At Last!
by Kim Pentecost

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 4:37 am MDT (3:37 am PDT, 5:37 am CDT and 6:37 am EDT), we have a full lunar eclipse at 4° Pisces (for you astrology buffs). It is visible in the Americas and other places in the world*. Why is this important? This cleans up the sabotage cycle that we have been in since March 18th, a new moon and solar eclipse.

Many of you have asked about the wild energy this year. All the energy movement has been good — tough, seemingly relentless and yet, good. It has been about us facing our deepest, darkest secrets, fears, shames, humiliations, blames and all the stuff we never wanted to think or talk about again. Well, this is it. This is your big opportunity to stand in the face of all that has held you back, acknowledge it, bless it, turn it over to Spirit and be done with it forever.

This is truly a time of magic. If you don’t want life to be hard any more, this is the time to stand in your power (with the backing and love of Spirit) and let it go. Engage all you know. Use the light and love that is continually and abundantly available and release the beliefs and patterns that have kept you in shackles. Step out of victim. Step out of martyr. Take the plunge into joy and abundance and love.

If you are not ready, there will be other opportunities, but why wait? What’s wrong with today? What’s wrong with right now? Why are you waiting to be happy? I may sound a little zealous. I am. This summer has been challenging to me, also. You have heard some of the stories**. I have been tired, right along with you. We have shed tears, had our memories kicked into high gear, dreamed harder than we have ever dreamed, been in deep grief and all the other steps that come with critical growth.

Now is the time to review. Is there some little thing that you have left under the bed? Is there some tidbit that you were hoping you could skip? Drag them out. Bless them and be done. Lunar eclipses bring up big emotion. Cry. Scream. Have a tantrum. Also laugh, cuss and get it out. And then, for the love of yourself, celebrate!

Given that the eclipse is the end of a cycle, it means that it is also the beginning of a cycle. The cycle is about stepping into the world with all your talents, gifts, wishes and dreams. They can now be manifested because you have let go of the things that were blocking your path. What is in your heart? This is now the time to “get juicy”, to live your passions — to manifest your heart’s truth. It is magic time. We make magic when we walk in love and live in love. This is it. This is the time for you to receive all that you know is your highest and best in your soul.

You have beautiful, important gifts to share with the world. It may be your kindness or your love of knitting or your ability of coach math or your joy in telling a story. Whatever it is, now is the time to do it. Let us know who you are in your heart of hearts. We will see you and appreciate you. We want to share in your joy. Just think about how wonderful this world will be when we are living in love. Today is the first day of the rest of our joyful lives.

Blessings to you on this adventure.

Kim Pentecost

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