In the old wheel of the year, August 1st is celebrated as Lammas. (in the northern hemisphere)

Lammas is a time to give thanks for First Fruits and an Abundant Harvest – a joyous time of celebration, a time to feast, sing, dance and be merry. In 9 months time it will be Beltane.

The Lammas message from the Goddess is:-

Feel Me now as bountiful Mother.
I am fertility and creativity.
I am the abundance of the harvest.
I am the abundance of life.
I create and nurture all being.
My golden cloak is ripening grain.
Pause a moment whenever you eat
Feel My presence
I am your nurturing Mother.

(as given by the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury)

The Grandmothers’ message for August is “We are making the turn, Nature will out.”

They go on to say “This is a good time for each person to nurture and give loving attention to something in the natural world. Do this however you like – in a large or small way. As you do, you will affirm your loving connection with the natural world which holds you, supports you and infuses your very body. Make a point to do something loving and giving at this time. Give something back to the natural world. It is time.”

“Recognize a tree. Give thanks for the breeze. Go out of your way to affirm and live a loving connection to the natural world. It is especially important to do this now…”

“This particular message is for those who are working to reactivate the energy of the Mother on earth. She is asking you to demonstrate your love for Her now. You can do this by reaching out to something of the natural world. Let this be your prayerful focus for the next month or two. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for the world that always loves and holds you.”

I give thanks for the Abundance all around us, in the beautiful balance and magic of Nature.

Wishing you a joyful Lammas!

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