MAY NEW MOON – Dragon Dreams

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COSMIC NEWS: Dragon Dreams

by Kelley Hunter

Image: Dragon made of tin cans from Jardin des Plantes, Paris, ’07.
Kelley Hunter photo

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Sun Sign Snippets


In his stalls had Yussuf a fairy steed,
A courser through space of no earthly breed;
Swift as the heavens, and black and white
With a thousand patches of day and night; …
Each foot with a golden new moon was shod,
And the stars of its nails struck the earth as he trod.
When his hoof smote sharp on the rugged flint
A planet flashed forth from the new moon’s dint;
And a new moon rose in the sky when a shoe
From the galloping foot of the courser flew.
—Jami, 1400’s Persian poet

During the last Full Moon, the Sun had just moved into Taurus and was powerfully and positively aligned with Pluto and Saturn, all in earth signs.
With this Taurus New Moon on May 5, the earth theme continues and Venus, now in Taurus, is making that same fabulous triangle with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo. Venus rules Taurus and the Moon is exalted in Taurus, at its best in this sign. The Moon is about growth, monitoring the monthly biological rhythms of life. The Moon in Taurus is like planting seeds in rich, fertile earth, well supported to grow, flower and fruit. Taurus is a supremely fruitful and productive sign. This is Good Earth. On this New Moon, Venus is dissolving into the light of the Sun, the Goddess being renewed in the light of the Sun. She’ll reappear as the Evening Star sometime in July.

This New Moon is influenced by Chiron and Neptune riding the Dragon’s Head in Aquarius. Imagine the beloved Eastern Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin. She rides on a Dragon, carrying an amphitre filled with the elixir of life.

INSTANT EXAMPLE! of what this month is about. Spell-check reveals that amphitre is not a word. Maybe French? Yes, but Amphitre, or Amphitrite, is a Goddess of the Sea, wife of Poseidon/Neptune. SO appropriate, since I am writing about Neptune and she comes unbidden by conscious recognition, rising like Venus from the foam of the unconscious. How did I know that? Somewhere back in the mental archives or the akashic records the information was subconsciously available. The word I was thinking about was amphora, for precious vial or vase that Kwan Yin/Amphitre carefully carries. Spell-check came up with that option, as well as empire, umpire and vampire, and also amphitricha (a type of bacteria with flagella at both ends, which has some relevance, see below). NOT an earthy sign, Aquarius is more about ideas, energy fields, higher mind. It’s getting turned on big time. We are extra sensitive to cosmic fields and superconscious information.

MERCURY downloads such info to the conscious mind. Strong in its own sign of GEMINI, it has a playful, light-heartedness, yet a contrasting shadow. Remember Peter Pan looking for his shadow? With Mercury interfacing with serious Saturn, the dark side can be all too obvious if we are looking for it and trying to nitpick what’s wrong. Gemini can be facile at turning to look the other way. What a concept: look for what’s going right! That smoothes the way to go with the flow.

The BLACK MOON is playing in this game. In Sagittarius, the Black Moon Lilith stands bright and strong, like an archangel with a fiery sword. The truth is obvious to the right brain intuition. Mercury may try to rationalize or second-guess—especially when it goes retrograde on May 27th, doubling its time in Gemini. Mercury could easilly become amphitrichous, with flagella at both ends. Double-takes might be revealing, but doubts don’t do, only cause confusion. Are you following this word play?

The Black Moon holds true. How do we understand and convey these truths, without creating misunderstandings, pushing reactive psychic buttons, or evoking Geminian double-speak and ambivalence? Our inner truth meter is getting a work-out. With all the Earth energy, actions speak louder than words. Don’t pay too much attention to the TV. There is going to be a lot of media spin, might as well turn the thing off. The real news is coming from another source.

This scenario supports the Sabian Symbol of this New Moon at 16 Taurus:
This image carries a spiritual loneliness and sorrow that all will not listen or heed the truth. There is more wisdom than can be received or absorbed at the moment. This is what Kwan Yin carries in her vial or vase. We can only take in a few drops, a few dollops of truth at a time, a heady wine. The weight of collective consciousness can create a resistance, especially in times of paradigm shift when fears and anxieties muddy our feelings with be-deviling shadows. Earth signs are pragmatic, taking only what can be used and sharing or storing the rest until needed.

