PHOTO: Tombstone from Pere LaChaise Cemetary in Paris.
Underworld face and worldly face in mutual regard,
some hint of the underworld aspect of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

Summary: FULL MOON in Taurus-Scorpio features extra earth and water, grounding practical energy motivated by strong feelings and receptivity to the extraordinary cosmic download. Give yourself time to let the Mercury retrograde play all the way out until November 2. Your truest desires will manifest, so make sure you are really feeling them.

Tombstone from Pere LaChaise Cemetery in Paris.
Underworld face and worldly face in mutual regard,
some hint of the underworld aspect of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio
photo by this author


The FULL MOON on October 25-26 unites the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. These earth and water signs are joined by resourceful planetary activity in earth and water signs around the zodiac. Earth is practical, pragmatic, grounded, placing one foot fall after the other on your Earth walk. Water is the feeling flow that moistens the ground and makes it fertile. Astrological water comes in reflective (Cancer), universal (Pisces) and passionate (Scorpio) modes. Some places have too much rain, some are under dry drought.

Scorpio is deep well water, rising from deep inside the Earth, or the passion of high water falls that generation power. It resonates with the invisible sub-atomic cosmic seas, intimated from the rarified techno-frequencies of infrared, ultra-violet, radio wave, x-ray and the extra high intensity gamma rays. Scorpio loves stirring up the ultra-sonic soup or whipping up the froth on the cosmic cappuccino, triple shot dark and hot.

That’s the life of a Scorpio, especially when Black Moon Lilith is in residence. She can heat things up or be cold as ice in the submerged waters of Scorpio, delighting in extremes. We’re in deep waters well into November and beyond, with Black Moon in Scorpio into April 2008. Mercury turns forward motion on November 2. Dipping back in Libra for a bit of air, it plunges back into Scorpio for the last half of the month.

No need to rush decisions. Let Mercury retrograde do its full work with the Black Moon, drawing you deep to recognize your true desire. Much is at stake as we head into the new Pluto cycle in 2008 (stay tuned for more news on that). In Libra during this Full Moon, mental Mercury weighs ideas, possibilities and decisions. The only agent in air signs, Mercury in retrograde motion acts more like a trickster than a rational advice. It can be so hard to make definitive decisions. Some preferences may rise to the top of the mix, like cream, yet more possibilities and decisions are yet to come. No need to rush. Don’t try to hard. Water seeks its own level and this juicy Moon can raise the water line, just give it a couple weeks to empty its jug of light. See below for Sun sign snippets that offer clues.

Scorpio beats with a dark heart of mystery and meaning, from where arise the most subtle Black Madonna-type miracles. Raise your wand, like Harry Potter, and invoke the desired result. Remember what he learned: a magic spell works best when you really mean it. An irrational process continues under the surface, as we pool our psychic resources toward a new manifestation. Key questions: what pool are you swimming in? with whom? What feels really good?

Mars, glowing brighter and brighter in Cancer takes things slow, too, checking things out carefully, protectively. It will be in Cancer for an extended time, turning retrograde in mid-November.
Uranus in Pisces continues to open the higher mind to universal influences, turning forward in mid-November. Waters moving back and forth, like the tides, a sea-change.

Earth signs help channel the water. Manifestation is the domain of earth. The Moon in Taurus, the most deeply rooted earth, extends it tap root into the Earth’s core. What is that core made of? ��� hot molten ionized magma? Electric crystalline geometries? Is there really a black hole from the Bermuda Triangle through to the Dragon Triangle in the Japanese seas? We don’t really need to know, but these real possibilities feed our imaginations, stunted by dry dusty dull daily duties and passive mind-numbing media intake. Where is the magic? Ceres is an Eco-Earth Mother. Whether asteroid of dwarf planet, this astro-body is currently retrograde, extending her time in Taurus, contributing her presence to the theme of long-term values, Earth-honoring stewardship and care for fauna, flora, quality food and children. A recent potential prophecy reached my welcoming ears in the last week���that the waters of Earth would spontaneously clear up and become pure. I vote for that! With the increasing light energies pouring through our solar system, this could happen. Water is highly receptive to high energy influence.

