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Reflections in a Flowered Crypt
photo by Kelley Hunter,
Pere La Chaise cemetery, Paris, 2007

The Full Moon on June 18, 1:31 pm. EDT, zooms in on the Galactic Center, fueled by Pluto’s intensity. SO close to the Full Moon, Pluto has backtracked into Sagittarius, getting ready to pull another arrow back for a new shot into Capricorn later this year. This Full Moon will inevitably move things along!

The astronomers in the confused or convoluted wisdom of rapidly shifting concepts of the solar system, have re-classified Pluto yet again. The new designation PLUTOID refers to the fact that Pluto was the first-discovered of these “things,” these small rocky worlds bopping around at the far fringes of the solar system as it -used to- be. Eris is another such until, argumentative and contentious as she is, she refuses to cooperate.

If you haven’t heard of Eris yet, this Goddess of Discord seems to be pretty active these days. Feisty as she is, she loves being in Aries. For the Full Moon she makes a fire triangle with the Plutoid Full Moon and Mars in Leo. She tends to stir things up. She may toss something new into the mix, that’s her way. She’s made her presence known, we might as well let her in to our consciousness. That’s what made her mad to begin with, not inviting her to the party. More about her on other moons.

Speaking of goddesses, Venus is also influencing this Full Moon, still in the light of the Sun. This Goddess of Beauty has passed across into Cancer, getting a bit of a jump on Summer Solstice. Mercury is celebrating by turning forward, ending the multi-Gemini retrograde activity of the last three weeks. All the shifting, sorting, re-thinking will now demonstrate the domino effect, as things can move on, unexpectedly quickly.
Mercury has, perhaps, reveled in Venus’ aura, they’ve both been in Gemini. The energy is moving more into Cancer as the Full Moon spills out.

Jumping Jack Flash planet Uranus is again thick in on the action, squaring both the last New Moon and the revelatory unfolding of this Full Moon. Its electrical effect charges up the storm activity we are seeing in various global areas. It unsettled the Earth and the daily groove, surprising us into new realizations and responses.

Another interesting dynamic has to do with the Moon’s Nodes, otherwise known as the Dragon Head and Tail. These are karmic or destiny nodules, pinpointing eclipse activity. I’m currently rereading (for about the 20th time) one of my very favorite books, The Cygnet and the Sorceress by award-wining fantasy writer Patricia McKillip. Dragons play a big role in this book, largely set in a vast golden desert, hot winds whipping with sporadic magic, shape and time-shifting features. Dragons are seen or not seen, in a shadow, deep in subterranean caves, dreaming power. Huge crystal geodes may be dragon hearts. The heart of power is the heart of the dragon, says the ruler-mage. But he has forgotten that love is at the heart of all. Even dragon hearts are forged in the universal laws of attraction.

Back to Astrology—the Dragon Tail is the given, the assumed, the worn groove, what we bring from the past. The Dragon Head is the leading edge, the challenge, the lesson that stretches us into heightened consciousness. For several months Neptune and Chiron have been dancing on the Head of the Dragon. On this Full Moon, Mars in Leo grabs onto the Dragon Tail. What could this mean?

Watch our male leaders to get some clues. It’s all for one and one for all, like the Four Musketeers used to say. Part of the potential of our times is a heightened, increasingly enlightened society questioning leadership. This is a motivating month for creative acts of courage. It could be your turn. Yes, let’s all step forth, marching to the beat of the heart.

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