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By Kelley M.Hunter

Image: Avalanche on Mars photographed in February by NASA.

A most striking thing about the NEW MOON on April 5 is that Mercury, and imminently Venus, are joining in the intense dialogue with Pluto. Mercury, Messenger of the Gods reveals secret and key information, as the wheel of destiny rolls on. Our thoughts are scrutinized and some are psychically, surgically removed, as cosmic frequencies continue to open our higher minds. Venus moves into Aries, connecting with Pluto as she does, to heighten our awareness of the emotional texture of our current experience.

We learn to more closely align our thoughts and feelings. If it doesn’t feel good and make your heart sing, turn it around or let it go. Look for ways to make your friends laugh. Clear your energy of all that pulls you down and dulls the colors. Look for the inspiring sparkles and follow that trail into the fresh new territory of pioneering Aries. We’re on a wagon train pulled by starry steeds.

In my process of gathering New Moon thoughts, some high priestess friends here in St. John voiced unusual statements that speak to the nature of the current energies at play, particularly relevant to these squares between Mercury/Venus and Pluto.

Joan said, We’re not going to be where we thought we were.
Vicki gave that another spin: Sometimes you don’t end up where you think you are.

These thoughts make you think, don’t they? I am calling them oracular statements, not in the predictor sense, but in the tradition of divination, in which astrology truly belongs. We divine the energies, as dowsers use rods or pendulums to tap into hidden sources of water, in order to be in alignment with the divine.

While musing on these statements, my ear perked up to a song being played on the internet radio (I like Radio Paradise), a song by Porcupine Tree called ARRIVING SOMEWHERE (BUT NOT HERE).

A similar theme! A generally dark song, I picked out these lyrics:

Ever had the feeling you’ve been here before?…
Ever thought from here on in your life begins and all you knew was wrong?

That about sums up the potential of this New Moon.

And Constance contributed this truism: We all want things to be different but we don’t want anything to change. [Ah, the human paradox!]

Cristina looks to lighten things up by making her friends laugh more—a great strategy! She’s good at it. How about you?

We are in a cosmic pause, as Pluto has stopped its forward motion. It can feel like you are holding your hand over a candle flame. We consider (con-with, sider=For more information:
stars), we listen intently, allowing new perceptions, informed and qualified by emotional resonance, to simmer to the surface of our consciousness and onto the life stage. Pluto will actually retrograde back into Sagittarius in mid-June, coming back around to resume its Capricorn agenda in late November. With Pluto, we’ve gotten as far as we’re going to get for now. We must integrate this process further.

A couple of years ago I downloaded a useful manuscript called POWER PAUSE, by John Harricharan, which outlined three steps to reorient your life—a big promise with simple but effective steps you can practice in three minutes. This is another version of the teachings so widely available now. In the fast pace of the day, we often forget to pay attention to tools we have at hand. Try this to connect with yourself, with the universe and bring clear energy to your daily activities:

1. The first step is to break focus, disconnect from your problems.

2. Then start to feel how you would feel if everything you wanted to happen actually occurred.

3. Last but not least, breathe a quiet, heartfelt ’thank you’ to the universe, to God, to the Higher Power that guides all our footsteps.

Mars, Action Hero, is still in on the action, as it was on the last Full Moon. It is now at 13 degrees Cancer, the degree of the Sun of the USA, and aligned with Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. For the Egyptians this was the star of Isis, the Great Goddess. In the U.S. it is the Statue of Liberty star, an American version of the Great Goddess. This is a call for heroic action in defense of the Great Goddess, whether you are American or not. Let us lift her in our hearts.

In Cancer Mars at this meaningful point is dynamically inter-acting with the Sun-Moon, as it was during the last Full Moon. In fiery Aries, this Moon cycle is brimming with energy and dynamism. The red planet Mars, almost directly overhead when the night sky lights up with stars, is pushing its own agenda for action. This is a gung-ho spring. You see above one of the avalanches on Mars photographed in February.