Venus in Virgo is resonating to the Dreams of the Awakener ��� Uranus in Pisces ��� plugged in directly across the zodiac in Virgo. This is Venus is her most pristine, organic mode, High Priestess honoring Nature and its rhythms. Uranus and Venus also unite the water and earth polarity, certain to demonstrate Nature’s response to the galactic shifts, becoming increasingly evident in how we experience time, Mind and physicality.
Saturn and the South Node in Virgo repeat this theme.

The only missing earth sign is Capricorn, but we don’t have long to wait. Jupiter then Pluto enter that sign for a year and 15 years, respectively as we end the year and start the new one. We’ll get to know Capricorn really well.

Meanwhile the fire is heating up. Jupiter enjoys being in Sagittarius, jamming ever closer to Pluto, now within range of offering some strong stimulation. The California fires are demonstrating this. The fire works are at their peak in December. Hopefully the California fires are contained and we go into a different quality of manifestation by then. It’s bound to awesome. For now, if we ground ourselves, tap into the core, and act from there, we will shine in the light of the Moon.

In reference to the Black Moon Mercury retrograde, see if your Sun sign snippet below speaks to you:

SCORPIO���HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Something very deep inside is tugging at you. Take the time to listen. Ignore at your peril. Trust your feelings. For now, it is a solitary journey, as others cannot follow you this deep until you are there.

SAGITTARIUS ���Things have been rolling along on a fast ride. Don’t let the horse get away from you. Pull back the reins and take time to check out the territory to see if you are heading where you want to be.

CAPRICORN ���Business is not as usual. Are you seeing signs of imminent de-construction and reconstruction? Take this time to consider the best approach to the inevitable reorganization that starts in the New Year.

AQUARIUS ���With a full air tank on your back, take the plunge. Your objectivity stands you in good stead, but is not the final answer for the next few weeks. As you clear they psychic dust, you will be more able to positively influence the course of events.

PISCES ���It might feel like you’ve got some spark plugs loose. Recharge, get a tune up, because you can be more tuned in than you have ever been. You are plugged into
Uranus, the Change-Agent, in a big way.

ARIES ���This can be a frustrating time unless you are so clear on your path that it doesn’t matter what is going on with other people, who may seem to waffle and interfere. Your clarity can clear the air.

TAURUS ���All is not as it appears on the surface. A sea-change is going on in relationships and in your overall situation. You’ll likely come across sticky moments, but don’t buy into them. Take it slow and steady in the flow as it unwinds.

GEMINI ���Mercury is your planet. Now while it is retrograde, you can see alternate facets of any situation. You don’t have to buy into any particular one, but do thoroughly investigate consequences of any idea you are toying with.

CANCER ���You will appreciate this temporary “time out,” as you re-group and put your finger up to the wind. Surely, you are feeling the tides changing, the winds shifting. Get yourself ready to come about.

LEO ���Family matters and your role in them are up for consideration. Let your heart lead the way. This is no time to indulge in resentments or regrets. It has never been truer that “Home is where the heart is.”

VIRGO ���You may be glad for the respite, as your priorities are changing significantly. Making order out of chaos is your specialty. Rather than put your feelings aside to tend to tasks at hand, let them guide you to focus on the most meaningful use of your energy.

LIBRA���Look at both side of the issue, listen to all points of view, initiate discussion and, for the time being, keep options open. Financial factors may be a deciding point. Don’t give too much, especially if it drains your finances.

My travels come to a close at this Full Moon. Back to the sea I fly, easily accessible for Astrological guidance. New Year’s special, $110 for an hour recorded consultation by phone or CD recording only, if requested before December New Moon, December 9.

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