At this time of widespread fire destruction in Southern California, with the resulting extreme air pollution caused by thick smoke (which may linger for an unknown period of time, with consequences to the health of an already stressed population) your healing efforts are welcome and needed, with much gratitude.

Many people have already been using a variety of healing methods to calm the fires. eg. Visualization and prayer, Reiki, Angelic healings, Faerie and Devic Healings, clearing the earth’s grids, flower essences, crystal grids, remote healing and clearing, Perelandra processes, space clearing ceremonies, etc. etc. Thank you! And please continue.

I offer the simple technique below to assist the land of Southern California in returning to balance and harmony. This release process helps to clear the energetic remnants lingering from the past, to allow the land or region a fresh start.

Christan Hummel states that this method has also been used successfully to clear air pollution in many different parts of the world.

With blessings of peace to all living beings.

Clearing and releasing the land so that it can heal


Each property or region has an energetic being or deva which is the record-keeper of that land. From time to time these beings need to be cleared of their past vibrational imprints.

The successful clearing and releasing of old energies from the land relies on our cooperation with this nature spirit, or deva, of a property.

The reason for this is – though the devic realms of nature are neutral, and accept imprints and “programs” just like your computer, they also continue to store old programs until cleared or freed from that commitment. So this process is similar to clearing the hard drive of your computer.

For this process we will be tuning in to the Overlighting Deva of Southern California…


1. Go within to a place where you feel your connection with the Divine.

2. Turn your attention to the Angel of the Land (the deva) – the record-keeper for the Land. (In this case the Deva of Southern California)

3. It doesn’t matter if you see the deva, or feel it, this process will work regardless. Now state to the deva:

“I hereby release you from any previous vows, commitments, thought-forms or programs from the past which no longer serve the loving Will of the Mother, or Divine Father at this time. We ask for the assistance of the Angelic realms to clear the land of any past programs”

4. If you like, you can also call on the Ascended Master Saint Germain and request the assistance of the violet flame to help clear these old programs. Do this by imagining that a flame of violet light is sweeping throughout the entire area (or property) and cleansing and clearing it from programs that are no longer useful.

5. Offer a prayer of thanks for it having been done.

6. Now close your session. You can close by ringing a bell, burning some sage, or incense, or doing a bow, whatever has meaning for you, but it helps imprint the intent on the subconscious mind if we do something in the physical.

(This technique may also be used on your own property by tuning in the Angel of Deva of the Property.)

Taken from the book, the “Do It Yourself Space Clearing Kit. Available through:

Further information on constructing a Buddhic Column to enhance this work can be found at:

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