New Moon in Capricorn – January 08, 2008

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January 8 brings us our first NEW MOON in CAPRICORN. We’re going to get very familiar with this old Sea-Goat in this new year and onward. The expansive planet JUPITER is in Capricorn all 2008, and in a couple of weeks the power-charged planet PLUTO will enter for its 15-year cycle.

No fooling around in Capricorn, except when its often wacky sense of humor lets loose (a Sea-Goat, after all!). Pragmatic, ambitious, born to succeed, the question is on whose terms? Pluto is going to strip “the system” down to the bare bones. Another question is: what is it going to take to get us there? Business-minded Capricorn likes effective, efficient, simple and basic. In this complicated world, most of us don’t know simple any more.

There are a few basic patterns upon which life is based, and the basic geometry of our 3-D reality is being upgraded by galactic cosmic input.
I used to love my rectangular wooden “big blocks,” and then Lincoln Logs. Times have changed. Life is now like a multi-colored plastic Lego game with lots of specialty parts. But I still remember the satisfying feel of those wooden blocks.

Recently here on St. John, Virgin Islands, one of the most beautiful little places in the world, there was no gas available for almost a whole day (not to mention that gas here is $4/gallon). A friend got stranded at my house, a delightful happenstance, but disconcerting. I felt this was a likely sign of things to come—disruption of basic services. Do we even know how our basic services happen? How does that gas get to the gas station? (and who makes the money?) Where does the water disappear to down the drain? Who takes the garbage. Who recycles increasing piles of the “stuff” of our lives?
Lots of people don’t know.

Capricorn is a sign of self-sufficiency. The more dependent we are on the Capricornian “system,” the more uncomfortable we might find ourselves in the coming years. We will be tested along these lines. By the time Pluto is finished with Capricorn (2023), we’ll probably know all about such things—and hopefully teach it in schools! Life is our human school and Earth our classroom.

Let’s look at the Sabian symbol that describes this New Moon at 18 degrees Capricorn:

That sets a tone, doesn’t it? The signal is out there. A flag is a symbol of home and country, of national pride. Sabian symbol researcher Lynda Hill connects this image to “the need to defend our ideals, lifestyle or culture.” How are our governments taking charge of this agenda? It becomes an individual responsibility in Capricorn, especially when the power structures are corrupt. What does your country’s flag stand for? I’m for flying the Earth flag. Capricorn is about the Earth, about using its resources well, not taking more than we need if supplies are limited. It is about true stewardship of the Earth. The more we work with the Earth, the more it gives back. This New Moon’s symbol suggest to be on the alert, prepare for this next phase by taking stock of your resources and basic needs. Blind dependency on the status quo will not work in this new era.

I don’t mean to be a sour puss here. Capricorn deserves better than that! It is a sign of mastery, of using what we have well. And VENUS is an active player in this Moon cycle. In Sagittarius she is a cheerleader, generating enthusiasm. She calls us to be inspired the beauty around us and seek positive, innovative directions to move us forward, to set a clear course so we are not confounded by chaotic developments that may be a by-product of reconstructing our collective reality. ENJOY, says Venus. When we look at what is going right, what feels good, then we are getting down to the basics, and can take it from there. SATURN, the planet that rules Capricorn, is very supportive in fellow earth sign, Virgo. We can get a lot done. And Nature is going to show us some real powerful magic.

MARS continues retrograde through January, pulling the energy back and in. This can be frustrating to some people, so take it easy. Mars is back in Gemini and opposite Pluto again, like it was in late September. The warmongers are rattling their sabers, but there is something else going on as our collective motivation turns to look elsewhere for solutions. More options are out there. Watch for the “good news.”

Gemini keeps us fresh and young. See Mars, so bright overhead most of the night. Let’s use Mars to generate Geminian open-mindedness, tolerance, curiosity, spontaneity and delight in the moment. Like Peter Pan, the quintessential Gemini. Neverland was Peter’s realm, where the real and the unreal interface. (Don’t you feel a little bit like you are there lately?)
At last, Peter has a show-down with the crusty old pirate, Captain Hook.

“Proud and insolent youth, ” said Hook, “prepare to meet thy doom.”
“Dark and sinister man, ” Peter answered, “have at thee.”

Peter triumphed, of course. And his secret? According to his creator Sir James Barrie, it was because Peter had GOOD FORM. That’s the way to succeed in the coming Capricornian transformation.

I bet you’re feeling this new pressure. Where is this happening for you? Your chart can give strong clues. Find a way to make it work for you. No one else can really tell you how. We each learn from our own experience.
Remember good form, and that the most beautiful diamonds are squeezed from coal with just the right amount of pressure. If Superman could do it, you can too.

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