9/11 – From Crisis to Creativity

Let us move calmly from chaos and crisis to creativity.
~Carrie Bedell

by Kim Pentecost


It is 9/11. This date has carried a tremendous and apt heaviness. This particular 9/11 comes with a solar eclipse (6:31 am MDT). It is the end of the cycle and brings a much needed new beginning. We can finally take a breath and relax. We’ve been holding our breath for so long that the movement from expecting “the other shoe to drop” or however you want to phrase it needs to be slow and gentle. No wild rush into our manic expectations. Also, this shift in attention isn’t about naiveté or forgetting, it is about focusing on what is good and beautiful.

This is a chance to honestly and deeply shift your reality. It is not a matter of “just wanting to” and waiting to see what will happen. It is a matter of taking action – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. The change is up to you. The responsibility for it lies in your choices. Do you focus on uncertainty or creativity? Do you sit on the couch and wait for something to happen or do you change your attitude consciously and without hesitation?

This is actually a very exciting opportunity. There are a million and one quotes about being the architects of our lives. They are true. Why not ride this train? It is certainly better than the other choice. Aren’t you tired of worrying and being scared? Aren’t you tired of other people grumbling and being depressed? Every person you come into contact with and every conversation you have gives you the opportunity to see yourself more clearly. Each one of those events gives you the chance to change an unproductive perspective or grow stronger in your rightful position. Each situation gives you the opening to consciously and clearly choose your reality.

Things are moving so quickly that you can make changes more easily than ever before. You can release unwanted guilt and shame without years or even months of therapy. You can change your exercise habits with relative ease. You can change your outlook on life faster and more completely. This is not to say that help and support aren’t useful or needed. They still are. In fact, availing yourself of professional help, support groups and/or the wisdom of trusted friends can be extremely beneficial. Sometimes all it takes is a word, a phrase or some small insight for you to make the leap into right attitude — to see your life with love and joy.

We have been holding our breath way too long. Our expectation of the worst feeds that energy and attracts it. Let’s take advantage of the solar eclipse on this day. Let’s thank those who left us and those who are still paying the price for this awakening. Let us celebrate life again with honor, respect and gratitude. Let us breathe with ease and love. Let’s make the shift and hold the light and heal the world by focusing on what is good and beautiful. Let us move from calmly from chaos and crisis to creativity.

Blessings to you on your journey,

Kim Pentecost

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