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BY Kelly Hunter

(10:18 pm EDT— July 3 for Europe and Eastward)
calls to all Moon children, mermaids and lovers of the sea.

We who have loved the ocean, we whose souls
Leap to her tides as deep replies to deep,
We who have heard the requiem that rolls
Through all her realms to comfort those who sleep…
For her who floats upon the open sea,
Is face to face with eternity.

These lines are by Lilith Lorraine, a new favorite poetess for me. I found her because of her pen name, which she took in honor of Lilith, the primordial cosmic goddess of mixed reputation. I am in a full on writing frenzy about the Four Liliths—Asteroid, Dark Moon, Black Moon and Star—so I had to look: what is Lilith doing on this New Moon?

First, let us note that the New Moon is at 12 degrees Cancer, tuning in to the brightest star, Sirius, the star of Isis. This is a star of the High Priestess, who is invisibly present at this New Moon, gestating the upcoming monthly cycle. Here is the Sabian symbol for this degree:


A divine birth, the mother nurturing the holy child. The Divine Mother in the East is Quan Yin, goddess of compassion. She rides the dragon or winged sky serpent. This Moon in Cancer cycle is about gently nurturing the divine within each of us, and to care for the children. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is all about mothering, nurturing, gentleness, kindness, compassion, caring. She tends to growing things, responds to what is needed. What do you need? What do we all need? What will support our personal and collective growth?

Just next to the New Moon is CERES, now officially classified a dwarf planet, but please, let’s honor her stature. She is Mother of the Asteroids, the largest, rounded and most full-bodied of the multi-thousands of little rocks that were once a single planet. Like stepping stones across a cosmic stream, they make a way to cross over from the smaller personal planets into the realm of the larger planets. Ceres is a Great Goddess, the grower of the grain, the one who fosters. She is quite at home in Cancer. She rules ecology, the fertility of the land, the bedrock that supports us.

VENUS is also in Cancer, sailing along in the solar glow, invisible to us. We won’t see her in the evening sky for some weeks yet. She is quietly murmuring to our hearts: take care of yourself, be gentle with yourself, love yourself, your Self and those around you. Exactly opposed Jupiter on this New Moon, this planetary pair offers the opportunity for joy and establishing enriched relationship, to find mutual support and interdependency rather than one-sided co-dependence.

Now Lilith steps in. Two of the four Liliths (Asteroid and Dark Moon) are in Aries, a sign that impulsively follows a new trail and challenges Cancer to move beyond outworn roads. Try the road less traveled, says Lilith and Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference

You can’t ask anyone else what road is for you, and you can’t wait for anyone to go with you. It’s time for us each to be more fully Who I AM in the divine affirmation of Life.

The Black Moon Lilith is in Sagittarius, in whispered cahoots with Pluto, to illumine the path with most heart for those who seek the Truth, the ever shimmering reality behind or inside the outer shell of experience. We see much around us falling away, falling apart. It is time to grow into our next evolutionary potential. Extraordinary cosmic input is creating a collective awakening at best, massive panic at worst. What is your truth?

Mars has just stepped into Virgo to join Saturn. It is time to apply ourselves, dig in to sort through and sort out the details of our lives, get down to the nitty-gritty. Determine your priority of the moment and do it now. There is no other time. The little things add up, take your time and do them right. Venus reminds you that the quality of your attention, of your emotional enjoyment in any activity is what makes it worth doing. How delicious.

We can give birth to special golden moments and outcomes in this Moon cycle. Let us nurture our collective dream of peace, of harmony, and send our loving thanks and prayers for their safety to those leaders that nurture that dream on the path of light.

NOTE: I am carried on the dark energy, star-lit stream of Lilith lately, yet it is too much to try to explain all the Liliths in this article. If you are interested in Lilith and her multi-octave presence as the cosmic feminine, I will be offering an on-line class in the fall through the AlpheeAstrology School. Announcement forthcoming. If you are intrigued and want to know more about this Goddess energy in your life, a Lilith reading will reveal all four Liliths in your life to illumine some deep personal soul currents.

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But don’t take my word for it. Live it for yourself!

CANCER — If you suffered from last month’s Gemini overdose, be reassured. You already feel things easing up, don’t you? Venus is especially sweet to have in your sign, until July 12. The love goddess is invisible, too close to the Sun. The sweet feelings grow from the inside out. Give the best of what you are. You’ll get moody if you depend on other people to make you feel good.

LEO — July starts out nose to the grindstone. You find more fun in the second half of the month when your natural creativity and social life are stimulated. Curb extravagant tendencies, or you’ll pay in August.

VIRGO — Last month’s Mercury retrograde was a tough one for you. Now you can clean up, get rid of the extraneous and rearrange every thing. Trust your exquisite sense of timing and priorities. Friends may need your advice.

LIBRA — Don’t second-guess yourself when it’s time to say “no.” Someone has got to lay down the law and say what’s fair. Weigh options in terms of their growth potential for you and others.
SCORPIO — Your inner flow matches the cosmic tides, this month. The irrational dominates, which pleases you no end. Unless—your anxiety level is getting the best of you. If so, let go, unplug or change the channel on your inner dial.

SAGITTARIUS — Are you looking back at your past? Do you feel like you’re regressing, inhibited by other people’s needs? Step back to steady yourself as you aim a new arrow into the next phase of your life.

CAPRICORN — Take stock of opportunities that have already been presented. Now is a proper time to consider what is going on with other people in your life, supporters and dependents. Foster worthy relationships.

AQUARIUS — You’re on the leading edge of consciousness development. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. You may be feeling unusually sensitive and vulnerable. Let the feelings flow. Life is not a rational situation.

PISCES — You’re in the creative flow again, after a challenging and probably tense month. Something in the ethers has shifted in your favor as long as you are ready to let go of the old situation.

ARIES — You may feel beleaguered on both fronts, home and work. Before you react, take time to consider (con-sider = with the stars). Then you’ll respond with the clarity needed to make it better for all concerned.

TAURUS — This month can be a good one for you, but it’s not a time to be either complaisant or overly anxious. Whether you like it or not, changes are soon required for the long term. Steady as you go, day by day.

GEMINI — After last month’s roller coaster, you are still juggling a few balls, but things are settling down. Are you glad? Maybe or maybe not.
Don’t worry, you won’t get bored any time soon.

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