by Kelley Hunter

OUR LADY OF BEAUTY at Eglise St. Pierre de Montmartre

See below:

The magic carpet waits for you so don’t you be late
Oh, (I wanna show you) the different emotions
(I wanna run to) the sounds and motions
Electric woman waits for you and me
So it’s time we take a ride,
We can cast all of your hang-ups over the seaside
While we fly right over the love filled sea
Look up ahead, I see the loveland, soon you’ll understand….
The angels will spread their wings, spread their wings
Good and evil lay side by side while electric love penetrates the sky
–Jimi Hendrix, 1968

The Full Moon on August 28 in Virgo (Sun) – Pisces (Moon) combines the Virgin with the Fish in a very dynamic pattern that is bound to change things around and put them back in some new order. This Full Moon is a TOTAL ECLIPSE. The night light is turned off for a cosmic moment. The Lady Virgin, dark mother Mary, Mary Magdalene of the Mysteries, crowned with a halo of dark energy, casts a net woven of shadow across the sky to catch the Fish. The Moon is so close to Uranus, the Fish are electrified and so is Our Lady. What is that net made of?

The opening Electric Ladyland reference is, of course, from Jimi Hendrix, a Sagittarian prophet who was directly plugged in to the Experience, with Uranus (and Saturn) directly across from his Sun-Mercury-Venus. The 60s was a turned on, tuned inside and out decade. This eclipse particularly invites members of the Sixties generation (1957-1972) to adjust the channel and turn up the volume. The opening image is of Our Lady of Beauty who welcomes visitors as they enter the Church of St.-Pierre of Montmartre, one of the oldest buildings in Paris, built in the 12th century over a Roman temple of either Mercury or Mars. I’m not sure what photographic effect created the veil of light around this Venusian Madonna, but it belongs there, especially on this effervescent eclipse.

VENUS, planet of beauty and relationship, is still retrograde, as we continue to feel our way through internal emotional caverns – the “different emotions, sounds and motions” of which Hendrix sings. When we cast our hang ups into the Pisces sea, as he suggests, we are free to experience the pure, extra-virgin (like olive oil) vibration of Earth from the tingles in our Pisces toes to the sensual skin sensations of Virgo. Such subtlety—look for it in the extraordinary delicacy and detail of each flower, of each nuance of an endless moment of wonder. Mercury in Virgo makes it even finer, if not perfect. The Virgo litmus test is pragmatic, not the easiest criteria for Pisces to meet. Dreams can become practical. Venus says, welcome the Beauty, discard the dross. The Earth is charged up with cosmic energy. Interestingly, the degree is this eclipse—5 Virgo-Pisces—is the same degree (5 Virgo) in which Venus meets Saturn for a rendezvous on October 14. I believe will see some further implications of this eclipse come to light then.

The world has been shaking and quaking in advance. Devastating earthquakes in Peru and East Russia, typhoons slam Japan, in the U.S. soaring temperatures along with powerful electrical storms and flood rains in the midwest yet extreme drought in the west and south, the Minneapolis bridge collapse, England and Wales with the wettest summer since 1839, French umbrella sales up 66%, a blanket of hail at summer’s end and record number of thunder storms in Australia, glaciers melting on all continents. We can say the climate is changing. Earth is talking to us in her essential experiential language.

Celestial weather is also changing. Rare giant jets were recorded on video by an amateur astronomer in Oklahoma. These “sprites on steroids” are lightning-like discharges from the top of thunderstorms over 50 miles into the upper atmospheres (http://spaceweather.com). Enormous and powerful, not yet understood, they connect thunderstorms to the ionosphere, the layer of upper atmosphere that downloads cosmic input from solar flares and coronal mass ejections, as well as other input in the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). They play some role in the flow of electricity around the globe, Nature’s internet.

The changing weather, “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” is sign of things to continue, as Saturn moves into Earth sign Virgo September 2, followed by Pluto into Capricorn in January 2008. It becomes increasing essential to re-evaluate our life styles, our use of power and energy (on all levels) and our daily engagement with our natural environment. We have a response-ability as an integral, and supposedly intelligent, part of Earth and All Our Relations, to Gaia and the World Soul. Our spiritual potential is high, we are designed in the image of God/dess, with our ability to consciously tune into and co-create with divine law. We are being asked to evolve, along with our home Sun, on call within the Galactic Center, cosmic headquarters.

