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IMAGE: Ceres Oversees
This accidental double exposure shows mother magic. A scupture of Ceres oversees her daughter on horse back. The mythology of Earth Mother Ceres includes her daughter, Persephone, and horse associations. Photo by Kelley Hunter, c. 1985


Greetings from Bethesda, Maryland, where I am visiting for these next two weeks. If you are in the area, come to The Owl Nest in Frederick on Saturday for my talk on Cosmic News: Planetary Cycles to 2012. Personal consultations are available there and always by phone or SKYPE.

This FULL MOON July 18 (at 4:00 am EDT) occurs in Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer. We also have Jupiter in Capricorn opposite Mercury and Ceres in Cancer. Mercury is on the Sirius degree, where the Star of Isis aligns with the zodiac. This special point was activated on the last New Moon, which was very close to Ceres and Venus. Now we experience its flowering and the light-filled cosmic messages nurtured by cosmic mother Ceres. What a great night for the movie Mama Mia! to open in the U.S.

A watchful friend sent me an email about a teacher in the Tamil Siddha lineage in India who calls this the Full Moon of the Guru, during which an extraordinary Grace Light will shower into our consciousness.* Sounds good! Let’s welcome it! In India Jupiter is called Guru. The Full Moon will be extra-close to that big planet. As the Sun showers its light on the Moon, it is woven into our awareness, Jupiter is communing with both Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, and Ceres, Earth Mother goddess. The Earth is speaking, as the Goddess She is.

Two states in the U.S. are ruled by Ceres: Vermont and Missouri. Both have statues of Ceres on their State Houses. I lived under Ceres’ golden dome in Montpelier, Vermont for a number of years. Ceres is Earth Mother, but also the Mother of Mysteries. Her themes include:

Mother Land
Goddess of the grain, cereals,
The Great Round, cycle of seasons, planting and reaping,
agriculture, animal husbandry
natural resources, ecology
cycles of birth, death and rebirth
mothering and children
nurturing, fostering,
protecting, preserving
welfare, the common good, education

Home in and feel out how any of these themes are coming up in your life—and in the news.

Ceres presided over the Eleusinian Mysteries, a long-lasting esoteric school and mystical teachings. In Buddhism, PrajnaParamita is the Mother of the Buddhas, of enlightenment. Her name means Beyond the Beyond, which is where she takes us. Her journey is not always gentle. It depends on what will most deeply nourish the soul, not the ego. The illumination and transcendent experience granted by the Mother of the Universe can be sweet and blissful or shockingly raw–she takes one beyond such judgments. In Cancer, she confronts us with any dependencies that are not healthy. This prepares us for the Pluto in Capricorn era that is all about self and social responsibility.

Another strong voice at this Full Moon is Chiron, the Shaman, is closely conjunct the North Node of the Moon and Neptune. A collective door of destiny is opening that continues to widen as we move into next year, when the Guru planet, Jupiter, makes mind-expanding fireworks as it joins in an exact conjunction with the Chiron/ Neptune. This is a truly shamanic trio, indicating a quantum shift consciousness in some way that is almost inconceivable except by the right brain.

This Full Moon offers a special moment to open to this radiant current of energy streaming even into our small corner of the universe. This is the Life Stream. Be at home with it in your deepest heart.

* More on the Full Moon of the Guru and Grace Light at


DC – BETHESDA, MD area, July 15-30.
For personal consultations, contact Kelley
at 866-245-1536 or

Saturday, July 19, 2008
at THE OWL NEST, 301.228.2401
5732 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704
Cosmic News: Planetary Cycles to 2012
4:00-6:00 pm, $25
2008 is a powerful transition year, personally and globally, leading to the threshold year of the Mayan calendar. Kelley’s intriguing blend of astrology, myth and astrophysics offers insights into the extraordinary planetary patterns of our times. We are experiencing a quantum shift in our solar system and our consciousness. Let’s imagine the possibilities!

Personal consultations offered Saturday and Sunday, June 19-20.
Contact The Owl Nest. 301.228.2401 or

CT-NY-VT, August 4-13.

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