By Kelley Hunter



LILITH as the serpent in the tree with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

From Notre Dame Cathedral.

The NEW MOON on October 10-11, in the middle of LIBRA, balances the Scales after a an intense eclipse season. There is a lovely light, like the soft golden slanted rays at the end of the afternoon, a note of harmony played by Neptune. And there are one-two-three striking and dynamic planetary conversations going on under the auspices of this New Moon.


Several planetary patterns continue the strong flow of change, angels are flocking around. Can you send the energy field? We re-orient at a very deep level during the Oct 8-Nov. 2 Mercury retrograde cycle, accompanied by the Black Moon in Scorpio. Venus and Saturn get down to business, asking us to refine our choices and let go of what is not working, so that we can be more effective and responsive to the natural flow.


Ripple effects of the eclipses do continue, as Uranus, the Change Agent, keeps the wind in our sails and strong tidal currents, shifting directions and requiring a close watch on the come-abouts. We are heading into continuing strong winds, or shall we say FIRES of INSPIRATION, as we move through the next few months. Things heat up quite a bit in the Sagittarian season. It’s not too soon to look ahead and target your vision. When Jupiter meets Pluto in the first half of December, it’s fireworks galore!

Uranus is finishing its very interesting, intelligent, sometimes heated, discussion with Jupiter. The Big Planet makes everything a Big Deal, especially in Sagittarius. These discussions began in earnest in late January, during the first exact Jupiter square Uranus, and again in mid-May. Mid-sign Sagittarians and Pisceans (December 3-13, March 3-13) have been feeling this most strongly, as well as natives of the mid- 1960s who are altogether impacted by this New Moon from all three angles here described.

An astrological square is a 90-degree angle between two planets that necessitates action. It can suggest a challenge or conflict that needs to be worked on, resolved. We had just about all year to do the Uranus-Jupiter work and open the door of opportunity that is presented. It’s a Big Picture shift, related to international community, universal law, philosophical understanding or, in two words: paradigm shift. It means that the expanding universe has caught up with our little corner of the galaxy and we running rapids of higher consciousness in the starry river of the Milky Way.


The personal planets, Venus, Mercury and Mars are taking turns retrograding like a relay team. Remember that the whole retrograde cycle includes the span of the circle made by the planet from beginning to end, starting before and ending after the actual backwards motion. This goes a long way in explaining why some folks started feeling the imminent Mercury retrograde a week or so ago.

Venus is just coming back around to its retrograde starting point in early Virgo on this New Moon, just as Mercury turns backward. As Mercury comes back around full circle, Mars will go retrograde. For now we need just consider Venus and Mercury.

Venus finishes its July-October loop this week by joining with Saturn and the Dragon Tail (South Node of the Moon) in Virgo, right near the Royal Star Regulus. This is a signal of Queenship, as the Virgo Earth Goddess demonstrates her power and calls us to her service. There is no other way.

We can call it duty, we can make it our pleasure. We are asked to refine our alignment with Earth in response to cosmic changes. Our bodies give us strong signals. Many people are experiencing health issues, some very serious ones. Some souls have not signed on for the new Pluto season that starts next year, so they are heading out. Some are flushing their cellular systems to receive the upgrade. Using computer language images is relevant. We are downloading strong galactic signals and must make system upgrades to do so.

The influence of the South Node suggests that this is “meant to be,” this is appropriate, karmically and dharmically correct. “It is as it is.” For best results, follow the Venus path, which is to winnow out all that is not working efficiently, smoothly, aesthetically. There are annoying knots that stop the flow. Some of these problems are not yours or mine. It may not be worth while or make sense to get involved. Our hearts distinguish what is and what is not our task or the best use of our energy. We are on a new learning curve of emotional education, as we feel out each step for its contribution to our well-being, harmony and enjoyment. I keep saying this, but it’s true: the most important thing we can contribute to the world right now is a tangible sense of joy, beauty and love���all in the domain of Venus. If it feels good, you’re on the right road. If not, change direction. No dawdling. It is ever more obvious.


takes us deeper into this question of feeling. Retrograde in Scorpio and back into Libra, we are asked to trust our feelings and ferret out our true desires from the muddy ones, also to unhook from the down pulls from other people. This is a particularly powerful Mercury retrograde for several reasons:

A. Scorpio is a powerful sign of transformation. We are changing our minds from the inside out. And, yes, maybe losing our minds more. As our higher minds open us, via the Uranus upgrade, our lower minds are losing some data. That’s OK, relax, it will be there when we need it.

B. Mercury turns retrograde exactly conjunct Black Moon Lilith. That sounds intense, doesn’t it, even without knowing what it means. And we really can’t “know.” The Black Moon plunges us into the core of our irrational, sub- and super-conscious awareness. Treasures of wisdom may be revealed. Lilith it was, who offered Eve the Apple in the Garden of Eden. The lesson, pronounced in Scorpio, takes us beyond any rational judgement of “good” and “evil,” any duality that splits consciousness into streams which separate One from the Other. Lilith will take you right into any judgements you make. So���change your mind about it, or disengage.

C. Mercury/ Black Moon investigations are moved to into another level by Chiron in Aquarius, the Shaman “planetoid.” As we join together in groups, the power of our energy increases exponentially. Words of power, like chanting and prayer, give an immediate sensation of this power. The healing potential may be unlimited. This dynamic is particularly felt by a key group born in 1947-48 and, oh my goodness, those born October 1947, turning 60, have Chiron conjunct Mercury or Venus. If you are born October 9-11, you have Chiron/ Mercury conjunct on the same degree as this month’s Mercury/ Black Moon square Chiron. Wow. Your natural shamanistic qualities are tapped. Anyone born this month absolutely deserves an Astrology Special (see below) to consider the potentials.

The Pluto opposite Mars confrontational debate from last month has temporarily abated but will come back around in the New Year. This month the psychic internet and other webs of influence are turned on full force. It is not an opportunity to ignore, but to glory in. Fabulous for deep spiritual work and letting go of undesirables���items, thoughts, interactions. Refocus your mental-emotional apparatus in front of any obstacle and empower the best of what you have to give.

ASTRO-SPECIAL ��� For October 1947 birthdays.

SPECIAL THANKS to all Angels who sent me a note and thank yous.


Stone Ridge, New York — Monday, October 8, 7-9 pm

At the Marbletown Community Center on Route 209 across from Key Bank.

National Council of Geocosmic Research Mid-Hudson Chapter


This dark goddess of mixed reputation fascinates from ancient to modern times. Introduction to the four Liliths and how they work in astrology.

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The slow-moving outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, define planetary generations of 7, 14 or more years. Each generation has its specific agenda for revolution, clarification and transformation that can be described by the signs of the zodiac. Where do you fit in? Are you and your partner of the same group? What about today’s teenagers, and the new generation being born? Current planetary cycles are shifting the global agenda. What does that mean to you and to all of us? No astrology background required. Experience the potential of this language of the stars.

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Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Full Moon Celebration


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