Kwan Yin/ Amphitre rides the Dragon, like a surf board on the great river of the Milky Way. In the moment, shining clean and clear. Underneath, above or beyond the noise of the day, there is a vast silence. Can you hear it? Can you ride it? She is also the Mother of the Buddhas, the mother that fosters spiritual consciousness, the ultimate truth that this is all maya, a dream. We have a fabulous opportunity opening to us to alter the Big Dream of how we are living. Shamans say the World is as We Dream It. Kwan Yin invites you to ride the big wave, to rush and thrill in the starry stream, to catch on to your star of inspiration and let go of all that does not match your intimate heart sparkle.

Throw any other thoughts back into the river as unworthy with a quick flick of your wrist. One of the benefits of the extended Mercury in Gemini and its retrograde is the ability to change mind quickly. This could be fun, a good tennis match, as new vistas open, information flows, networking hooks you up, and you get just the messages you need. Just don’t hop a ride on an amphitricha!

Presents and co-creates multimedia and experiential teaching and dramatic presentations in mythology, cultural astronomy, archetypal psychology, astrology and creativity for personal and planetary transformation.

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GREENWICH, CT — May 9 & 10
At the Greenwich Yoga Holistic Center and Juice Bar Café
Contact or Tara at 203-532-0660.

Friday, May 9, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, May 10, 9:30 – 11:30 am

Saturday, May 10, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
A discussion of the planetary patterns of 2008 that make this a powerful transition year. Astrology expands our awareness of universal cycles so
we move in harmony with the ever-changing rhythms of life.

DENVER, CO — May 12-21 (available for some consultations)

Hundreds of astrologers gather at this largest of all astro-conferences, for a
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I’m giving two talks:
Vermont illustrates an astrological archetype

A plan is forming that will take me to the DC area for a few weeks starting the middle of July. I’ll be staying in Bethesda and will be available for consultations and talks. Invitations welcome.


TAURUS—Happy Birthday! Your own planet, Venus, is invisibly communing with the Sun in your sign. Great lover of the physical world that you are, remember that true beauty is more than skin deep, it shines from the inside out. Though this increasingly technological age is not your preferred cup of tea, it can be useful if you spend the time to get your systems in order.

GEMINI—If things appear to be plodding along in a boring manner, take a side trip to your inner sanctum and see what alchemy your inner magician can cook up. You’ll reap the rewards in your birthday month.

CANCER—Your loyal friends come through, giving you a sense of caring and security, not to take for granted. Count them as your blessings and cook a dinner for them. Change and partings are inevitable as life goes on.

LEO—As you continue to build on your accomplishments, you may be particularly visible out in the world this month. Usually you bask in the attention, but you may be feeling particularly vulnerable this month. Take it easy on yourself.

VIRGO—Things are settling in this month. Early Virgos (August 22-Sept. 2) have been working hard to get the ducks in a row and it pays off now. Later Virgos (September 3-22) can take stock of how things are going and lay the groundwork for a surge in the fall.

LIBRA—You may be considering the flow of energy in your relationships, or mediating for others. What is workable in the long run? Take a practical look at joint finances, getting a clear picture for yourself. Make no assumptions.

SCORPIO—There may be a lot going on with other people, especially in family relationships, that can affect you. What do you feel is yours to take on? Take stock of where you’re at, so you won’t feel too drained.

SAGITTARIUS—Taurus is slow compared to your speedster tendencies, but it is a useful sign to build up your strength and productivity. Maintain a steady pace, enjoy the scenery and you’ll get farther than you imagine.

CAPRICORN—May is one of the best months of the year for you! Even in the midst of powerful transformation, the way is smoothed as long as you are heading in the right direction. Take advantage of the creative surge, one step at a time.

AQUARIUS—Idealism has its place, but so does keeping your nose to the grindstone. Can you do both at once? Even in the grip of techno-upgrades galore, take a break to smell the flowers. It is said beings from Arcturus power space travel by the scent of a rose. Let’s download that technology!

PISCES—Steady as she goes. You’re a sailor in sight of land after a long voyage. You’re thinking refreshments, good food, fine wine. Stay alert, it’s not quite time to celebrate. You don’t want to find yourself between a rock and hard place before you are securely anchored.

ARIES—You’ve been pulling out all the stops lately, even through a bit of an emotional thicket. You love moving into fresh territory and reaching out for the new and different. This month you will determine what new projects are worth sticking with.

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