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Venus joins Pluto as it crosses from Sagittarius into Capricorn for the first time in over two centuries. This is the Unicorn cusp, aligned with the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are on a cosmic journey, brought in on the high Aquarian tides of this Full Moon.

is chock full of Aquarian energy, reflected in dramatic Leo highlights. This Full Moon at the beginning of Leo-Aquarius sets the tone for the eclipses happening in February. Some of the questions that this polarity can pose are: What is your role in any group, organization, circle of people, community that you are involved in? What is going on in the larger social context and what does mean to you? With such a strong energetic shift in progress, how are you handling the potential crisis your ego self may be experiencing as new aspects of Higher Self open up?
I have been suggesting for years that our higher minds are opening up and we are losing our lower minds. Do you remember what was happening two weeks ago on the New Moon? How about the day before yesterday? Staying in the moment is key to consciousness shift, so relax about it. There are a lot of things we don’t need to remember any more. It’s not just an age thing. No, you are probably not going into incipient Alzheimer’s. I found myself spelling my name wrong the other day. A slip of the fingers? Maybe. Maybe my higher self is named Kelely. I kind of like it, actually. It has a lilt like a bird song.

One of the highlighted features of this Full Moon is the exact conjunction of Mercury and Neptune. That suggests a high tide of electrical download, possibly induced by strong solar flares. We will need a lot of rest to recharge our nervous systems and subtle bodies with this information coming in. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is close by, bringing us to the brink of quantum shift. We all feel like SOMEthing needs to shift, don’t we? It’s not about who wins the U.S. election, it’s about US inviting in this new wave of awareness and gathering together to apply this energy.

This Aquarian tide is not quite as high as the line up in 1962, but close, and will certainly be felt by 1962 Aquarians, Capricornians and Pisceans. *See special below.

In addition to this ideally uplifting stellium of planets in the sign of the Water Carrier, the big news is PLUTO landing in CAPRICORN. Pluto changing sign is the biggest news of the year, as this Dark Lord of Inevitability, of letting go and renewal, dresses in earth tones. Though officially “demoted” by astronomers in the 2006 redesign of the solar system, Pluto does not care what we call it. Pluto does what it does or, rather, alerts us to a compelling agenda that we ignore at our collective peril.

California Astrologer Jessica Murray has written a care-full and penetrating analysis of America, its current status and responsibilities in her book, Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer’s View of America. It’s an excellent cosmic “State of the Union” report. As with any prognosis, knowing what we are dealing with can help illuminate the remedy. Addressing Pluto’s impact, she writes:

“Pluto exerts a quiet, steady pressure upon the subject of its attentions. Whatever sign it is passing through, it burrows into the foundations of the institutions governed by that sign, taking advantage of any weakness that is already there. Sooner or later, without fanfare, the structure topples like a termite-infested house, from the bottom up and from the inside out.”

This more than suggests a literal de-construction and re-construction of global systems, and an authoritative demonstration by Earth Mother Gaia of her power. Capricorn institutions are governments, businesses, the structures and systems we design to run the world. These institutions, increasingly dysfunctional and corrupt, are in for an overhaul. Pluto is about Power. If we, the people, take responsibility for developing self-sufficient, sustainable systems to support basic needs, we will reclaim the Power of the People. We can rebuild, better than before.” Pluto has that “now or never” feeling. This is the cycle and the piece of work we are beginning to address under the auspices of this Full Moon. The signals are there.

Venus walks arm-in-arm with Pluto through the Capricorn gateway. How mythically interesting. It has a kind of Shiva-Shakti feeling. Pluto and Shiva are very much alike, exulting in the natural cycle of creation and destruction, of endings and rebirth. Shakti is the feminine essence. It is as if the Goddess gives her blessing to Pluto in its Capricorn passage. It suggests more women in positions of power and the power of the beauty of Nature. We can’t take that for granted. It will be a strong motivation to honor Earth in her creative and re-creative ability.

It wasn’t that long ago, 1988-1994, that both of the other outer planets���Uranus and Neptune���joined together for a rare moment in Capricorn. They inaugurated a double dose of revolutionary awareness in the collective consciousness with ripple effects in the social texture and global situation that we will play out more powerfully in this coming cycle.

This generation with this rare conjunction of Uranus (Change-Agent) and Neptune (Dreamer) in Capricorn are called up for duty in this new era. The Neptune influence extended longer, from 1984-1998. Saturn joined in for a focus group, 1989-1991. Many natives of these years are called Indigo children or Crystal children. We could also call them the Harry Potter generation. Some are truly capable of magic in manifestation.

This generation grows up with a great deal of responsibility impressed upon their souls. The young adults born early in that cycle are no longer children. I have had the opportunity of showing many of these youngsters their charts at an early age. I remember their solemn nods when I asked if they feel that sense of responsibility. I remember hearing one 12-year-old girl crying to her wealthy parents, “What do you expect of me? I’m only twelve!” I tried to ease the pressure by telling them they have time. Perhaps now is the time.

I have a young friend, a 1991 Capricorn just turned 17, with six planets in that sign. Her mother died last year and she is now pregnant. She will have Pluto moving through her Capricorn planets on and off for the whole cycle that lasts until 2023. This is a tough beginning, but these people are amazingly capable. They���and we��� will be finding out how much so. They do need caring support. *See special below.

Another generation impacted by this passage in an unusual away is the Pluto in Cancer group, born 1916���1937-38. Some of these elders will experience a very rare Pluto opposition to their own Pluto, from now until 2023. Though Pluto’s orbit is 248 years, it has been closer to the Sun and moves more quickly through the signs for a couple of decades, fast forwarding the collective Pluto process. To live six signs of Pluto is a very rare thing. People born before 1916 have already experienced this, some still are. What an immensity of global transformation has this generation lived through. They deserve great honor. *See special below.

YOUR NEW YEAR, including implications of the Pluto shift. One hour overview to set up your year, $125.


1. For those born with the rare Capricorn cluster of 1989-1991. What a time for this coming-of-age troupe of magicians that bear a weight of responsibility. This special is also offered to parents of this group who want to und
erstand their children better. One hour, $90.

2. For the 1962 Aquarians and their neighbors born in Capricorn and Pisces. Sort out all the waves and lightning bolts coming your way. One hour, $90.

3. BY REQUEST: To honor the elders, ages 65+, who need a special to feel OK about treating themselves to an astrology reading. One hour, $90.

KELLEY’s 2008 SCHEDULE (so far)

St. John, VI���January 13-February 2
Astrologer-in-residence for Omega Institute Programs at Maho Bay Campground in the Caribbean. For weekly programs, see www.eomega.org.

Denver, CO���May 15-20
United Astrology Conference at the Adam’s Mark Hotel
Hundreds of astrologers from all over the world gather at this largest of all astro-conferences. For more information: www.uacastrology.com.

INVITATIONS WELCOME for early and later May. Astrology parties, workshops, Cosmic News talks, or a mix of the above.

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