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by M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P.

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The classic reindeer has turned into a Unicorn for the Full Moon of this holiday season, taking us across the Sagittarius-Capricorn junction into a new season, a new year, and a new era. Santa, associated with Christmas, is not a full-blooded Christian. His roots go back deeper into our collective memory. Here we can imagine him as jolly Jupiter, aho! ho-ho. His cornucopia-like bag spills out cosmic consciousness as he rides along the Milky Way in front of the Galactic Center. On this Full Moon, Jupiter aligns with Mars and Mercury to prepare the way for Pluto’s entry into Capricorn this year. Isn’t there a song about that?:

“When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.”
May this prophetic blessing guide us all in this New Year.


The FULL UNICORN MOON on December 23-24 celebrates the WINTER SOLSTICE, with a grand flourish of planets. JUPITER, which preceded the SUN into CAPRICORN by a few days, infuses the Sun with opportunity and optimism. MERCURY is close by, contributing practical information and a get-business-done attitude to the holiday season. Capricorn also has a whimsy to it. For a holiday movie treat see STARDUST, based on a Neil Gaiman fairy-type of tale, full of magic, including a Unicorn and a star who falls to Earth and breaks her leg.

The Solstice points are the gateways of incarnation. While the Sun opens the Winter Solstice gate, this Full MOON in CANCER illuminates the gateway of the Summer Solstice. Esoteric lore names these gates as the portals of coming in and going out. Many souls are going in both directions. The Winter Solstice gateway is aligning ever more closely with the Galactic Center as we head on into 2012, a turning point year of the Mayan calendar. Feel it, for we are so close to this point, that we are really already in it. This is a turning point not only of the year, but of the Great 26,000 Year. Called the Precession of the Equinoxes, it is equally a Precession of the Solstices.

The Full Moon is conjunct the red planet, Mars, at its biggest and brightest, since we are on the same side of the Sun. Mars is still retrograde, seemingly moving backward, internalizing energy to ferret out what is needed, both personally and by us all. Mother Moon is strong and nurturing in its own sign. Conjunct Mars and with a lingering opposition to Pluto, this Moon shines out with a powerful face, reflecting transformation and drive. We can cut the cord that ties us to old habits and patterns that inhibit growth. We have time to feel out what is needed in this new phase, what will foster growth, what we need to do, where we need to be, and with whom.

Cancer is a sign of family, of hearth and home. Mars suggest some possible friction, even anger, and a need for care and tenderness with family members. As we reach out tentatively for new growth, it can be frustrating when the family mirror pulls us back into old patterns. It can be instinctive to react. The Mars retrograde can help us take a step back to realize we are all going through a similar process. It also suggests a re-defining of home and family in some way.

Many people see the Man-in-the-Moon, a particularly appropriate personification with the presence of Mars. Yet there is a particularly powerful feminine flavor in this Mother Moon, echoed by VENUS in SCORPIO conjunct the BLACK MOON LILITH. An invisible point that mathematically figures in the Moon’s orbit around the Earth, Black Moon is a deep pulling of something invisible deep inside each of us that brings us into incarnation. Such a tug is well synchronized with the turning-point potency of this Full Moon. What are you here to experience, to embody? Shall we respond to deep wells of joy, abundance, love, delight? or do we get pulled under by doubts, resistance, worries, lack of self-esteem? Scorpio is a regenerative sign that can let go of the old���the old year, outworn patterns, desires that no longer satisfy, even relationships that hold us back,

This deep dark feminine influence is stimulated by both NEPTNE and CHIRON in Aquarius, As the DREAMER and the SHAMAN come closer toward conjunction in the next year and two, our spiritual insight can become incredibly refined, exponentially expanded. Are you already seeing photons dance in front of your eyes, whether they are open or closed? Spiritual development is one offer on hand, addictions, drugs and delusions another. We all have our neurotic nodules, but we don’t have to let them run us. We can even chuckle at ourselves some times when we see ourselves doing our funny little things. Some of the neurotic tendencies are not, of course, funny at all. Don’t hesitate to reach for the sword that cuts such subtle enemies off at the pass.

Forgive me if I mix my metaphors. Some times I flounder in an image-rich field, fumbling for ways to express impressions of the cosmic flow. If we can imagine something, it can happen. Image and the “Word” has life-giving power. We are in a time of Be-Coming. Don’t you find yourself making up new words these days? Language is a powerful, transformational tool. Our Hearts are becoming more eloquent than our logical minds. Let’s not totally discard logic, but without the heart, rational logic can be cold, steely and remote, like technology. Creation spirituality theologian Matthew Fox wrote:

“It is out of deep experience that language is reborn. This rebirth occurs through the generation of new images, for images are closer to our experience than words. Images are the midwives between experience and language. A mystical awakening will entail an awakening of the power of images to heal, to name, to excite, to teach.”

