RED RED ROSE – New Moon August 2007


EGYPTIAN ROSE photographic art by Lilli Farrell
For more of her extraordinary night images:



My Love is like a red, red rose, that’s newly sprung in June.

So goes the famous Robert Burns song. This month we need to change the lyrics slightly.

For this AUGUST 12-13 NEW MOON (7:02 pm EDT; 12:02 am GMT), the red red rose is in full bloom. Roses have a very high vibration. This portends a love bath in rose perfume for those with open hearts. It’s the season of the Sun and the hot, fiery sign of Leo. The New Moon hosts a party of Lions, with Sun, Moon and three planets all in that fun-loving sign. Sun and Moon are the center point of the rose, inaugurating a new monthly cycle, with MENTAL MESSENGER MERCURY close by and an exact conjunction of Saturn and Venus retrograde, ever so close to REGULUS, the Lion Heart star.

VENUS has disappeared from the sky. The goddess has descended to the underworld to renew herself in the light of the Sun. Her backwards and inward retrograde motion calls for a re-evaluation, coming deeper into the heart of the rose. Venus comes to the party with a date, SATURN, who can be a bit of a spoil sport, yet has serious intentions and a slow deep heat. This Saturn-Venus conjunction is the second in a three-series—July 1, August 12 and October 14—with the third in Virgo rather than Leo. Saturn changes sign on September 2. From a Saturnian point of view we are wrapping up business of the last two and a half years, suggesting endings and new beginnings in a month of heightened, even dramatic, emotions. Remember: what you say, even in the heat of the moment, can’t be taken back. Enduring values and loyalties of the heart are more worthy of our time and attention, as we re-evaluate life style, financial issues and relationships.

The Shamanoid (I like this new word!), the Shaman planetoid, CHIRON, is opposite the New Moon, also suggesting new dimensions in relationships of all sorts. Let your heart energy shine with soul power—imagine the rose for flower power–and see what a difference it makes, even when you don’t like the person in front of you. NEPTUNE, the Dreamer, also opposite the New Moon, calls for graciousness, compassion and forgiveness in such an extra-sensitive time. Fantasies, including romantic ones, can be inflated. If so, Saturn and Venus retrograde become fantasy busters–they want the real thing.

A little magic might help. I just heard today about an exquisite elixir, a veritable love potion. This was told to me by a goddess-loving male friend. Put one or two drops of high quality rose essence in red wine. Just a drop or two will do, it’s potent! Another rose potion comes from Mother B of St. Croix. If you are selling your house, spray a 50/50 mixture of aloe and rose water on all the outside corners. This clears the energy and invites the people who want to buy it. I’ve personally seen this work.
We may meet up with old friends and family members, as well as new people who become important in our lives. Venus repeats this same retrograde loop every eight years, though not always with Saturn. Remember back to 1999, 1991, 1983….every eight years back. See if you can find resonant themes. Creative arts can offer a satisfying outlet. Everyone has Leo creativity, whether you have any planets or not. We are all children of the universe, playing lightly and seriously. Try this: here are significant Sabian symbols for this New Moon. What kind of story line can you make from them?

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 20 degrees Leo is:

And for the Saturn-Venus conjunction at 28 Leo:

These images of nature affirm the Sun-Earth connection as Saturn and Venus cross the Leo-Virgo threshold. With potentially record-breaking solar flares starting a new cycle soon, honoring the Sun is in order. The Full Moon that follows this New Moon occurs on August 28, a total eclipse of the Moon. It is a highly-charged Moon, so let’s set it up with the highest vibration we can.

I’m on a plane to Paris as I write this. You bet I’ll be heading to my outdoor neighborhood Parisian market for some red red roses.

Meanwhile let me entertain you with some SUN SIGN MESSAGES.
Take them lightly, see if they resonate. If you know your rising sign, read that one too.

LEO—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you golden-hearted Lions. It’s your month to shine on the stage of life. Feel the love glow in your secret and not-so-secret heart. What kind of gold is there? Printers use various golds. Mirror gold reflects and shines. Satin gold has a sexy, velvetine texture. Engine-turn gold is spun with twists and turns. Florentine gold swirls like a Van Gogh sky. Your true Leo Self is Sun gold and knows it’s not all about you, that you’re a star in a galaxy of stars. Be the Self you are meant to be!

VIRGO—Pull back from the fray in order to shuffle priorities and simplify, readying for Saturn’s 2.5 year visit starting next month. Saturn tests, but also offers accomplishment. A pragmatic sign, take advantage of this timing.

LIBRA—In the thick of the season’s social whirl, you are re-evaluating your choices, checking out options and making new connections. You may find yourself in the mediator role, explaining friends or associates to each other.

SCORPIO—Shrewd and tuned into the undercurrents, you can be a bit on edge with all the surrounding dramas. Don’t be hooked in, unless you want to. You can have a positive effect and be in a position of power if you play your cards from the heart.

SAGITTARIUS—You match fire with fire this month Stay on target and enjoy the journey. The big fireworks come
in December, a grand finale of a 13-year power-phase in your life. A helpful hint: you don’t know all the answers. Horizons continue to expand.

CAPRICORN—Do you hear the knock-knocking on your door? Transformation soon comes, kicking down your door if not invited in. The best things in life are those of the heart. Appreciate the people in your life. Organize around that.

AQUARIUS—With all this summer fire, you can try to remain cool as a cucumber, rational and reasonable, but it might be more fun to let loose and party. Relationships may be coming and going. Someone may find their way into your heart and melt you down.

PISCES—You’re plugged into an electrical socket and extra sensitive. The daily exigencies can be a bit overwhelming. This, too, will pass—and be worth it. Take moments of refuge in rest, sleep and meditation. Recharge rather than indulge indulgences that undermine your energy.

ARIES—Your fire is so stimulated, you flare like the Sun with creative ideas. You instigate all kinds of activities and schemes. Let the good times roll and see who and what has the gravity to stick with you by the end of the month.

TAURUS—Home and family take your attention, be it family reunions, domestic dramas or home improvements and beautification. You love the good things in life and are prone to a spending spree. Things of value please in the long run.

GEMINI—Fleet-footed Geminis are on the move. Curious reporters of the zodiac, check your sources or you may find yourself spreading rumors with dramatic repercussions. Take notes, and turn it into a script. If you have siblings, you’ll likely be talking to them.

CANCER—No doubt you have money on your mind. Account for all your resources, as you tune into coming change. Your assets include special talents and abilities–your personal touch, knack of tracking public taste and what is needed by those close to you.

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