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by Kelley Hunter

Photo collage: Jim Eaton of Montpelier, Vermont

The FULL MOON of November 24 falls on the second day of the 2007 season of Sagittarius. We have a Sag Sun with Full Moon in Gemini, a combination of intuition and translation. Galactic News is coming our way– BIG news from close and far.

Throughout this month, sky gazers have been enjoying the extraordinary spectacle of the big Comet Holmes. It grew bigger than the Sun and may be the biggest comet of all time. Not expected to be very noteworthy, it’s been breaking all the rules. Now it’s light is rapidly dissipating, so this fuzz ball comet is increasingly hard to see. Another one, Comet Tuttle, comes in around the New Year, so we’ll have two of these cosmic portents for a short while. There is an internet buzz about these comets in relation to the Hopi prophecies. I don’t know enough about it to give an educated opinion, but any reason to keep our eyes on the skies and our ears open to the Elders is a good thing.

Also noteworthy and bigger than usual, red Mars has doubled in brightness in the last month. Look for it on November 26, near the still-large Moon. Mars has turned retrograde in the home-loving and security-oriented sign of Cancer, Inward-pulling, this Martian energy is reflective, careful and cautious well into the spring. Spend time with those you care about most. Frustrating at times, this protective, even defensive posture, can take a nasty turn if we try to clam up or cling to the past. Or else it can take us into the next year safer and sounder as we prepare for a new growth cycle.

Planet of the Month, Jupiter has plenty of fireworks going on, as it moves into the end of Sagittarius to join remote, invisible planet Pluto in mid-December. The next New Moon, on December 9, is full of that whopper combo—a celebration and grand finale of Pluto’s passage through this sign for the last 12 years. This duo dances in the zodiacal range of the galactic center, the pivotal area around which the Milky Way galaxy rotates. This is Galactic Central, with expanded undercurrents of energy streaming our way.

“The insights and tidbits in the air offer up a creamy consciousness sauce.”

This great phrase from Galactic Astrologer Philip Sedgwick about sums it up. The center of the Milky Way is the creamiest part, of course, rather frothy, even whipped. Sometimes seen as a river of light or the tree of life, the Milky Way leads to our galactic home base. Check out Philip’s multidimensional website and sign up for his ultrasound Galactic Times at www.philipsedgwick.com.

Jupiter then moves right on into Capricorn, opening the door for Pluto, which follows in late January. We start a new cycle in 2008, with Pluto in Capricorn until 2023. This augurs a new agenda, and reflects the significant changes we are all feeling in our lives and world right now. More on that later.

For the time being, we still have the water triangle, including Mars in Cancer, Uranus the Change Agent in Pisces and Mercury in Scorpio.
As it was in October, Mercury is again joined by the Black Moon Lilith, lending its deep dark influence and realigning the sub-atomic fields according to our soul’s desires. Mars in Cancer is feeling a palpable tug from the Scorpio planets. Uranus charges the whole water triangle with high doses of the enlightening electricity.

If you are feeling the need for more sleep, rest, dream or meditation time—no wonder or, rather, it’s wonder-full and awesome. The universe is asking us to bypass our mundane mental monotone to open up to galactic input. There are many planetary pulls to go within. We don’t even need to totally know what is going on, just to be there to receive the source energy. We’ll know when we need to know. Can we be with the unknowing?

Here’s a great quote from philosopher Joseph Needleman about such a moment:
In front of the unknown: that means, when explanations break down and for a moment I am suspended between dreams. It is a moment of relative awakening…There is nothing to guarantee that we will be able to remain long enough or deeply enough in front of the unknown, a psychological state which the great traditional paths have always recognized as sacred …The real question of the moment between dreams is whether we can bear the vibration of this new feeling of the unknown which carries with it the taste of a different quality of intelligence, but which at the same time utterly exposes all our illusions about ourselves. We awaken to darkness….Do I fear the darkness more than I love the awakening?

The mind separates, the feelings unite. This is a feeling time. With the Black Moon in Scorpio, all other desires pale and dissolve in the power of love generated by the Source, the Life Stream. Can we surrender to this, leave the daily world aside for just a few moments to engage in this amazing and delicious opportunity for upliftment? What a difference we can make when we do,

I received several lovely Thanksgiving poems, which helped make my day. One called “Contemplating Gratitude,” especially woven with the grace and mystery of the Black Moon. The poet has graciously allowed me to share some lines, to leave off this Cosmic News with a rich dollop of whipped cream from the Milky Way:

As the Black Madonna nudges her way into my consciousness
In my mysterious psyche where undeveloped potentialities
deliver themselves as ever expanding rhythms of change and love
I notice her swirling through me
infusing my beautiful talents
with energy from galactic center…
And somewhere beyond the rights and wrongs of this world
Dualities are healing.
—Elizabeth Cardarelli

I’m writing on Lilith these days, so I offer a LILITH special, including all four Liliths in your chart: Black Moon, Dark Moon, Asteroid and Star.
One hour: $108

SIMPLE SUGGESTIONS for Sun Signs—to take lightly

SAGITTARIUS—HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s your month, baby, so live it up. If you’ve been hitching your wagon to the right star, you’re gonna be shining bright this month! Run (or dance) with it, literally.

CAPRICORN—You crusty, sure-footed goat, the needs of others pull on you. You do care You are also trying to position yourself well for the next cycle. You recognize its import. We are all in this together, so you can give –and take.

AQUARIUS— Friendship is the golden key. Obligations to your community feel strong, and may feel draining at times, unlike your usual self, so keep your energy tuned up. Odd things are happening and you are plugged in to cosmic wavelengths. Use them.

PISCES—Yours is the sign of the cosmic surf
er. If you pay attention, you’re riding the wave. You can get easily distracted. This month’s wave is a really big one. Stay focused, catch it with glee and go with the flow.

ARIES—The December fireworks are great for you, but the backwards Mars can try your patience. You can’t do it all yourself. Find good physical outlets for your energy. Slow down, think ahead on the effects of your impulses. Enjoy the ride. You’ll get there when its time.

TAURUS—Next year’s cycle is going to be great for you. In the meantime, things can be disorienting. Focus on what you do the best and all will follow. Steady as she goes. Careful about putting on holiday weight.

GEMINI—Never a dull moment this month! You are well-oriented to pick up on what’s happening and spread the news. People in your life invite you on their rides. Give it a try, see what makes sense, keep options open into the new year.

CANCER—You have your feelers out, taking your time before making any irreversible moves. Partners may be going through interesting changes. Be supportive but don’t take on more than you can handle. You need alone time to reflect. Work out and oxygenate.

LEO—You’re ready for a party almost any time. T’is the season. You’ll enjoy the fireworks, but might feel like more alone time than usual. Listen to that inner tug and let the creative juices flow.

VIRGO—Responsibility is falling on your capable shoulders, but you don’t have mountains of energy. Sort out what makes sense in these topsy-turvy times. This month news changes the priorities. Things can work out better than you would have thought.

LIBRA—Life seems full of techno-gab. You may need it for career purposes, but you’d rather talk to real people, feel the human touch. As you reach out to connect with neighbors, siblings, students, you walk your natural path, smoothing the way for others.

SCORPIO—You have been on a long inner journey, but now you’re back! with dynamic energy to apply to the enriching opportunities coming your way. Use and pool your resources well and they multiply.

Contact Kelley at kellhunter@earthlink.net

Brought to you by www.soul-wings.com

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