We live in an electrical universe, say some leading edge researchers (http://www.electric-universe.info). It’s about plasma, not gravity, they say. I’m not sure what to think about these theories, but I like the sound of it. Intuitively I think maybe plasma is the dark energy, the ether that weaves the universe together. It all resonates. In any case, the electrical charge seems to be increasing along with the solar flares, giant jets, celestial and global weather shifts.

This is ever so relevant to this Full Moon eclipse, which is highly informed by Uranus, the electric, eccentric, lightning-bolt planet. Uranus is interacting with Big Planet Jupiter, a great time to spot those giant jets.
Just hours after its eclipse, the Moon gets plugged right in to the most dynamic pattern happening:
JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS opposite MARS in GEMINI– lots of energy and things to do, big news here there and everywhere, the big picture, meaning of life, let’s talk about it, never a dull moment, what to do first….
in a big square with
MERCURY in VIRGO and URANUS in PISCES—high electrical charge, more storms in the weather, including your personal weather. By resetting priorities, solutions come into view that can have major, useful implications for you and us all. This is high velocity movement, both vertical and horizontal –that means connecting heaven and earth and spreading it around. Watch for the good things coming down the river and focus on those. Why grab on to trash? This is a cosmic fishing trip. The river is the Milky Way, where stars are flashing like flying fish.

Eclipses happen in pairs. The next, a NEW MOON ECLIPSE on September 11 (that date can still make one shudder), is equally potent in its manifestations of transformation, as it invites Pluto to come right in the darkened doorway of the Sun, still in Virgo.

As always with Virgo, listen to your body. Our physical instrument is finely tuned and may need some adjustments as it downloads heightened cosmic impressions. Let music soothe or energize you. Turn your
dial to a different radio station, find some new music. Variety is the spice of life for Mars in Gemini. It’s easy to get scattered, which is why prioritizing is essential and lists are helpful. Take time to feel the energy running through your system, like warming up your car in the winter. And I mean even before you put caffeine into it, if you still do. (I love my cuppa tea.)

This eclipse paves the way for Saturn to cross into Virgo, sweeping some of the dusty crusties out of the way. No kidding about paying attention to priorities. The Leo-Virgo line is the cusp of the Sphinx, punctuated by Regulus, the Royal Star. This will bring a test to leaders and those who aspire to be. This plays out further when Venus comes about and crosses this star again in October, joining with Saturn for an important values clarification exercise.

Have you been having really strong dreams? I’m astonished how deep they are taking me. In addition to Uranus in Pisces, the dream-time sign, Venus is opposite Neptune (again, like it was in late June, but now Venus is kind of holding in there, as she gets ready to turn around, through most of September. Venus loves the romantic glow of Neptune. This combo is great for arts, music, romance, poetry. I’m in Paris where, it’s true, couples kiss everywhere, romance is a way of life. And the art! The brushstrokes and color nuances in Monet’s Water Lily murals fascinate for timeless moments. They make you float, but also pull you really deep into the shadows. That’s what Neptune does.

Relationships are very slippery now, with projections and illusions running high drama with a whiff of soap opera. If you can remember it’s all your movie, you can take responsibility to define your role and find the real love under the glitter or anxiety or paranoia. We don’t live up to our higher selves every moment. What a gorgeous time for spiritual devotion.

Want another Paris story? Mais oui! I went to hear a concert in my favorite tiny little Theater on the Isle St. Louis with red plush seats. Pianist Alain Kremski was playing a variety of pieces, including two versions of Ave Maria. Walking back to the apartment, with the sun starting to set behind Notre Dame Cathedral, I found myself walking along a small street named Ave Maria! Such a tribute to Virgo! I attribute most synchronicities to Chiron, who is influencing the Venus-Neptune interaction. Some old emotional issues are up for healing. That can be part of the interference pattern in current relationship dynamics. It can also suggest reconnecting with people from the past, even if you are meeting them for the first time this life time.

All month this same little theater has been holding a special and quite lovely performance of chants and writings of Hildegard de Bingen. This visionary German nun of the 12th century expressed her devotion in illuminated art, poetry and song. Let’s take to heart her words on the celestial occasion of this eclipse:

I, the fiery life of divine essence, am aflame beyond the beauty of the meadows, I gleam in the waters, and I burn in the sun, moon, and stars. With every breeze, as with invisible life that contains everything, I awaken everything to life.

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