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Zinnias in a Teapot, by Kelley Hunter

A bouquet of flowers for you. A favorite of mine, zinnias lighten and brighten things up, bringing a playful bounciness to the moment.

And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the Winds long to play with your hair. —Kahlil Gibran

The FULL MOON on April 20 is at the initial edge of Scorpio and Taurus, the Sun just having crossed the Aries-Taurus cusp on the previous day. The Sun closely aligns Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn to form a glorious and strong triangle of Earth signs. The Sun, with Magician Mercury by its side, generates energy, light and life force to plant the impact of Pluto’s new sign in appropriate Saturnian form more deeply into the Earth’s earth. Taurus calls for life-sustaining values, long-term viability and worth. Taurus grows gardens that produce food and beautiful flowers. The whole earth triangle calls for sustainability and brings forth results, information and solutions. This could be a great month for science and important revelations about what is going on in and around our planet.

Personally this can be a highly productive time, but it’s not all about keeping the nose to the grindstone. Taurus revels in beauty and sensuality, appreciating the appeal of Nature to our senses. Several times a day I find I must visit my small potted lemon tree to smell the divine aroma of its blossoms. It transports me. April is my favorite month here in the Caribbean, with its flowering trees. Arching sprays of mauve watapanas, the silky crinkle of pink cedar, flowering clumps of yellow all contribute to the loveliness. Tiny rose colored fruits poke out of the French cap cactus on the dry side of the island, ready to carefully pull out and eat. Wherever you are, whether in emerging spring or falling autumn, take time to appreciate the bounty of Nature’s beauty. Your body may feel like dancing or singing in response. Taurus is the tree-hugger sign.

The resources of the Earth triangle release through the Moon in Scorpio, in a Niagara Falls intensity and depth of feeling. Such powerful waters generate electricity when harnessed. Desire and will together are powerful, when we entrust our desires to the life-engendering universal source.

Emotional energy is at a height with a charged dynamic between Mars and Venus, amplified by Jupiter. Mars is still in Cancer, tender, nurturing and protective but also a bit prickly pear defensive. It’s a take-care time, to be gentle with ourselves and others. Adventurous Venus in Aries is ready to rock-and-roll, to reach out and explore new emotional delights with a clarity and integrity that responds to the call of beauty. Jupiter is in Capricorn, aspiring toward the mountain top, with wise guidance born of experience. Take it as it comes, keep moving along the path, give things time. We can’t hold back at such a time. As Anais Nin wrote, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” This is that day.

This can be a challenging time for relationships that are shaky, an enriching time for relationships that are ready for growth and a promising time for new relationships that are open and welcoming. This means all types of relationships, as well as true lovers.

In Aquarius, doors of perception are opening into new spiritual dimensions, catalyzed by a communion of Chiron and Neptune. Jupiter joins this committee-of-two next year to expand this potentially extraordinary awakening and paradigm shift. The internet and psychic highways are both buzzing with consciousness shift. The collective dream is inspired by compassion that ripples through our psychic fields and the Earth’s aura, our electro-magnetic field is charged with cosmic input. Some creative chaos ripples through the system, pulling at our heart strings, and producing some trauma, some healing, some heroism, also some anxiety. Anxiety is a distraction into false realities. Focused intention will realign the dissipating energies to gather around the vision we hold in our hearts. It becomes delicious to watch the drama unfold. A new social dynamic emerges as we individuals weave ourselves into multi-layered communities of connection and mutual support and upliftment.

The Black Moon Lilith has secretly and silently slipped from Scorpio into Sagittarius. I call that segway the cusp of the Zen Archer. The Sagittarian Archer pulls back the bow right to the heart, feeling in a zen way where it is that arrow wants to fly. Beauty is a worthy direction.

Flowers are great guides. I was recently introduced to a wonderful line of flower essences by Living Tree Orchid Essences (www.healingorchids.com). Orchids are Queens of Unique Beauty. The Lady Isabel orchid offers guidance for Rising to the Call of Beauty, as described by Living Tree:

As modern societies have distanced themselves from both natural and inner beauty, dissonance, distortion and self-degradation have followed. This has influenced us in ways that distract us from the simple beauty in nature and in ourselves. What are the innate properties of beauty? Proportion, integrity, harmony, and respect for the forces and mathematical dimensions found in sacred geometry. When beauty is a guide, the results of our actions naturally and harmoniously follow Universal Principles. Beauty’s strength will banish evil and ugliness from her presence.

Shall we rise to this Call of Beauty and bring a higher quality of emotional resonance into the world?

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Vermont illustrates an astrological archetype

Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Canee
l Bay Resort and for Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. Living in St. John, Virgin Islands, she leads star gazing for star-struck visitors. She writes for The International Astrologer and other publications. For an astrology consultation, email kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at http://www.heliastar.com.

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com
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