by Kelley Hunter
IMAGE: Angel Gabriel appears to Mary
14th century stained glass window from Chartres Cathedral
depicts the Annunciation
and greets her:
Good day, highly favored one, God is with you. –St. Luke, ch. 1

Reserved by nature, the sign Virgo is in the middle of eclipses—one on the Full Moon August 28 (did you feel it?) and a New Moon solar eclipse on September 11 (does that date ring a bell?).

This eclipse is ushered in with numerological flair by the preceding date of 9-9-2007 = 9-9-9. Nine is the turning point number, the completion of a sequence that then raises the energy level to a new octave of double digits. This is a fitting and cosmically encouraging entrée to the potency of the eclipse. Medicine Woman Mary Elizabeth Thunder
dreams of the blue nine-pointed star that radiates over the New Age, like a third millennium Star of the East.

An eclipse, even a partial one, is not something to sneeze at– especially when it’s on 9/11, a date that will reverberate in our collective consciousness for some time to come. An eclipse shifts the energy and brings it to a new level. I wonder what this means in relation to the shocking tragedy of 2001? How can we shift and uplift that energy and our emotional relationship to it? I ask us the question and the only answer I can think of is that it has something to do with love reigning over fear, and our ongoing response to the shift of ground zero to Iraq,

The total eclipse of the last Full Moon on August 28 tilted things a bit topsy-turvy, wouldn’t you agree? and cleared the way for Saturn to move into Virgo. The Cosmic Task Master Saturn has entered the sign of the Grain Goddess for the first time in 28 years, formulating an agenda that will keep us busy until late 2009.

The beautiful ringed-planet asks us, “What’s working and what’s not?” We have two years to get this new job done. First step: realign your priorities, a necessary response to current circumstances. Listen to your body in this process. Virgo’s organic sense of time and space holds great instinctive wisdom. It’s a sign that is connected to Earth rhythms and natural living. This is a lesson we continue to take into account as global weather patterns continue to change. It’s beyond global warming— extraordinary cosmic cycles are in play. Give your body rest time to download the stellar influx and learn to ground your energy more effectively.

Those born with Saturn in Virgo experience a significant mile-stone called the “Saturn return.” That’s you if you are turning 29-30, 58-59 or 86-87 this next couple of years. You take responsibility to accomplish the next phase of life, as if you are graduating from one grade to the next. Saturn is challenging, like a test. Your situation is changing, you are getting older. It’s rewarding, because the older you get the more experience you have to draw upon, and, with Saturn’s help, more maturity and self-mastery.

In Soul-Centered Astrology, Alan Oken
speaks of Virgo’s connection to the “Grace of Divinity which dwells within. It is in the externalization of this inner Grace that each man or woman finds his rightful place in the material world, and is thus able to fulfill his or her appropriate task in life.” This New Moon eclipse clears the way for you to move forward in his task. It’s kind of like the Annunciation, when angel Gabriel came to tell Mary she was pregnant with Spirit. Who, me? she exclaimed with hand on heart. Yes, and you are too!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon eclipse is:
19 VIRGO: There is a colorful gallery on the warm summer day; in the clear blue water a swimming race nears its decision. (from

Indulge a momentary personal digression for a good example (no, not another Paris story, but I have a couple if you are interested). This particular degree, 19 Virgo, is my Saturn degree. I am one of those heading toward that awesome moment of mastery, the second Saturn return. I must be ready for this test and this is how I know: totally having forgotten this image, I have, for the last four years, participated in a swimming race in the clear blue waters of St. John, Virgin Islands as a member of a relay team called the Squid Women. The first year, I was sort of freaked out about the competitive aspect (ask my teammates!), but we ended up winning that first race, not that it really mattered. Now winning matters even less, it’s the joy of swimming, fitness and the community celebration of each other and the sea– and a specific, literal manifestation of my Saturn symbol! The Sabian Symbols do play out in real life and Saturn is all about manifestation, so there we have it. Now on this New Moon: what kind of swimming race are you in?

There’s more to this eclipse. Ason the August 28 Full Moon, this one continues to consort with Uranus, even more strongly. The Sun is exactly opposite Saturn on the 9-9-9 portal! Keep Electric Ladyland in mind (if you want me to send you the last Cosmic News, email me.) Mars and Jupiter remain in the action, pumping up the activity.

PLUTO gets pulled in as well, to deepen the transformational potential in the depths of consciousness. The remote “let go and let god/dess” planet has just turned to forward motion on September 7. The inner process that we have been engaging since the beginning of April is now ready to play out on the global stage more obviously. VENUS is also moving forward as of September 8, taking her sweet time to turn her gaze on the world again, after an internal re-evaluation and reset of the emotional happiness meter.

There is something about the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana that is relevant here, as Venus turned around right on her Black Moon. The meaning of her life story and her legacy have revealed another layer, with a royal request to put the questioning behind us. Remember that Diana died the same week in 1997 as Mother Teresa, whose personal spiritual doubts have recently been revealed through her letters. In their individual ways, these two women embodied both leadership and devotion in their lives of love and service. They are timely examples as Venus heads forward to meet Saturn in Virgo in October. Venus continues to gaze across the sky at Neptune, for emotional dreams, creative artistry and enhancement of the divine feminine.

