Impossible Dream from Dorothy Oja’s Worlds series 2007

Good planets are hard to find
Good planets are in demand. ” –Steve Forbert

The FULL MOON in AQUARIUS on July 29 (US) -30 (Europe and on eastward to Indonesia and Australia) reflects the bright warm light of the Leo Sun, highlighting the axis of heart-centered creative expression in the context of global community. Quantum Chiron, the shaman shape-shifter, is at play as inter-stellar influences invite us further into the great game of cosmic consciousness.

Chiron is an odd-ball in the solar system. Connected to this Full Moon, Chiron can aid the higher mind in healing and wholing. Magic can happen, though we may not understand how. The rational mind can short-circuit the process. Uranus, ruling the Full Moon sign, is still in Pisces—go with the flow, “proceed as way opens.”

The Sabian symbols of this Sun-Moon echo the potent potentials inherent in the plasma streams on the threshold just behind manifestation. The Sun is at 7 Leo, one of my favorite degrees:

Under the night sky, we stand in awe, star-struck under the vast night sky, prickled and sprinkled with star dust.

And the Moon at 7 Aquarius picks up on the quantum Chiron:

Put those two images together and we find ourselves drawn to the Galactic Center, source of our home galaxy. We drink from its star-charged Milk, the elixir of life. Pluto is tapping subliminal information from that source, standing at the zodiac degree through which we view that center—27 degrees Sagittarius. Sagittarius A is the name of the center section, the dancing ground of the god and goddess. Gamma ray bursts have been shooting out from the region, the most powerful explosions of life force we can see through our techo-eyes.

Our subliminal senses pick up other types of demonstrations of the life force. More than one celebration and global mediation since the New Moon on July 14 has stirred up the subatomic juices, that respond to our focused invitation. Be ready for surprises and know that things can happen in the most wondrous ways, in spite of our stale ideas and underfed faith. Suspend the rational, says Chiron at this Full Moon, and see what can unfolds in the flow, the showers. Enjoy the Perseid meteor showers, which peak around August 7.

It is all perfect in this moment, says Venus in Virgo, but it can be even better. Venus turns retrograde (on the 27th), crooking her finger: come, come, come, she beckons, share my secrets. She pirouettes slowly, like a woman showing off a lovely dress. A day on Venus is longer than the year. One day is 243 of our days, and the year 225 of our days. We admire her beauty. Imagine– the Sun rises in the West on Venus. The orbit of Venus, elliptical as all orbits are, is the closest to a perfect circle of all the planets. We will lose Venus as she sets with the Sun to renew herself in its golden light. The goddess will be reborn rising on the other side of the Sun. We’ll see her in the pre-dawn sky around August 22. Turning at 3 degrees Virgo, Venus is very close to the South Node of the Moon, which can open the karmic accounts from past relationships, bringing people or memories back around. Let’s get it right this time. Chiron can do a similar sort of thing. Healing, wholing and harmony are called for.

MARS in TAURUS has a stubborn streak, but we need its deeply furrowed grounding energy as it contends with the definitive circumstances presented by Saturn on one side and the subtle atmospheric shifts of Neptune in Aquarius on the other. The Full Moon moves right across Neptune into this dynamic pattern in the following couple of days. Consider long-term impact of your actions. Are the vibes right? New worlds are born. Impossible dreams become possible. Manifestations are imminent.

More subtle even than Neptune, elusive in deep dark secret chambers of Scorpio, Black Moon Lilith squares the Full Moon. Inhale the deep musky scent and let the profound ripples of dark energy glide along your spine. Something lost is returned or comes back around in renewed form. Use the focused power of Mars to ground the powerful, potentially blissful shower, from the depths of Earth as it processes the galactic learning curve from the inside out. As the magnetic fields of the Sun continue to send waves of evolutionary information our way, it’s a whole new level of information flow. This is the real news. Listen in. Turn off the TV and turn on the cosmic awakening. Why wait. Be it now.

“if you’ll believe in miracles, so will I.” Jefferson Airplane

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