We are clearly in a mystical awakening. To bring Heaven to Earth we also need the common-sensical. With the increasing Capricorn influence and Saturn in Virgo for the next two years, we each have a great opportunity to support a cosmically-appropriate re-creation on Earth in the Great Game of Life.


YOUR NEW YEAR. One hour overview to set up your year, $125.

ASTRO-SPECIAL for the generation of 30-somethings, especially those born 1972-1975, who are starting into an extraordinary era of bringing forth their generational agenda. One hour, $95.

ASTRO-SPECIAL for those born with the rare Capricorn cluster of 1989-1991. What a time for this coming-of-age troupe of magicians that bear a weight of responsibility. One hour, $95.

In honor of the new Capricorn cycle:
Cooperation with planetary timing is a key to success. Today’s business professional can take advantage of the latest astrological research to promote success:

��� Strategic timing for openings, product launch, meetings, travel, buying and selling, decision-making.
��� Partnership compatibility and team dynamics.
��� Business outlook and long-term planning.
��� Corporate Identity���choose inaugural chart, build on strengths, know and grow your business.

I offer consultation packages, coaching, seminars, and edu-tainment for corporate events.

REQUEST THE FLYER, sent via email and feel free to alert potentially interested persons to this level of support.

Contact M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., C.A.P. at
340-693-5849, 866-245-1536
PO Box 37, St. John, VI 00831-0037

Kelley is recognized as a Certified Astrological Professional
by the International Society for Astrological Research

Capricorn is a practical sign, organized around basics. Get ready. Think magic and mystery in this New Year season. Take the following Sun sign holiday fortune cookies, honey-sweetened with nutty nougats, and shape them to your own ends.

CAPRICORN���HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU SEA-GOATS! It’s your time of year, and a big new one on the way. Opportunities abound. You’re in the swing of things as the gates of change open wide. You are no fool. You have been preparing. Be willing to let go of what is not working.

AQUARIUS���If you are having odd sensations that prickle your logical mind, you are not alone. Your electrical system is being rewired from the inside out. Be easy on yourself, keep breathing and take extra rest times. Massages and body work can help keep you plugged in.

PISCES���Your dreams are becoming Big Dreams, as you tune into broader horizons and the cutting edge of social change. You meet new friends, as you seek a community or company that feels more on your wavelength.

ARIES���Action-oriented as you are, you may be feeling like a race horse pawing restlessly at the starting gate. New career horizons beckon. Big moves are at hand. Check out the new territory as well as you can.

TAURUS���You Bulls are in your groove with the practical agenda of Capricorn. One difference: Capricorn likes simple. You like stuff. Lighten up and look up. You’ll benefit by a global view as the political-economic picture changes.

GEMINI���The Twins in you are playing a fast game of ping pong. Lots of options in the fire. Sooner than later some focus and commitment is required, but you always find a little wiggle room. Be straight in your financial dealings. No wiggle room there.

CANCER���With so many planets in your opposite sign, significant others are on your mind. Responsibilities weigh on you, new people come into the picture, some relationships are up for reconsideration. Change is hard for you, but promises growth.

LEO���Your creativity is ready go to the next level. It’s serious play. Make whatever adjustments necessary so your heart is in your work, then you are golden. Give it your best and you’ll have a great time. You will be well rewarded for your loving attention.

VIRGO���The world needs your skills and common sense now. You’re feeling the weight, but it doesn’t need to be heavy. Set your priorities in terms of what you can take on and what not. Then you can take best advantage opportunities coming your way.

LIBRA���Family relationships surface as a growing priority. You may need to take charge. Your home and living situation is ready for some kind of overhaul. What makes sense for your situation? Be as fair to yourself as you are to others.

SCORPIO���You’ve got something on your mind, so say it. Realize the impact your words are likely to carry. You can make the situation better or worse. Take your time strategizing. You’ll recognize the right moment when it comes.

SAGITTARIUS���The arrows you Archers have been letting fly are about to land. Follow your vision and you can find the end of the rainbow in some tangible form. Take stock of your assets, talents and abilities as you demonstrate your worth.

KELLEY’S 2008 SCHEDULE (so far)
keeps her in St. John, Virgin Islands until May. It’s a lovely little island in the turquoise Caribbean. On the agenda: star gazing, phone consultations, astrology work through the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort, and writing (I’m finishing up my new book on Lilith).

January 13- February 4: OMEGA INSTITUTE PROGRAMS
see www.eomega.org
for the roster of fine teachers that come each week for a holistically refreshing holiday at the sea

ROCKIN’ THE UNIVERSE features over 100 of the world’s leading astrologers, possibly the largest gathering of astrologers ever, in the mile-high Rocky Mountains. Come along and cosmically commune!
Kelley gives talks on Lilith and on Ceres. Read more: www.uacastrology.com.

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com

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