Festival of Light & Life – Prepare Now for FEB 1

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This is the tree Roberta uses for this ceremony

Preparation for Candlemas
The Feast of Flames

by Roberta Binder, Decisions Coach

February 1 is the Festival of Brigit, Goddess of the Growing Light. One of Brigit’s aspects is the Weaver Goddess. Here she connects with weaving the web of destiny. Brigit is said to have put healing threads into the first piece of cloth woven in the Celtic tradition.

True healing is not just treating symptoms of problems – emotional or physical – but re-weaving those subtle threads together again. Fortunately, we live in a self-correcting universe that is perpetually doing just that, mending the tears in the fabric of our world using the in exhaustive skeins of light energy, another name for which is – Love.

On the Eve of Brigit’s festival, Celtic country people will perform an old ritual where they replicate Brigit’s healing cloth for their own healing uses.

Brigit is a goddess of many attributes. She is known as a woman of great wisdom, healer, shepherdess, guardian of health, and winter’s flame keeper. She brings Hope; Hope of Spring and a new beginning, Hope of bravery and Love. She walks in Peace and Love and offers those blessings to all the world’s people.

In preparation for the celebration of Brigit’s festival, I purchase 100% cotton fabric (I like to have a selection of colors and usually get all the chakra colors, a quarter yard each, with an additional yard of white).

Upon bringing it home I gently wash it to remove any chemicals used in the fabric weaving and preparing process. I iron it lovingly, and wait.

On January 31, generally at dusk, I take my precious bundle to my oldest, most sacred tree. There I call in the wise ones to honor Brigit. Then I tie the fabrics together and wind them around the tree. I do a blessing prayer to the Goddess as I do this. When complete, I finish with a blessing prayer of thanksgiving.

Going to bed, I imagine the Goddess visiting my house and imbuing the cloth with her healing power. From now on, the cloth is used for healing.

I use the fabric to wrap my sacred treasures for Seven Star Blessing Space Clearings; it can be used to wrap sacred gifts and sometimes, I will gift a piece of the appropriate color to a client to use for color healing.

If you do not have a tree, you can drape the fabric on a bush, or even tie it on a fence post. She will find it and fill it with her Love.

Roberta Binder

Feng Shui Master and Decisions Coach


“As your dynamic Decisions Coach,
I’ll teach you to broaden your capability
of truly owning decisions
through clear positive analysis
and employing a new set of decision-making tools,
to greatly improve the decisions you make.

This individualized training enables you to break

existing lifelong decision patterns and to
Act clearly rather than re-act.

Re-active decision making often leads to poor decisions, for example:

15 years ago I met an insecure and scared young woman
who had been incarcerated for making decisions
in the only way she knew, the re-active way.
We worked together to break these reactive cycles
in her decision circles.

Just a few months ago she proudly called to tell me

she had met her life goal of earning over $100,000 a year
with no college degree.”

Contact Roberta Binder

Feng Shui Master and Decisions Coach

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com

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