has been prepared by our large international astrology conference in May and more importantly by the visit of the Karmapa, the spiritual head of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist lineage. He is the equal of the Dalai Lama who heads the other such lineage. This was the Karmapa’s first international journey. He came to New York, Colorado and Washington State, blessing the ground. We need all the blessings we can get. P.S. Obama’s rising sign is 19 degrees Aquarius, becoming the designated collective shaman or firefighter. He is a Leo with his nodes in reverse position to this eclipse.

Pluto in its transformational transition between signs, now back in Sagittarius, is a pivot point during this eclipse, dynamically pushing Mars on one side and engaged in an ongoing challenge with Uranus, the Change-agent and Awakener, on the other. This powerful combination pushes that party boat off its old mooring. We are in the seas of change, there is no question. Whatever big news this month brings to us each and all, the implications will be clearly manifesting in the fall. Saturn’s reality check confrontation with Uranus recalls the social change and consciousness-raising era of the 1960s. If you are born in that era, you are in the thick of this cosmic choreography (if you need some orientation, see my specials below). Black Moon Lilith will also step fully into the fray with her Sword of Truth raised and ready.

The outer dramas this month are compelling, the international Olympic Games included, but back to the personal. Who is in your party, your life boat? As time and space lines are fuzzing up, where are we heading and with whom as we quickly approach the 2012 white out? We cannot see clearly past that time. Perhaps there is no future���nor a past. Chiron’s strategy is to BE in the moment. Have you noticed how long ago last August feels? Do you remember what was going on then, not to mention August 1999? Are you feeling more and more how a special moment can be deepened and stretched out, that your whole life is being poured into the Now? Well then, you are on the wave.

Remember when Alice followed the White Rabbit down the hole? She got caught in a time-space warp, experiencing strange sensations as she shrank smaller and then stretched way bigger, hardly able to see her feet. She could not reach the (Chiron) key on the table to unlock the door out. Finally, her crocodile size tears started a flood, and she was swept out the door along with all the other creatures. We’re in this together. We each have our part to play, and that part is being illumined during this life-changing eclipse month.

Heart to Heart.

I’m back from my month of travels, glad for the adventures, museums connections, for the people I met and remet. I’m on St. John for the foreseeable future (a short time frame these days) and fast back at work on my manuscripts in progress and also designing:

The roster of fall offerings by well-known astrology teachers is soon to be announced by the ALPHEE ASTROLOGY SCHOOL. I will be giving classes on a number of topics, including Lilith, Ceres
, Born in the Sixties, Teenage Astrology, and Venus. I may offer a live Cosmic News. The first talk with be a
FREE LECTURE about LILITH, Monday, September 15 at 8:00 pm EDT.
Keep your eye on These classes are live audio-visual, with the opportunity for students to email in questions. I am excited about this venue as an opportunity for international classes. As is possible, I’d like to offer classes more conveniently timed for interested persons outside the U.S. (Are you one?) Since my work is image-rich, this technology will allow powerpoint-style presentations. In addition, the classes will be recorded and sold on DVD.

BORN in the SIXTIES: The cosmic choreography is intensifying like Ravel’s Bolero, in truly spectacular relationship to your birth charts. It is an amazing, and challenging, time for your generation. If you Natives (stretching the years from1957-1972) need some perspective, take advantage of this special thorugh October: one hour for $95.

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