FEBRUARY NEW MOON ECLIPSE – Multi Dimensional Heart

COSMIC NEWS: Multi Dimensional Heart

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by M. Kelly Hunter

This Aquarian New Moon eclipse opens the Year of the Mouse and sends us all together on a journey to the heart, across the cosmic seas, as shown in this web collage by Dana Hunt. Contact her at danaheart@gmail.com.

The eclipsed NEW MOON of February 6-7 inaugurates the Chinese Year of the Mouse (or Rat). The planetary pattern of this New Moon continues the Aquarian high tide of the last Full Moon, leading up to Valentine’s Day and bringing us ever further into a new dimension of global experience.

This New Moon is an annular eclipse, during which a ring of Sun haloes the Moon. This special vision will be seen in the Antarctica, New Zealand, parts of Australia and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. Eclipses shift the energy. The Full Moon will be a total lunar eclipse in the first degrees of Pisces/Virgo.

Accompanying Sun and Moon in Aquarius is a highly-charged planetary combination Neptune, the Dreamer,;Chiron, the Shaman; and Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury is retrograde and very close to Chiron. Unusual dynamics are at work. Out-the-box, quantum thinking is the order of the day. Let’s dream great Dreams! Take the time to tune in. Day dreams are appropriate.

Perhaps you have been experiencing especially rigorous Mercury retrograde effects since it turned backward on January 28? I have! A series of techno problems, car breakdown due to faulty wiring, and charged emotions have caused me to throw my hands up to heaven and take to my couch. Extra rest and meditation re-wired me along with my car, deepening my connection to my local community along the way. Now I am appreciating the messages of this shamanic-trickster cosmic combo that short-circuits the daily routines, recalling the truer work at hand to continue our collective process of opening the heart-mind to increasing waves of light.

The Chinese Year of the Mouse (or Rat) is perfect for the Capricorn agenda shared by Jupiter and Pluto. This year augurs a time of hard work, activity, and renewal. We have a great opportunity to get organized in a new way, to set things up for continued productivity and accomplishment. Time will bring results. Opportunities are available if we prepare and use resources well. This is not a “quick-fix” year, but we can expect long-term, worthwhile results. The Mouse is a clever creature, industrious and shrewd. If you need a good take on the Rat, watch the movie, Ratatouille. Have some good French bread and fine wine and cheese on hand.

Ceres, the recently upgraded dwarf planet and Goddess of the Grain, has a lot to say on this New Moon. In Taurus, she challenges the social change fabric to listen to her steady voice and aid her in productive work. She also completes a grand trine connecting planets in all the earth signs. This month’s Aquarian agenda does lead to practical action, in the true spirit of bringing Heaven to Earth.

Valentine’s Day soon comes. Are men really from Mars and women from Venus? If so, then we are in trouble for Valentine’s Day. Those two planets aren’t even in the same sky this month. Sexy red Mars is overhead early in the evening. Beautiful Venus, the goddess of Love, is hanging out with Jupiter, the King of the Gods, in the pre-dawn sky. This mythic pairing suggests Van Morrison’s song, “Bring Me a Higher Love.” Jupiter is the wisdom planet, that expands and makes bigger. Higher and bigger sounds good for love!

So many planets are in the sign of Aquarius for Valentine’s Day, that we find ourselves all together on a Journey to the Heart. Aquarius is a sign of friendship, even in marriage and love relationships. It is a sign of community, of sharing, invoking the Biblical injunction to “Love they neighbors as thy self.” This is a higher love. Here on lovely St John, nicknamed, “Love City,” we have a special bumper sticker: “Be Kind.”

Let’s all take some lessons to heart from Aquarians. Happy Birthday, you Water-Bearers! Pour your waters of love in our cups, so our hearts overflows.

My ASTRO-SPECIAL this month honors the Aquarian spirit. All Aquarians on this Cosmic News list are offered an hour reading for $108, a number of goddess magic.

VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL offers relationship chart analysis for $150 for an hour.

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Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com
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