An Autumn Equinox Greeting from an Honored Guest

An Autumn Equinox Greeting from an Honored Guest

A raccoon greeted me this evening, on this last night of summer.

The Autumn Equinox falls early tomorrow morning.

I stood in the warm twilight of my flower-filled garden in a light mist of rain. Candles were lit at sunset, and I was now offering food and drink to the fairies in my garden, in gratitude for abundant harvests this season.

As I began whispering my thanks to the spirits of Nature, bending down to pour drink into a white platter for the fae, a small creature crept silently out of the shadows towards me. I noticed its friendly presence, but went on pouring the liquid and speaking my prayers of gratitude to the spirits of the garden.

Curious now, the shy creature came right up to me and stood up on her hind legs, peering up at me, observing everything I was doing. This young raccoon now stood motionless, less than four feet in front of me, looking into my soul through her dark masked eyes.

When I had finished pouring the fairy refreshments, I stood erect again, just like the raccoon. The night was so quiet I could hear gentle splats of rain dancing off leaves, like a shimmering chorus echoing across the garden.

Time stood still as the raccoon and I gazing into each other’s eyes, exchanging gentle greetings, while a soft rain continued to fall on the night garden.

Moments later she sat back down on all fours, then paused, and tiptoed away into deep beds of tall flowers, without a sound.

I could hear new raindrops bouncing off the stepping stones, where the raccoon had stood in greeting, moments before.

My heart is full this last night of summer, knowing that there will always be plenty, not just in next year’s garden, but in the gardens of the soul – enough to nourish all creatures, great and small.

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