Speaking of the divine feminine: what about Black Moon Lilith? In Scorpio, she is uncovering secrets and empowering the flow of dark energy. We’ll concentrate on the potent mysteries of Lilith when she zeroes in on the October New Moon a month from now. Meanwhile let’s experience and ground the refined vibrations available to us throughout this new lunar month, inaugurated by an eclipse and its ripple effects throughout the Earth system. As we swim along in the currents, let’s make sure we are going with the current and not against it! How do we know? Less effort is required. We feel the flow and go go go.

Hope to see some of you in my travels. Check
out the special events at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NYC. I’ll be back in the Hudson River Valley and in Greenwich, CT again….

Scroll down past my schedule to see informal oracular notes on the impact of SATURN in VIRGO for your Sun sign.


DENVER-BOULDER, CO area September 11-24
Available for consultations in person, by phone and SKYPE
Email or call my cell: 340-643-2179

Wednesday, September 26, 7:30 pm
Full Moon Celebration at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
With Alex and Allyson Grey, 542 W. 27th St. (10-11 Aves.)

Friday, Sept. 28, 7:00 pm, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Cosmic News: Heading Toward 2012 $15
An intriguing blend of astrology, myth and astrophysics
offers insights into the extraordinary developments in our
personal and global lives. Let’s imagine the possibilities.

Saturday, Sept. 29, 1-5 pm Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
A big zodiac circle becomes our divinatory theater of Astrology to explore how it happens: “As above, so below.” Take a “walk-about” your personal birth chart. Consult with members of your planet groups and define your agenda for the evolution of humanity. Using improvisation, we intuit what the planets—including the new ones!– have to say about current cycles as we head toward 2008 and on to 2012. No astrology knowledge required—a good way to get cosmically connected. If possible, send your birth information in advance to

Mid-Hudson, upstate New York — Monday, October 8, 7-9 pm
National Council of Geocosmic Research
This dark goddess of mixed reputation fascinates from ancient to modern times. Introduction to the four Liliths and how they work in astrology.
For location, contact Susan Campbell at 845-246-2062 or

FISHKILL, NY—Tues-Wednesday, October 9-10
Astrology consultations,
contact Pat Townsend at or 845-897-3280

GREENWICH, CT – Wednesday, October 10, 7:30-9:30
Greenwich Yoga Center http://www
The slow-moving outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, define planetary generations of 7, 14 or more years. Each generation has its specific agenda for revolution, clarification and transformation that can be described by the signs of the zodiac. Where do you fit in? Are you and your partner of the same group? What about today’s teenagers, and the new generation being born? Current planetary cycles are shifting the global agenda. What does that mean to you and to all of us? No astrology background required. Experience the potential of this language of the stars.
Available for personal consultations –October 11-12
Call 203-532-0660 or email

VERMONT, October 16-22
Astrology consultations available, contact Kelley

NEW YORK CITY—Friday, October 26
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Full Moon Celebration

BACK IN ST. JOHN, VI—October 27


January 12- February 2
Omega Institute winter programs at Maho Bay
Astrologer-in-Residence during 3 weeks of programs with fabulous teachers. See

Denver, May 15-20, 2008
ROCKIN’ THE UNIVERSE — United Astrology Congress
The largest astrology conference in the world with over 100 international speakers. Check it out:


VIRGO: Happy birthday! Priorities change daily, if not hourly. The energy is stepping up. Your job is to stay grounded and focused. Give up the self-critical perfectionism that gets in your way and enjoy Nature.

LIBRA: Motivated by a need for peace and harmony, the best place to find it now is by taking some time for yourself. Improving your relationship with your inner guidance will bring needed insight.

SCORPIO: Friendships and collegiality take time and attention. You find those who will be of assistance and those you can assist. Some persons become less important, some associations leave your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Your comet-like streak continues like a roller coaster. There are lots of ducks to put in a row to get where you want to go, and those quackers keep shifting around. Keep everyone in the loop.

CAPRICORN: This new practical phase suits you. Consider options as we move into a powerful cycle of restructuring. Seek opinions and be open to global perspectives needed for proper planning.

AQUARIUS: Don’t forget–Saturn is one of your planets. Fine tune your involvement with others, energetically and financially. Working in collaboration brings rewards in this phase, just arrange things properly.

PISCES: Relationships are on the agenda in this next phase, personally as well as with the world in general. What you have to offer is wanted! Be where the action is—here and now.

ARIES: Virgo can be a frustrating and fussy sign for you sometimes. The best way to use this phase is to rearrange your schedule to allow time for what you want the most. That keeps things crystal clear.

TAURUS: This productive time offers creative options for you, from which you can choose any number of rewarding projects–like a gardener who is planting a field of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

GEMINI: Feeling pulled in several directions at once? Take a breather. Make a list to start the day, and a list at the end of the day to see what you accomplished. Do the lists match? If not, what does that mean?

CANCER: Consider new ways of thinking about things. Change your surroundings, learn a new skill, shake it up a bit, make it interesting. Siblings may be involved.

LEO: Whew, Saturn’s off your back, but now in your pocketbook. Your love of extravagance needs funding. Take stock of finances and use your creative fire to invent and build up income streams.

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