This New Moon picks up on the presence of Jupiter in Capricorn, which gives us a great opportunity to organize ourselves around the systems meltdown and reboot that Pluto will rigorously necessitate. Preparation is the order of the day. Big plans are afoot. It might take until 2024, the end of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle to accomplish some of them. Nevertheless, let’s start.

This is not a month to sit back and watch. Participate, pick up ideas and irons in the fire that have cooled off and move on them—if they are still valid, you’ll feel it. Aries is a sign of initiative, put yourself out there. Even while listening to that inner voice and maintaining an inner space of integrity and welcome to fresh impulses. The shuttle of the cosmic loom is weaving an intricate pattern, spiced with rare wavelengths from new planets, remote gamma ray bursts and subterranean rumbles. The photons are dancing. Let’s dance along.

Here are some little Sun sign offerings, based on the Martian flavor of this Moon. See if you can use them. Capricorn is nothing if not practical and ready to implement suggestions are efficient and effective.

ARIES—It’s all about you AND everybody else, especially those you feel closest to. Take time to listen to them. If you feel moody or frustrated, you’re not doing what you need to be doing.

TAURUS—Things are going your way, as long as you are moving along and not staying stuck in an outworn groove. Be a bit daring and see how it feels. It may be surprisingly rewarding.

GEMINI—The winds of spring refresh your spirit. Take little breaks during the day to breathe deeply, but don’t get too distracted. Keep your mental eye on the task at hand.

CANCER—You are so ready for something new. You’ve been preparing for months. You won’t regret making changes that offer growth and opportunity.

LEO—The Sun is always shining, even behind rain clouds. Your heart may feel extra vulnerable, either lifted to the heavens or plunged into gloom. Foster the exaltation.

VIRGO—If you feel things are moving too fast to keep all the ducks in a row, let the ducks that are ready, go on. Your priority list will straighten itself out on the way.

LIBRA—It’s not time to dilly-dally about decisions. It’s time to act, to ask questions and do your job of keeping communications open, so everyone involved has the latest news.

SCORPIO—Spring is springing, so lighten up. The deep desires that you have nurtured over the winter are soon to blossom. Maintain a positive attitude.

TARIUS—As a fire sign, the season of Aries is stimulating for you. It may feel like you are entering a new world, or teetering on the brink of one. New projects beckon. Practical planning will pay off.

CAPRICORN—Doors are opening, opportunity knocks. Walk right on through, one step at a time. It IS time. You’ll know what to do when you get there.

AQUARIUS—A new solar flare season is coming in soon. Let the energy flow through you and stay as grounded as possible. Pull off the internet highway now and again, at a convenient rest stop, and feed your body.

PISCES—Are you feeling highly motivated or a little sea-sick from the waves of change and the unusual geo-cosmic weather patterns? Listen to your body, eat well, take naps if you need them, and leave plenty of time for dreaming.

ASTRO-SPECIAL: INSIGHTFUL PLANNING. Use astrology to help you plan your strategy for this Pluto in Capricorn era. Jupiter makes this year an opportune one for organizing. We’ll look at the cosmic set up in your chart in relation to the unfolding cycles. An overview of this cycle can inform your current situation as it changes. A one-time session is $125. Or you can schedule an initial session, followed by a sequence of three half-hour sessions, once a month, that help you monitor your unfolding vision and process. This plan is a great deal at $300.


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Named in our oldest literature, this alluring goddess continues to fascinate artists today. Lilith also gives her name to four celestial factors that we can plot in our charts. We’ll hear from novelists, poets, playwrights, painters and even politicians about this mysterious goddess of ambiguous reputation, seeking her subtle signature in the spiritual and the mundane.

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Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P., is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort and for Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. Living in St. John, Virgin Islands, she leads star gazing for star-struck visitors. She writes for The International Astrologer and other publications. For an astrology consultation, email Explore her website at

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